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Future Prospects for Work in Canada

The future of work in Canada will see intensified debates between business and workers, pitting Canada’s growing small business and corporate class against the working class. Even at a time when more Canadians are entrepreneurs, independent contractors, working from home, and working on more favorable, convenient terms, one can still see every day Canadians having difficulty achieving fair wages and fair conditions as the business class does not want to provide benefits, does not want to provide increased wages, and...
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Conceptualizations of Work and Perspectives on Employment Relationships

Work is an important versatile concept of our daily lives. According to Budd (2011), the definition of work is a “purposeful human activity involving physical or mental exertion that is not undertaken solely for pleasure and that has economic or symbolic value”. There are numerous conceptualizations of work as there is no single ‘correct conceptualization’ that would be true for all the people, as everyone tends to believe that different conceptualizations of work are accurate depending on their perspective of...
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Working in an Office Vs Working at Home

One of the most crucial aspects of any organization is providing a very conducive, productive atmosphere in the office since it is where innovative ideas are created. Highly skilled people are hired, meticulous, fearless decision makers and goals are driven. Working in an office can be a pleasant experience in the case of proper organization of workplace and dynamic working culture within an office. It gives specific advantages for employees. Like employees are provided with supervision and support by the...
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Work from Home: Essay

WFH has been defined in various terms over the four decades, namely remote work, flexible workplace, telework, telecommuting, e-working. These terms refer to the ability of employees to work in flexible workplaces, especially at home, by using technology execute work duties (Gajendran and Harrison, 2007; Grant et al., 2019). Gajendran and Harrison (2007) define teleworking as an ‘alternative work arrangement’ in which workers perform tasks anywhere that can normally be performed in key workplaces during at least part of their...
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Concept and Origin of Work

Work in the 22nd century holds more significance to the society more than any other activity, the ultimate goal of almost everyone is to find work, in the contemporary society work is regarded as commodity that pays out money and money is off value to a society so in order for people to get money most of them have to work and there’s often high competition in searching for work which results in high unemployment rates because as things stand...
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Current Trends and Challenges in the World of Work

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius. The world of work is diverse. This massive world of work provides people across the globe, a buffet of opportunities through the means of various jobs, for personal growth as well as social development. This helps individuals get jobs that relate to their skills and talents. Almost all people desire to choose jobs that not only provide them with a high...
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Necessity of Work

What is work? Is work necessary? Is it a duty, a socially acceptable behavior, or a natural predisposition. The debate of the meaning of work stems from an argument on whether work was degrading or elevating. Is work a restraint on people’s capacities of freedom, according to Herbert Marcuse’s argument in ‘Eros and Civilization’ or has work, as Daniel Bell wrote in his book ‘The End of Ideology’, “always stood in the center of moral consciousness” (Wolfe, 1996)? I side...
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Influence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Future of Work

The fourth industrial revolution will impact everyone through the innovation of new technologies by merging that which is physical, biological and digital (Hinton, 2018). More so, the Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly altered the way humans currently live. These two events are likely to set a ‘new normal’. This paper will discuss the influence of the fourth industrial revolution and the Covid-19 pandemic on the future of work. Revolution: Job Replacement and Creation Robot hardware and software have current limited flexibility...
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Future of Work

The future of work is one of the most discussed and debated topic of today. In this technology driven world, what impact automation technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will have on jobs, skills, and wages in the coming future. A new set of ideas and trends have emerged to create a new kind of industrial revolution. Automation and ‘thinking machines’ are replacing human tasks and jobs, and changing the skills that organizations are looking for in their people....
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Trouble with the Term Art: Essay

In the present society, individuals appear to have a general comprehension of what can be named art and what that arrangement implies. A great number of people would state that any piece has esteem inconsequential to the physical and fiscal estimation of the item itself. There is generally representative significance in the work that consolidates with the material to convey a message or have a reason. At the point when individuals today make workmanship, one would make something that spotlights...
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Sociology of Work and Industry

In this paper I will be comparing the sociology of work and industry to some sub-fields of sociology. Industrial sociology is a field that deals with the study and examination of relation of human in labor markets, technological change, work organization, managerial practices and globalization. Industrial sociology got to do with work and industry. Sociology of work is all about the application of sociology to the world of work, sociological imagination is functional in the world of work, it attempts...
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My Thoughts about Work

What is the meaning of work? For many people it’s just a source of money, for others, a distraction, or it could even be a hobby for some. Some people are lucky enough to make a living doing what they love, others are not lucky enough and still, they have to work because, how else will they bring food to the table? But the truth is that work is a reflection of the person performing it, it can improve whoever...
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Implementation of Work Autonomy: Analytical Essay

Introduction Working in a public sector requires specific characteristics and behavior to overcome the struggles of delivering services to the masses. Often times, practices that are prevalent and effective to companies doesn’t necessarily applies to the public sector. The schemes of measuring the work done, motivation applied to employees and strategies for performance enhancement are somewhat different. While there are certain instances where practices can be both implemented to both sectors, which is rare, the common scenario would be, practices...
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Stereotypes in the Workplace Essay

There are many types of factors that currently affect how people are treated in the workforce such as religion, gender, and race. The ongoing effects of inequality in the workplace are shown in many ways. Gender discrimination exists in some companies as there are companies that do not employ women, and as a result, women have fewer job opportunities. In addition, age discrimination exists in other companies resulting in young people not being able to find jobs after they graduate...
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Essay on Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Literature Review Although there have been changes in the labor force with respect to racial minorities, racial disparities still remain. Pager and Sheperd (2008) in their analysis of the Current Population Survey (2006) found that African Americans were twice as likely as whites (Hispanics only marginally so) to be unemployed, and the wages of both black and Hispanics continue to lag behind those of whites. In a study by Bertrand and Mullainathan (2004), the researchers mailed equivalent resumes to employers...
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Importance of Ethics in Workplaces: Analytical Essay

This article aims to highlight the importance of ethics in workplaces from the prospect of a well-known big corporate organisation. Employees and their teamwork is the main root of success in any organisation. Workplace ethics helps to maintain work culture and employee engagement properly. Good ethics stand for a good business, while bad ethics can destroy an excellent organisation. Ethics help resolve issues in the business world and deal with deception and frauds, thus taking part in developing countries (Andrade...
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Sex Work and its Relationship with Local Authorities

During the Late-Medieval period, London was established as a “leading commercial city in Europe” due to its dominance as a trader of wool, distributor of fine goods, and, increasingly, as a producer of luxury items. The capital also benefitted economically from a period of great military success under Henry V in the context of the Hundred Years War. Following a decisive victory at Agincourt, England exerted political control over the duchy of Normandy and entered into a considerably pro-English alliance...
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Should Pets Be Allowed in the Workplace: Essay

Establishments are continuously aware of the significance of employees’ well-being, satisfaction, commitment, and retention (Barker, 2005). A growing trend has shown that emotional intelligence, trust, and perceived organizational support can have positive impacts on employee performance, retention, as well as the general health of workers in organizations (Jain and Sinha, 2005). Reports have shown a link between the positive anecdotal reactions by employees and customers, with the concept of allowing pets in the workplace (Barker et al., 2012). These reactions...
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