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Globalization, increasing integration, and the interdependence of domestic and overseas markets are cultural phenomena. It could be reflected in contemporary artwork, huge population migration from one country to another, and changes in linguistics. The world today has experienced widespread global interdependence. We could see how multinational corporations have more global ...

reach and are more powerful another example is that we could see that travel and shipping are so much cheaper safe and reliable, if we could look back in time, it took the great Christopher Colombus 3 months to sail through the Atlantic ocean however nowadays, it only took only around 6 hours by plane and around 10 days my ship. We have experienced these huge changes, especially in the last 30 years at a very fast pace and we can’t stop globalization. So, what can we do about this phenomenon, we must first know, why does globalization happen?

Globalization is mainly because of the development of communication technology such as the internet, mobile phones, and other gadgets. And also the free trade agreements made trading between countries so much easier because obstacles such as tariffs are lowered significantly. Through globalization, we basically got this feeling that the world is getting smaller and smaller because the world is more interconnected. Travel is more affordable and accessible, and businesses and operating on a global scale, irrespective of how large they are.

Throughout the year globalization has given various effects to humanity, whether its bad or good it certainly has changed our lives. Some of globalization’s obvious effects are the change in the food supply, we don’t need to buy food depending on the season, we could buy food anywhere in the world at any time of the year. Globalization had also caused containerization, we could take the example of the adoption of the silver transport container, it has significantly reduced the transport cost of these metals, which makes the price much more cheaper and affordable. However, not all effects of globalization is good for humanity, globalization has also some of its bad effects. Globalization has caused the rise of worldwide apps such as Youtube or Instagram, These apps had made the world more unified as one, and diverse cultured are being ignored, this will cause them to prefer to go to coffee shops such as Starbucks which is widely known around the world, instead the typical local coffee store. Furthermore, globalization has caused damage to the environment, because the increase in trade means more transport is used, all this transport uses fossil fuels that produce harmful CO(Carbon monoxide) which is dangerous for the environment and could cause global warming. These harmful effects of globalization have caused awareness of the bad effects of globalization. Some people are starting to against globalization.

Globalization has brought a lot of positive impacts to the world. Competition in the global market exists is mainly due to globalization. By globalization, we’ve experienced tougher competition in the global market. As a result of this competitive market, it leads to products of high quality. The enhanced quality of both products and services is based on production approaches to customer demands and customer services. We could take an example from the fierce competition of Apple and Huawei has raised the market standards, as well the customer service. Globalization has also resulted in countless of positive impacts on culture. There is no culture that had all the positive practices. This means, the perfect culture does not exist, but through globalization, the combination of various cultures has resulted in the creation of new cultures which lead made the world a better place to live in. Lastly, human rights have significantly improved by this phenomenon since the rise of social media have helped the coverage of human rights violation receives attention all around the world. We could take an example from the human violation that happened in Sudan that receives sympathy from all around the world.

On the other hand, globalization has also led in fluctuation in prices. For example, developed countries in the EU union such as Germany and France have been forced to reduce its product prices because growing countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam have offered the same items at a cheaper price. This will inhibit the growth of a country. Furthermore, an increase in production also means an increase in natural resource use. Natural resources use such as fossil fuels will cause pollution and climate change. In addition, globalization has also caused job insecurity, this effect is mostly felt by developed nations such as the states. For example, the labor and manufacturing cost is a lot cheaper in Indonesia and Malaysia, making developed countries like Australia and New Zealand to outsource cheaper labor. The effect is people in developed countries lose or have fewer jobs.

I would like to relate globalization to liberalism. Liberalism is basically an ideology that believes that all citizens are equal and have the freedom of speech(democracy). So as a liberalist, the relationship between globalization and liberalism is controversial and ambivalent as globalization itself has its bright side and dark side. We could the quick pace of globalization these recent years has increased the number of democratic countries which have been absent in the past 20 years around Africa, and even Southeast Asia. I could take the example of my own country, which is Indonesia. My country use to impose the nasakom( nationalist, religious, and communist) ideology however, ever since the reformation in 1998 our country began to use the Pancasila ideology( which is very similar to the liberalist democracy ideology). This is basically caused by the influence of western countries through globalization. The territorialist state-centric nature of traditional liberal democracy is inadequate in the contemporary world where numerous and significant social relations are super territorial. Global democracy needs more than a democratic state. In principle, the growth of multilayered governance of local, regional, and transworld bodies could be hopeful development for democracy. In practice, however, post-sovereign, decentralized governance induced by globalization has proved to be less democratic than national governance in a sovereign state. Although the current worldwide trend of decentralization from national to provincial and district authorities is generally welcome, it does not automatically mean democratic progress, but rather a democratic deficit. Suprastate democracy of regional and transworld regimes has shown even more democratic deficits. EU and UN are more bureaucratic than democratic institutions. The veto power of the permanent members of the UN Security Council has no democratic justification, as well. Moreover, the democratic record of supra state regulatory agencies, like WB, IMF, WTO or OECD has been decidedly poor. On the other hand, globalization has opened greater space for democratic activity outside public governance institutions through different unofficial channels, such as the global marketplace, global communications, and global civil society, but the legitimating potentials of these mechanisms are generally weak, particularly concerning democratic credentials, participation, transparency, and public accountability.

Globalization and Nationalization both have an important position in the world we’re living in now. The term ‘nationalism’ refers to the feelings of attachment to one another that members of a nation have, and to a sense of pride that a nation has in itself (Kacowicz, 1998). An easy example of nationalism is that: if later after I graduate from ADP, I would go to the states, I would still support my country if there is a sporting event happening. Nationalism is usually used by some politicians to promote unity & patriotism. So how can we relate nationalism and globalization? I would like to give out 2 arguments to address this issue. Firstly, I would say that globalization is slowly killing nationalism, like I said in 2nd paragraph before, social app such as youtube has made them feel the national or cultural difference is not much of a thing anymore. Then, my second issue is that globalization and nationalism is somehow promoting one another. Like without nationalism, globalization wouldn’t be happening today because nationalism makes every nation different in a way from other countries. On the other hand, globalization has also promoted nationalism, we could see from “The work of Durkheim” is influential in shaping the republic of turkey in the the1920s. In this globalized world, nationalism has caused many people migrate from one place to another. This migration has caused mixing cultures which makes them hard in finding their true identity. So, It means globalization has made nationalism relevant again as they feel lost if they don’t have a definite culture or identity.

In conclusion, based on all the facts and theories I stated above I would like to say globalization is a cure but in the same time, its also a curse for humanity. I would like to describe it as a two-edged sword, globalization is such a complex phenomenon that flows to many aspects in our life. So, my action toward globalization is to accept globalization with an open hand. Because if we could maximize all the positive impacts like the growing foreign trade and investment happening around the globe but at the same time reduce the adverse result of this phenomenon, I do believe it would make our life so much easier by making the world a lot more interconnected and make it a better place to live in.

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Is Globalization Good or Bad: Essay

Benefits and Drawbacks of Globalization Globalization is the technique by which the planet, prior separated through physical and mechanical separation, turns out to be dynamically interconnected. It is finished by the ascent in the connection between people groups around the world that includes the sharing of ideas, societies, merchandise, administrations, and speculation. In the present time, globalization is a blessing in a few components of the planet. With all the decent and each one the advancement inside the world, their...
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The Pros And Cons Of Globalization

Globalization is a procedure that has infiltrated all areas of our life, hence it is very essential to analyse whether globalization has impacted modern society positively or negatively. As every point of the issue has two sides, let’s discuss the advantages of globalization first, in reference to the debates that took place. As per the debates, there were three prominent areas of globalization that were focused on, these include, Foreign investment and employment, innovation and technology, and products and services....
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalisation

The following essay will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages that are linked around globalisation. ‘Globalisation describes a process by which national and regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through the global network of trade, communication, immigration and transportation.’ (Lexicon, 2018) It is driven by many factors such as trade and technology. A key advantage of globalisation is the free movement of labour. Free movement of labour ‘means that workers are entitled to look for work in another...
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Negative Impacts Of Globalisation On Society

Throughout history, there have been many watershed events that have both positively and negatively impacted society. Change is inevitable and progress is impossible without it. The world is constantly changing with its new ideas, resources, and products, demanding and expecting even faster responses. Governments have evolved, technology is rapidly becoming more advanced, people are changing the way they think, the list goes on. Although there have been many times when change has had a positive impact on society, this does...
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Driving Factors Of Globalization And Its Advantages

Globalization, in general, has received a lot of harsh criticism which are usually pointed to the negatives. In most cases, these criticisms emanate from the group that stands against the free market economy. Most of the criticisms contend that globalization does not reduce poverty, but rather maintains it. Particularly the distribution of new technology and investment in the foreign currency by developing nations might have boosted inequality levels. Only a fairly small number of nations are relishing the benefits tailored...
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Globalization in Mexico

The topic of globalization has been a popular one among social scientists for several years. Debates have raged over the years regarding the economic benefits of a more integrated global economy, with some saying there is a significant benefit to incomes and production, particularly in developing countries, whereas others believe that globalization has led to the downfall of some regional economies. This is a pertinent argument in the country of Mexico. Ever since the rise of trade liberalization in Mexico,...
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Globalization in Mexico: Pros and Cons

Over 150 years ago, Charles Dickens (1859) began a book with a line that, strangely, describes modern globalization in Mexico very well. It read as follows: “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times”. Like the conflict between values during the mid-1800’s, people are fighting for globalization with people who oppose this movement just as passionately. Can something be both right and wrong at the same time? Of course! Electricity can cook your dinner, light your...
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Global Product As A Result Of Globalization Process

In conditions of globalization, not only business freedom but also home country facilitate their entrepreneurs and helps to go globally. To encourage globalization you have to reform some policies and procedures which is possible with govt help. They need to have important factors of resources such as technology, finance, etc.. to globalize. To gain market strength as compared to competitors you need to have Low costs& prices, product quality, product differentiation, and technological superiority then your company will be successful...
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Globalization Impact: The World Economy And The Environment

Globalization is when different nations come together through international trade, investments and technology as a way to interact with each other, forming allies as a way to enhance their resources including the economic rates. This way businesses all around the world can communicate with each other easily and also by doing this they are trying to help undeveloped territories by giving them a platform to showcase their goods and services in the market. From this, you can see that globalisation...
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The Kinds Of Globalization Drivers

Market Globalization Drivers Market Globalization Drivers defined the develop of the consumer behavior whose are from all around the world, which include the degree of consumer needs compile around the world, consumer purchases behavior on global basis, distribution develop of all around the world. (Lardbucket, 2012) Current customer needs and taste who’s from different countries but want the same things in product or service category that the industry offers. Nowadays, the globalization trends of losing regulation and increasing the privatization...
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Globalization: The Process Of Uniting People Of The World

Globalization is the process of going to a more interconnected world. It means doing the things that the other person does but later on, we don’t have any idea about what we are doing. “Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations.” (Global Workforce Projects, n.d.) It is also a process of increased integration and collaboration of different national economies. The states become interdependent on each other in all spheres of...
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Globalization as a Historical Process

“Globalization is an intensification of global relations that connects distant localities in such ways that local events are formed by events that happen many kilometers away and vice versa” (Giddens, 1990, p. 64). Globalization is one of the most powerful forces that has been shaping the world for an indefinite time now. Because of its complexity, it became a constant subject of controversial discussions (Prakash & Hart, 1999). Up to this point, there is no widely accepted definition or exact...
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Globalization and Its Effects on Employment

Globalization is the higher integration, cooperation, togetherness of various nations in numerous fields like defense, trade, business, politics etc. It is the strong interconnection between nations all over the world. Globalization also works in other various essential elements like competitively priced, social and environmental etc. If we speak about economic globalization, it deals with the increasing drift of products and offerings cooperation between economies. It added rapid and unbelievable changes to the life of people. Globalization has affected life styles...
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Perspectives, Gaps And Uncertainty On Global Climate Change Attitude And The Implications For Australia

Abstract Understanding the complex human behaviours in response to climate change (CC) is important to undertake mitigation measures. The objective of this paper is to review the attitude, gaps and uncertainty of global climate change and the implications for Australia. While Australia is the most vulnerable country to climate change, an inevitable dismissive audience segments belief that climate change is not happening and strongly oppose the climate change mitigation action to archives low carbon future. Therefore, a comprehensive and continuous...
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Essay on Human Resource Development and the Impact of Globalization on It

Globalization is the integration of the world due to the explosion of international trade and technologies that make communication easier. Therefore, the world has become a global village in terms of values and even cultural preferences. Globalization has implication on HR practice because companies can hire global talent and use the newest technologies to manage talent. The biggest opportunity that the trend presents to HR managers is the chance to adopt global practices in human resource management and recruiting global...
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First Steps of Globalization: Impacts of Columbian Exchange

First people leading to globalization and the extension on exchange were some European travelers like Henry the Navigator who went to West Africa, Columbus, and Vasco Da Gama. These wayfarers were being financed by the rulers of western Europe, and the reason for their investigation is to enable Europe to stay aware of the development of exchange that is going on in Asia. The Indian Ocean Basin was hugely prominent creating tons and huge amounts of business sectors and cash...
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Reflections on the Prospects for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The world began to change drastically in 1760, when the First Industrial Revolution began in Britain. Society began to rely more and more on mechanized production, followed by mass production (due to electric power) during the Second Industrial Revolution (1880-1950), and automotive production (due to new technologies and electronics) during the Third Industrial Revolution (1950’s-2000’s). Industrialized countries with capital are currently entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the digital revolution. According to Klaus Schwab, we will begin to see the world...
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Globalization as One of the Main Causes of Economic Inequality in America

This essay will focus on how globalization is a major cause of inequality and is destroying the middle class in the United States and allowing the rich to thrive. Globalization includes the spread of products, technology, ideas, and culture, among other things between countries. I will be discussing how specifically economic globalization has been a major factor in the cause of the severe wealth inequality in America. Globalization has allowed the United States, and its businesses and people to become...
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Importance of Democracy Essay

Abstract “E-word of mouth” has become a global phenomenon, solving problems online users are concerned. It can make a change for transnational issues. Some critics insist that online wisdom cannot replace the existing establishments even in a democratic state. According to Scholte (2012), there has been a paradigm change to global democracy because globalization is driving constantly, and global phenomenon is being driven in a way in which collective intelligence can understand and enact people’s rule, human rights, and global...
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The Effects Of Christianity Spread On Globalization

What is globalization? Globalization is the different relations and exchanges between people and nations in political, economic, and cultural terms that have made the world a more interdependent place and continue to make it more connected every day. In different words, it is about changing modes of human interaction, increasing the movement of individuals, information and ideas, and goods and money across national boundaries, which has contributed to increased economic, political, social and cultural interconnectedness between the populations of the...
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Columbian Exchange: Positive Usher to Globalization

Throughout history, globalization has had its positive and negative impacts on societies and the environments they live in. It began when Christopher Columbus discovered the New World. Determining whether the effects of globalization made it a positive force was difficult. There was a negative side to every argument, but the positive effects outweigh the negative by a long shot. Factors such as education, the Columbian Exchange, expanding territories, disease treatments, animal populations, and overall environmental impact are what prove that...
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Critical Evaluation of Effects of Globalization on Lego Company

Introduction: The company that has been chosen to be analyzed is LEGO. LEGO is a company that manufactures a line of plastic construction toys and is owned by The Lego Group. It was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in Denmark initially. After passing over almost 85 years – LEGO has accomplished its transformation from a small carpenter’s workshop to a modern, global enterprise. Correspondingly, Lego groups contain 17,000+ employees in 15 countries nowadays. (, 2019). It becomes the...
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The Influence Of Globalisation on Agricultural Biotechnology

In a bid to aid globalisation, the Australian Government established liberal trade policy agreements with low wage economies. However, according to a manufacturing report released in 2018 by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, it suggests liberal trade policies are hampering the growth of Australia’s manufacturing industry instead of fueling economic growth. Australia’s manufacturing industry contributes 6% to the Australian GDP, however the utilisation of manufacturing has declined considerably over recent years. The Australian manufacturing industry exports $96.1 billion...
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Sports As A Global Phenomenon

Sports a global phenomenon in human history taking the world by storm, by producing the best athletes to participate according to nationally or clubs. A test series is played for five consecutive days in two innings on the other hand, IPL matches consist for 3 hours with non-stop entertainment. Cricket is complicated to people who have never watched, played or had a passion for the game but in India, it’s equivalent to religion. During soccer world cup the entire Spanish...
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Impact of Globalization on British Television: Analytical Essay

Discuss the impact of globalisation on British television. Does it matter whether or not there are programmes about Britain, made by British programme-makers, on British screens? Nowadays, all around the globe, we can see globalization on television, which means every single country have their own programmes and programmes from other nationalities or formats that was not made by them. Over the years, the United States can prove that they are the country that made more shows, films, and programmes. Otherwise,...
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The Relationship Between Japanese Anime and Globalization

Japanese anime in today’s time is known and watched by many people worldwide. However, this wasn’t always the case. Japanese anime was once only popular in Japan. Some people may think that the reason for its popularity is that countries like the United States of America are showing interest in it. Although that may be somewhat true, the real reason for Japanese Anime’s growth is because of its originality and how different it is. The topics that will be discussed...
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Superpower Essay

How do superpowers influence the global economy? “The sun never sets on the British empire”, (Brian Doone, 2019) is a famous historian quote that rings true to Britain’s situation before World War I. The rise of global superpowers has influenced the global economy in many ways and this trend started all the way back when the first world war occurred. Imperialism in WW1 was a huge deal, the most powerful countries in the world were invading the smaller countries to...
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Critical Analysis of the Article “The World is Flat”: Effects of Globalization

Introduction The rumbling tension between South Korea and Japan ever since the colonial period (when Korea was under Japanese rule from 1910 through 1945) has recently manifested itself. The tension escalated on July 4th of 2019 when Japan implemented heavy barriers and regulations on the export of three chemical materials – fluorinated polyamides, photoresists, and hydrogen fluoride – to South Korea (Chung, 2019). These three ingredients are vital components to chips that the semiconductor manufacturing industry in South Korea produces....
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Impact of Globalization and Technology: Argumentative Essay on The World Is Flat

Explain the “world is flat” argument (Friedman) and “the world is spiky” argument? Which one do you believe better explains the impact of globalization and technology on inequality and opportunities for workers? Why? Friedman argues that the world is flat for a few reasons. One of his reasons being that with technology growing as rapidly as it has over the past few decades Friedman feels that pretty soon all businesses will be done virtually and everyone will have the best...
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Informative Essay on the Globalization of Starbucks in China

Introduction It is quite apparent that globalization is an aspect of modern-day capitalization. Economically, it connects parts of the world through capital investment and product movement. For example, this means that someone in Canada is able to purchase items from the United States and receive them in as early as one-two business days with the transportation technologies available for shipping goods today. Currently, in literature there are conflicting stances on globalization. There are three viewpoints expressed by William Norton and...
3 Pages 1396 Words
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