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China has summitted huge sums of money for investments in Kazakhstan.On March 2015 at Boao Forum, Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Masimov and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang signed off some 33 deals worth US $ 23,6 billion. These varied from projects in then steel, non-ferrous metals, sheet glass, and auto industries to the more usual oil refining, and hydropower industries. Li praised the deals as a sign of the complementary nature of the Chinese and Kazakh economies.Kazakhstan itself is also committing...
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The One Belt One Road project is developed by China, aiming to commercially connect more than 60 countries, from Asia to Middle East and finally to Europe. This project is based on the ancient Silk Road, while it is known as the Modern Silk Road Belt. OBOR is an aspiring project mainly aiming to open EU market to Chinese companies on which there is extensive analysis in the literature. However, will this project only serve China’s expansion plans or it...
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The Silk Roads were one of the most successful models for development of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Lately, China has been working on a new (and ancient) development. A new Silk Road. The Belt and Road initiative is a global development strategy by the Chinese government advancing infrastructure development and investments globally. However, China needs assistance from serious global actors, such as the economic powerhouse that is the European Union. If the EU were to join the One Belt One...
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The new world request is flourishing in the light of rise of China. It is endeavoring to modify the worldwide perceived leverage. China has proposed ‘One Belt One Road’ activities and built up Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). It is currently extending its worldwide nearness as far as financial and political viewpoints. China presently is by all accounts equipped for shaking the post-war American authority. ‘One Belt One Road’ is a national-level political system that China has proposed to progress...
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The internet is something many people uses daily. If someone has a question, they google it or use another search engine to find the answer. Simple search engines like these are only the beginning. Google and Yahoo and sites easily accessed by the public is called the surface. Below the surface is the deep web, which makes up over 90 percent of all websites (Kaspersky, 2017). Inside the deep web, is the dark web. The dark web is a collection...
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Ross Ulbricth is a prisoner, known for having made the Silk Road site, began in 2011 and proceeded until 2013, until his catch. Their wrongdoings included unlawful tax avoidance, hacking and other false intrigues. A jury condemned Ross William Ulbricth for seven checks in light of the Silk Road action. The Silk Road was a puzzling criminal exchanging focus. The Silk Road client base relied upon the deal and buy of medications, false documentation and hacking. Silk Road utilizes Bit-coin...
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On August 21, 2014 the government of USA has filed a case on Ulbricht with seven criminal cases, Narcotic Trafficking, Distribution of the Narcotic by Internet, narcotic conspiracy, counting criminal enterprise, Conspiracy to commit and aid and computer hacking, Conspiracy to traffic in fraudulent identification documents and money laundering conspiracy. Ulbericht was designed and launched the silk road which means the online marketplace with name of dead pirate Roberts. The entire online marketplace is maintained by the Silk Road and...
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Topic- “The original concept behind the Dark Net was to provide a secure form of communication to those who need it. Compare the pros and cons that the Dark Net provide and evaluate their value to society.” According to (Reiff, 2020), “The 'dark net,' also known as the 'dark web,' is part of the greater 'deep web,' a network of secret websites that exist on an encrypted network.” Again, The Dark Net is an overlay system to the internet that...
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The Fourth Amendment makes preparations for preposterous ventures and seizures by requiring (with constrained exemptions) that administration specialists initially acquire a warrant before they go snooping around or taking somebody's property. Yet, what precisely does this mean in the advanced universe of cell phones, wi-fi, and broadened Socratic discoursed with Siri? In the event that the New York-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit is to be trusted, it implies that the legislature can screen and gather your...
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The One Belt One Road initiative is a project started by China in 2013 and that focuses on improving the connectivity and cooperation between China and several other countries in Asia, Africa and Europe to improve the trade relations worldwide. The focus of the initiative is energy, improve the infrastructure and improve transportation (Ma, 2018). However, experts see it also as a strategy to push for worldwide Chinese dominance. Two major trade routes from and to China will be built....
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“Globalization is an intensification of global relations that connects distant localities in such ways that local events are formed by events that happen many kilometers away and vice versa” (Giddens, 1990, p. 64). Globalization is one of the most powerful forces that has been shaping the world for an indefinite time now. Because of its complexity, it became a constant subject of controversial discussions (Prakash & Hart, 1999). Up to this point, there is no widely accepted definition or exact...
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