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Two Americas: one of economic opportunity, prosperity, and equality, and the other of the ugliness of discrimination and poverty. This was the ever-present theme in the atmosphere of the 1950s and 60s. Three weeks before his assassination, Martin Luther King prominently and correctly claimed that America has failed to hear that the plight of the negro poor has worsened, the promises of justice and freedom have not been met, and white society is more concerned about tranquility and the status...
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The 1950s was referred to as the ‘Golden Age’, during this time America was trying to rebuild society because of the war. This was a time for people to unite and come up with ideas that would recover society. Then came the 50s which was significant because it introduced rock and roll and television. Baby boomers around this time period were a big part because they were the audience to rock and roll and television. Rock and roll was a...
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Discovery is a better name for the 1950s, thanks in part to the Disneyland theme park. The popularity of Disneyland helped Walt Disney spread happiness and joy during a decade of discovery. Disneyland in California was first opened in 1955 by WED Enterprises. Disney created his theme park to make his visitors feel that Disneyland was truly the happiest place on earth. Due to the technological innovations made by the Imagineers and Walt Disney, Disneyland is one of the most...
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Business in the 1950s “Buy when everyone else is selling and hold until everyone else is buying. That’s not just a catchy slogan. It’s the very essence of successful investing” (Ruth). This is a quote from J. Paul Getty an oilman, who was the richest individual in America in 1957. He founded the Getty Oil Company. His large business was very successful because of his smart investing habits. Smart techniques, workers, and the public fueled large and small businesses in...
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Headed by Lindsay Anderson, Karel Reisz, John Schlesinger, and Tony Richardson. The New Wave movement was a range of feature films, during the 1950s and 60s (1959-1963). That focus on drawing attention to the frustrations of a better-educated young society. Whilst emphasizing the reality of day-to-day life for the working class. Coming at the end of a decade most would describe as “a doldrums era,” (The Open University, 2005) the New Wave films were seen as a total breath of...
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Rita Dove’s poem Daystar, written in the 1950s, illustrates the life of a woman who feels as though she is trapped in life due to her daily duties as a mother and a wife. The irony in the poem exists for the sole fact that from birth to adulthood the world's female population is brought up believing that their life will become fulfilled when they get married and have children. From past and present all over the world, women are...
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After the Second World War at 1945, Churchill Stated that “America at this moment, stands at the summit of the world.” The status of America during the 1950s is proof for what Churchill said. America was at his best after WWII, though it caused so many destruction and mass killings, Americans believed that after the war there would be prosperity. And there was; The economic status, the political status, the progress in science and technology, and the population growth due...
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“People today understandably feel that their lives are out of balance, but they yearn for something totally new-a more equal distribution of work, family, and community time for both men and women, children and adults” Coontz states as she refers to how unlike we do now, the 50s did not offer equal right. It is often said that the 1950s were the golden age due to the opportunities given and high prosperity, but it is not always what it seemed...
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In this essay, I will be exploring what factors affected the social status for the ‘ideal housewives’ in the 1950s. I will be considering the working woman, housing situations, comparing the US to the UK housewife, education and also the evolution of academic thought on the status and importance of housewives and women in society. These factors will enable me to make a clear judgement on the social status of housewives and therefore I will be able to analyze, which...
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The 1950s was the year people came home and sought out the American dream. Some people were earning money and living happily while others did not live prosperously. The 1950s had an economic boom because of the amount of spending that was made, improvements in medicine, the growth of entertainment, and new technology inventions. Prosperity affected the nation socially, politically, and economically because as the economy grew the nation had an opportunity to spend on things that would help create...
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The 1950s brought about an economic ‘boom’. War had ended and the economy had finally recovered, with this the cosmetic industry was at its best. 50s makeup reflected “a change in attitude from the simple make do days of the 1940s to the refined feminine beauty of the fifties” ('Authentic 1950s Makeup History and Tutorial', 2016). This period gave birth to many beauty icons including Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Face and Complexion Foundation would be matched as closely as...
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