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A Woman's Place in the Literary World

Learned women make men nervous. This is prevalent in reality, and is thus mirrored in literature. The journey of women in the literary world has long been bruised by stereotypical portrayals, often prompted by the laughable lack of women authors in comparison to the predominance of men. The misguiding ‘male view’ of females has dug its claws deep into the literary canon, and subsequently, girls have strived to mold themselves into a ‘suitable’ caricature of womanhood. Confronted with such tropes,...
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Gender Equality of Woman in 'Mulan'

In your daily life, you come across a new person every day. Each person, for instance, has a different background, a different race, and a lot of various stories waiting to be told by each person across the nation. We live in a world of a diverse group of people and some would think that living in a diverse world would form a ground that is united in order to be ‘equal,’ but that is far from being true. I’m...
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Portrayal of Woman in 'The Hunger Games'

Pop culture refers to the traditions of a particular society or a group of people. In America, pop culture is usually associated with the entertainment industry, which varies from music, art, fashion, and literature to film, television, and radio. A majority of people consume products from these sources which has a significant impact on them. However, pop culture has contributed to a great extent in challenging the dominant gender stereotypes. Gender stereotypes have always dictated that there is a sure...
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Tess of the D'Urbervilles: Two Different Perceptions of Woman's Nature in Hardy's Novel

Introduction Tess of the D’Urbervilles is one of Thomas Hardy’s best novels – perhaps it is his very best. The beautiful simplicity of his style when, as usual, he forgets he is writing, the permeating healthy sweetness of his description, the idyllic charm and yet the reality of his figures, his apple-sweet women, his old men, rich character as old oaks, his love-making, his fields, his sympathetic atmosphere – all these, and any other of Hardy’s best qualities we can...
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Wonder Woman: A Fresh Take on a Feminist Icon

Wonder woman has long been considered a feminist icon ever since her first appearance in DC comics in 19411942, making her one of the very first female superheroes. In many ways, she was unlike any female superhero that was in circulation at that time, being a perfect example of a strong, formidable character at a time when female superheroes were most often given the role of side characters, damsels in distress, and were rarely the sole character in any series....
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Portrayal of Man and Woman in Pride and Prejudice

All women love “Pride and Prejudice.” And really, why shouldn’t they? The story of the intrepid and, at times, impertinent Elizabeth Bennet is an alluring one. It’s a story of a comely young women looking for her prince charming, it’s a story of an iconoclast challenging antiquated social conventions, it’s a story that juxtaposes bourgeois pride against blue-collar prejudice and, perhaps most importantly, it’s a story about marriage and all the different reasons one has for getting married: love, money,...
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Social Conventions of a Woman's Traditional Household Duties in the 1950s: Critical Analysis of Rita Dove’s Poem Daystar

Rita Dove’s poem Daystar, written in the 1950s, illustrates the life of a woman who feels as though she is trapped in life due to her daily duties as a mother and a wife. The irony in the poem exists for the sole fact that from birth to adulthood the world’s female population is brought up believing that their life will become fulfilled when they get married and have children. From past and present all over the world, women are...
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Analysis of Vindication of The Rights of Women: Portrayal of the Difficulties in a Day in the Life of a Woman

A Woman’s Place Women have experienced hardships since the beginning of time. Society has always placed certain standards upon women which, despite many attempts to remove them, will never go away. Many artists have found inspiration in such hardships and utilized them as their muse within their works. Writers, such as Mary Wollstonecraft and Jane Austen, often touched on the topic of women’s rights in an attempt to help bring light to the inequalities amongst men and women. However, despite...
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Equality between Man and Woman Essay

In this essay, I will be writing about an important moral issue “Gender Equality”. As I am a female, it does not mean that sex equity is merely a ladies’ subject, however, it is necessary and supportive to people of all sexes and it should be supported by everyone. It means both genders should be considered of equivalent status and worth. The paper will begin with an overview of gender equality and then the paper will draw light on people...
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The Real Image Of A Woman In Society

Society has introduced us to what women look up to be the ‘ideal girl’. The ideal girl is a person who is perfect in any woman’s eye, what a woman aspires to be like and has what a woman thinks she does not have. She is everywhere we turn to look, she is an image. Her body is flawless which makes women question why their body looks the way it looks and not similar. She is what men want, she...
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The Role Of Woman In The US History

In the 19th century women and men were not equal, women were the weaker sex, inferior, while men were seen as superior. A home maker in the 19th century was seen to be the “angel of the house” as she would support her husband, care for the children, and carry out the domestic work. The “Angel in the House” myth represents the ideal woman as obedient, submissive and above all, willing to sacrifice her own happiness for that of her...
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A Transforming Image Of A Woman In Gita Mehta’s Raj

Gita Mehta occupies a prestigious place in Indian Writing in English whose writing mainly investigates Indian culture, tradition and political condition of India. Being a female author, her tendency of writing issues pertaining women could certainly be common to detect the identity of women in the society. Women are trapped in the circle of religion, culture, tradition and all social taboos. The heroines of Mehta break the shell of such taboo and emerge themselves as new individuals in the society....
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The Aspects For Woman Empowerment In India

Abstract This paper tries to research the requirement of women Empowerment in India and highlights the strategies and schemes of women Empowerment. Empowermen is the method of social development which might modify women to participate, within the economic, political and social property development of the agricultural communities. These days the Empowerment {of Women|of Women|} has become one in all the foremost necessary issues of twenty first century however much women Empowerment continues to be AN illusion of reality. Empowerment of...
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Why Woman Choose Abortion

Today there are many acts that bring us sadness and fill us with pain. As for example wars, violence, poverty, suicide, like many others but there is one, in particular, that is very sad because it involves a defenseless child, abortion. A long time ago the abortion was a non-legal act, in fact, there are countries that still do not allow it and is punished with jail for all those women who commit the act. Society advances and minds change....
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Canadian Human Rights Act: The Status Of Woman

The scenario Pregnancy is an important period in the life of a woman; it is the period when two lives share the same body. During this time, the physical, emotional and mental health is very important and it can affect the well being of the mother and the child. In this paper, abuses to women during pregnancy are discussed in detail and possible solutions are given that can be adapted for the well being of the women, children and the...
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Sea Rose, Imagism, And The New Woman

American modern literature starts in the late 19th century and takes many different forms throughout the period, such as seen with impressionism and imagism. While the former is often based on impressions coming from different characters’ perspectives, the latter proposes an opposed vision to impressionism by using clear-cut natural images instead of abstractions. In his manifesto, “A Few Don’ts by the Imagiste,” Ezra Pound highlights what the imagist movement is by writing about what it is not. Similarly, Hilda ‘H.D.’...
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Decoding What Is Woman Empowerment

Woman empowerment is a tricky subject to write on. Balancing views from both sides of the spectrum are needed. Unfortunately, every discussion on it becomes a gender issue and the respective genders begin to defend their arguments taking rationality for a toss. My aim is to be neutral and aid you to understand what woman empowerment really is. First things first. What is empowerment? Granting someone the right or authority to do something. So you might be thinking were women...
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The Internal Conflicts In Woman And Transcended Parallelism: A Study On The Character Devi In The Novel Pandavapuram

Abstract The war inside has ever been crucial in human life than the war outside and of course has ever littered sparks for a war. The war within human beings, often paves way to unimaginable internal transformations which may often result in transcendence of behavior and the hallucinations thence may often be of schizophrenia. The novel Pandavapuram of K.S. Sethumadhavan[Sethu] considers the scope of varied dimensions of diversified and creative woman persona or the endless possibilities of complexities in woman...
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How Woman Have Power In The Great Gatsby

Throughout most of history women generally have had fewer legal rights and career opportunities than men. Wifehood and motherhood were regarded as women’s most significant professions. Considering that the role of women in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was kept mostly concealed and unrecognizable throughout the whole novel, Fitzgerald uses small yet potent words in the form of imagery to show the power of women in the book. As a result he maintains the innocence and gracefulness of...
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Austen's Pride And Prejudice: Marriage And A Woman’s Identity

Marriage as an institution has always been in a constant state of flux, the ideas revolving around it have been changing from era to era. In the stone age marriage was not a concept as it is nowadays, men and women would make pairs and procreate. Slowly and steadily values started to get attached to it and the term marriage was created; “ the state of being united as spouses in a consensual and contractual relationship recognised by law” (...
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How Does Shakespeare Present Woman In Macbeth?

William Shakespeare´s Macbeth is a tragedy about the lust for power and how one man is driven mad with ambition, based on the real 11th century Scottish King Mac Bethad mac Findláich, known in English as Macbeth, who was born around 1005. Even though there are only 6 female characters in Macbeth, they are each presented in various ways throughout the play and have crucial roles. William Shakespeare presents woman through the character of Lady Macbeth as evil and cruel....
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The Portraits Of Woman As Other In Harold Pinter

Her objection is ridiculous because there is no reason why a simple visit by a man should necessarily imply sexual encounter. One can imply that as reflection of a neurotic state of a sexually repressed woman. Rose is afraid of the revealing of a guilty past, that of a whore. There are several clue that she might have formerly been a prostitute and is trying to have an honest life now. Her strong denial to Mr. Kidd that she knows...
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The Cult And The Woman

This essay focuses on women, goddesses and their freedom and power in the classical world. It will investigate the differences and similarities between them, and attempt to cast a light on why goddesses were very powerful, whilst mortal women spent their lives mostly secluded from society. To achieve this, the position of the woman in society will be examined through the three main Greek periods, and the powers and cults of goddesses will be assessed. The lives of women in...
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Woman Role In Brahmanism Then And Now

Brahmanism is the branch of the Hindu religion, previously known dominators of the Indian society, the priests. They are considered to be higher class than any other Hindu person. These Brahmans are the ones in the religion who do all the rituals and sacrifices as it is part of their dharma(duty). Some brahmans believe that woman’s role is to procreate, and continue the family lineage. It is said that woman need to be cared for their whole lives by men,...
1 Page 640 Words

What Is It Like To Be A Woman In Pakistan?

Pakistan is considered to be the third most dangerous country for women in the world. In the paper, I would analyze the problems that women in Pakistan face every day, and how difficult it is to survive in a male dominated society. Women in Pakistan are thought as subordinate to men. In a patriarchal society such as Pakistan, women consist half of the population yet are not given the same rights as men, they’re treated ruthlessly especially in the rural...
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The Meaning Of Woman: A Feminism Analysis Of Existential In William Wordsworth’s Perfect Woman

Introduction Many facts say that humans are the most perfect creatures compared to other living creatures. Developing technology and science at the present time are the result of the minds that exist in human. They are able to develop the world thanks to the intelligence given to them. The development of this world may be based on human thinking that questions the meaning of them in the world, such as the question arises, for what I live or what I...
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The Construction Of A Fallen Woman In Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorn

This paper focuses on a construction of a women in ‘Scarlet Letter’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne and the way the woman is shown as a fallen one. Specific methodologies have been chosen to explain, identify and analyse information about this topic – gender, feminist as well as historical methodology. Human beings are differentiated into a man and a woman, women are judged by their looks and actions, and the public never likes them to be even slightly different, sinful or impure....
7 Pages 3196 Words

Representing Tribal Woman In Mahasweta Devi’s Draupadi

The tribal women have been given insufficient recognition in the literary as well as the social canon in the pre and post-independence period. The traditional image of Indian womanhood, whether the socially secure and independent image of Aryan woman or the sheltered and protected image of the purdah clad medieval woman, does not include the grim realities that constitute the life of tribal women. The subordination of tribal women operates at various levels, the first among which lies in the...
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The Attitude To Working Woman And Mothers At The Workplace

The author stresses the differences in maternity. The working women face a lot of challenges that can endanger the lives of the unborn child, also prevent the needed care for the born child. The author compares the lives of working women to past lives, where women did not go to work but engaged in house chores and craftwork. The women took great care of their children and raised them well compared to the working women who have less time for...
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The Role Of Woman In Jane Austen Era In Pride And Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is a romantic novel written by Jane Austen which discusses women’s duties or roles in the home or work force, and how they have changed for a better life for women. For work duriung the 18th century, “Generally this work was done for the benefit of the family, not the outside world. “Women’s Work” would have included such activities as spinning, weaving, and churning.” (Gender roles in Colonial America). Women also didn’t have many rights and did...
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