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Masculinity Essay Examples

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The Features Of Healthy, Toxic And Hyper Masculinity

Masculinity is an expression of traits that are generally exhibited by men. Society has a strict view of masculinity, thereby causing men being expected to display strength, confidence, ambition, leadership and similar traits. Masculinity is typically described in three main ways; healthy, toxic, and hyper...
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Masculinities And Femininities In Nationalistic Bollywood Films

This thesis focuses on the portrayal of masculinities and femininities in nationalistic Bollywood films. It precisely engages with the representation of masculinity and femininity in Bollywood war films. I assert that Bollywood war films are such a genre where the coexistence of various forms of...
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Masculinity and Femininity In Fashion

For most of fashion history, fashion has been seen as feminine and an interest for women and was for some point dismissed as unserious and inferior. Yet both femininity and masculinity are still defined and valued through appearance. Clear gender characteristics and strong opposing definitions...
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Masculinity Portrayed In 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is an American teen drama television show that is based off a novel wrote in 2007 by Jay Asher. The show was made to spread awareness about suicide, rape and bullying. To summarize the first season, it revolves around seventeen year-old high...
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Is Masculinity Always Toxic?

Many people today believe that all masculinity is toxic. Toxic masculinity is almost always represented in males and extremely rarely in females within books, films and plays. Not all masculinity is toxic, and it can be shown in both the play, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’,...
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The Relation Between Masculinity Roles, Depression And Social Media

ABSTRACT Research shows a link between masculine roles, depression and social media (SM). This was explored via semi-structured interviews using male participants between 18-30 years of age who frequently used SM. Interview questions focused on attitudes and opinions about social media activity and masculinity. Thematic...
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The Peculiarities Of Hegemonic Masculinity

Over the past two decades hegemonic masculinity has had a tremendous smash upon gender studies especially in the social sciences. Hegemonic masculinity was distinguished by negatives such as toughness, aggressiveness, excessive risk taking and emotional illiteracy. When we talked about structural violence, we found perception,...
2 Pages 751 Words

Masculinity And Sexism In Men's Lifestyle Magazines

It is important to highlight that the imagined reader is an abstract conceptual category, and that the reading goals of the real readers are always broader that what characterises the imaginary addressee. Therefore, it is not necessary for the real reader to unrestrainedly recognise himself...
2 Pages 831 Words

Masculinity Norms And Men’s Attitude Towards Help Seeking

Abstract To investigate the role of masculine norms on attitude towards seeking professional help, three hundred and twenty-one heterosexual Australian males participated in an online study. The measures were Male role gender inventory scale and the Attitudes toward Seeking Professional Help Scale, which were designed...
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Masculinity: Military Mental Health And Suicide

Every year, approximately 45,000 people lose their lives through the act of suicide, making this the tenth leading cause of death across America. Statistics show that it is more common for men to go through with self-harm and be successful than women. In the military,...
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Explanation and Marginalization of Toxic Masculinity

Deconstructing the notions of centrality and marginality against the background of masculinities embosses the suspicion that what is at the centre often hides a repression. Toxic Masculinity as a concept finds its origins in the objective of cultivating a tolerance of variance in masculinities. However,...
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