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Masculinity In Classical Greece Plays Antigone And Lysistrata

Women stepping into the masculine role is exemplified in both Sophocles’ “Antigone” and Aristophanes’ Lysistrata. In response to the men’s inability to fulfill their duties, these dynamic characters take on the masculine role to fill the void. Antigone must burry her brother against Creon’s demands when he refuses to perform the proper ritual rites. Lysistrata seeks to stop the war and takes matters into her own hands by acting against male warfare through leading the other women in seizing control...
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Ancient Greece In The Play Lysistrata And Film Chi-Raq

Introduction From Shakespeare to Aeschylus and Aristophanes, there have been many films that have been adapted from plays. Chi-Raq directed by Spike Lee was made to be a modern adaptation of Aristophanes play Lysistrata. Using rap and hip-hop, the film addresses important social issues, like Gang and gun violence plaguing the city of Chicago. In Lysistrata, the protagonist is desperate to end the bloodshed between Athens and Sparta. In Chi-Raq, she is desperate to end the senseless violence killing innocent...
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The State And Power Of Women In Lysistrata

The Aristophanes’ play reveals the role of women in Athenian society how they are always lonely when their husband goes to war for months at a time “We’ve got to fuss about our husbands, wake up the servants, calm and wash the babies, then give then food.” (paragraph 17-19 Calonice). While the husband is out fighting during the war the wives still have to do chores without any help from their other half. How women would have no free time...
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Modern Sex-Strikes And Ancient Greece Play Lysistrata

The idea of women autonomy is highly debated today, as shown by the differing opinions on the passing of Georgia’s “heartbeat bill,” an anti-abortion law passed in May 2019. The bill will punish those who get an abortion after a “‘fetal heartbeat in the womb’” is detected in pregnant women.1 An article written by Lindsey Bever for The Washington Post describes the outcry that the bill faced from activists such as actress Alyssa Milano. Backlash against the bill resulted in...
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Women in Ancient Greek Literature: Lysistrata

The majority of all ancient societies, cultures, and religions have been primarily male-dominated and ancient Greek life and culture is by far no different to any of these other societies. A great amount of Greek literature helps provide us with this evidence on how women, the “lesser sex”, are viewed by their own communities. In Ancient Greece, from the time of Hesiod, one of earliest sources of Greek literature, to Aristophanes in the classical period, reflecting the patriarchal society of...
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The Rights Of Women In Lysistrata

The question of a woman and the attitude of society towards her is a question that has long existed among various communities and civilizations. Women always make up half the world’s population. The continuation of life in the world depends on women as much as it depends on men. On the shoulders of women, in the natural order, lie the greatest works of the universe, such as procreation and raising children, are in hands of women. A woman –is a...
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Genders View On Power In Lysistrata

During the democracy of Athens, the male citizens held all the power while women enjoyed little civil liberties and rights. Gender roles consisted of the man being the breadwinner, while the women were supposed to stay home and raise the children. A common gender role for the women were also to please their husband whenever the men desired. The play focuses on women questioning their pre-determined roles when Lysistrata proposed a sex strike until peace is returned to Ancient Greece....
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Ancient Greek Rebels In Lysistrata

Subaltern, as described in Spivak’s essay, is the marginalized, subordinated, and oppressed people who are subjected to be silent. The reason for the existence of the subalterns is the social strata between the citizens of a country where authority belongs to a limited number of people. The social hierarchy worsens the conditions for those who come at the lowest part of the social strata’s division. Hence, subaltern includes working-class, slaves and definitely women who have no voice. In contrary to...
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Women's Rights And Feminism In The Play Lysistrata

In Aristophanes’ play Lysistrata, Lysistrata- the main protagonist- calls the women of Greece to a meeting to discuss the plan to end the Peloponnesian War. Lysistrata plans to ask the women to refuse to have sex with their husbands until a treaty of peace has been signed. Lysistrata also plans to have the older women of Athens occupy the Acropolis and seize control of the treasury- which holds the funds the men need for war. While some of the women...
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Satire And Symbolism In Lysistrata

Cinesias is Myrrhine’s husband. He is an unreliable husband. It is proven when he asks Myrrhine to go home because he can not take care of his children and also their house. Cinesias only meet his wife because his erection is unbearable. The next character is the Magistrate, a representative of law and order in Athens as a representation of masculinity. He is a misogynist who considers women weak and only concern with mattress and kitchen things. He even says...
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