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Firstly, let us look into a brief background of the two texts. South Korea is chiefly a non-vegetarian country except in Seoul, one may find few vegan restaurants. There is no particular word to describe vegetarian in the Korean language and is often misunderstood to serve 'sea foods'. In spite of being a South Korean, Han Kang had incredibly described in her book 'The Vegetarian' how veganism had a strong impact in her life that she voices out her most...
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Introduction David Foster Wallace's “Consider the Lobster” is a unique exploration that goes beyond the surface of a culinary delight. Set amidst the vibrant backdrop of the Maine Lobster Festival, the essay delves into the intricate life of the lobster and the ethical questions surrounding its consumption. Wallace, with his keen observations and thought-provoking insights, doesn't just describe a festival or a dish. He challenges us to think about the morality of our food choices. Can we truly enjoy a...
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Section1. hyperbole- In rhetoric, hyperbole is a method of composing that makes a person or things sound bigger, better than they are. anecdote- An anecdote is a tale or a short story to make audience members laugh. It is a short portrayal of any occasion that makes the reader giggle over the subject displayed for reason. analogy - An analogy is a rhetoric device that makes one thing clear regarding another to feature the manners by which they are indistinguishable....
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Section: 1 a. Definition A definition is a statement or term provided by someone explaining the meaning of the word. Meaning could be explained in different ways such as scientifically, literal, etc. b. Hyperbole It is a rhetorical device mostly used by writers to turn a basic statement into its extreme level. Authors may use this device to put stress on a term. c. Anecdote An anecdote is used to show brief stories or incidences added in between readings related...
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Veganism is something that people follow because they believe it reduces the suffering caused by humans as much as possible. Suffering is something animals possessing a brain and nervous system are assumed to experience. The topic of consuming any animal or meat products is a very touchy subject. Although many people feel that veganism is the only way we should live this statement can easily be refuted with many reasons. Surviving off a plant based diet that is consumed by...
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