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A Character Analysis Of Atticus Finch

In Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, the reader is introduced to an admirable father figure within the first chapter. Atticus Finch, a single father of two, lives in rural 1930s America working as a lawyer and state legislator. Being older than...
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Perceptions Of Satire In Gulliver's Travels

Satire speaks differently Gulliver’s travels is a story discusses the sociable cases and humanity by the satire of the situations and events. The story has been written in 1726 in United Kingdom by one of the greatest British writers and satires called Jonathan Swift. The...
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Hemingway’s Portrayal Of Reversed Gender Roles

The 1920s was a new era of freedom for the American community. Women gained significant roles in society by their increasing involvement in institutions with associations that were not established on authority, but instead on equality, hence declining the male chauvinism’s coercion. Women’s increasing power...
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Ideas Of Social Class Through Don Quixote’s Dream Life

In Don Quixote, Cervantes skewers social class by alluding to the educated versus the uneducated and equality between genders. Cervantes makes social class a critical issue in Don Quixote by incorporating accounts and injustices in his life into the novel. In Cervantes’ homeland, the Spanish...
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Theatre Of The Absurd In The Play Waiting For Godot

After World War 2 there was a rise in political tension, societal changes and the decline of religious faith. As a result, a theatrical shift took place in which playwrights moved away from the objective aim of realism theatrical approach to explore the subjective attitudes...
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Crime And Punishment In A Jury Of Her Peers

During the 19th century, women were obligated to follow the wants of their husbands who had complete power of every little thing. They had a limited say in any decision and had to burden themselves with their thoughts as their opinions were never prioritized. Constantly...
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Gender Roles In Don Quixote

Starting from the day that we are born, we all have very specific expectations we are held to solely based on the gender you are born. These expectations are called gender roles. These roles we have set for both genders have changed so much since...
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