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Not only is it a fairy-tale or a fantasy but the legendary movie Tangled touched the hearts of many. The Disney animation is perfect for those who accept in the stereotypical view of gender, where men are men seen as heroes and lifesavers and the females are portrayed as the goddess princesses. The directors of tangled Byron Howard and Nathan Greno kept the absurdity as the main element of the movie to keep their audience entertained, amused and fascinated with...
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The story commences with the introduction of four characters who live in a small village in a far-off kingdom at the edge of the woods and all of them have very important wishes. The Narrator first introduces a fair maiden called Cinderella, who really wants to go to the King’s festival but is unable to go because her evil Stepmother and Stepsisters called Florinda and Lucinda laugh and joke at even the idea of her going to a ball. The...
3 Pages 1428 Words
The defeat of the damsel in distress Chapter One: The Most Beautiful Child of Them All In order to understand the journey of defeating the ‘damsel in distress’, it is needed to analyse the first variations. Often when referring to Little Red Riding Hood, it could be argued that both the Perrault and Grimm’s Brothers versions are canonised together, making it often forgettable to identify the differences. In 1697, Charles Perrault, a French writer, published the first written variation of...
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Music plays an important role in films. Often music aids the setting of the tone for a film and grants the audience insight into the internal states of the main characters as well as clues towards the directionality of the plot in general. The Disney film Tangled (2010) directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard and with music composed by Alan Menken takes an interesting direction with its use of music. Although including some musical numbers, as is typical in...
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We all grew up hearing it. Rapunzel: a tale of a beautiful, dutiful maiden, locked in a tower awaiting a gallant prince to save her from her isolation. But its 2020. Not all girls are weak and feeble. Not all men are bold and strong. Not everyone wants a prince.Since the earliest version of Rapunzel, some 400-years ago, the context has drastically changed. But how successfully have various adaptations of the tale Rapunzel remained relevant? Lets first take a look...
2 Pages 969 Words
Have you ever wanted to give up in life and just quit, well I have Have you ever loved something so much that you’d die for, but then it all gets taken away? This is the time I lost my friends, house and my passion, all in one year. In 2015 I was in elementary school in the 5th grade I loved to play the violin and there were different levels, or how advanced you were at play. I wanted...
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Have you ever wondered why almost in every book there’s a prince that saves the day in a bad random situation that comes out of nowhere? Have you ever wondered if the princess in the movie could save herself without any help? If so than this is your type of blog, this blog will be about Tangled and if Rapunzel the princess from the movie could be saved from the tower and from the evil mother Gothel without the help...
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Plot Rapunzel is a famous fairy tale that tells the story of a young woman with incredibly long hair locked away in a tower by a wicked sorceress. The plot revolves around her life in captivity and her eventual escape with the help of a brave prince. The tale begins with Rapunzel's parents, who long for a child but are unable to have one. They live next door to a sorceress who grows a special type of lettuce, known as...
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What Was Happening at The Time ‘Into the Woods’ Was Set? Cinderella The first written European version of the fairy tale Cinderella was by Giambattista Basile in 1634 called ‘Cenerentola’. This name comes from the Italian word ‘Cenere’ which means cinder or ash. This is a reflection on the modern-day fairy tale that most people associate ‘Cinderella’ with as her evil Stepmother and Stepsisters treat her as a servant. Therefore, the words cinder and ash usually were covered in ash...
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