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A Doll’s House, Little Red Riding Hood And Anna Karenina: Common Features Of The Main Character

There are a few characters in the play, A Doll’s House, that I could discuss for this short paper. For starters, there’s Torvald Hemler, a lawyer who got a new position at the bank. But I’m more interested in discussing his wife, Nora, who is the protagonist of the play. I just think that the protagonist of any story should be the main character discussed. Nora has some characteristics that remind me of other characters we have read about in...
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The Company of Wolves' and 'Little Red Riding Hood': Comparative Analysis

‘The Company of Wolves’ is an editorial by Angela Carter which is a gothic, women’s activist, moralistic and honorable great fantasy. It retells the story of ‘Minimal Red Riding Hood.’ The wolves are utilized as a similitude to appear and speak to the men who might be out to take the virginity of a young lady or a lady. The closure of this story is at where the young lady surrenders to the misfortunes and weights of the wolves however...
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Analysis of “The Company of Wolves” with Formalist Lens in Contrast to Original “Little Red Riding Hood”

Everyone knows the classic fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood.” But what some people don’t know is that the story has had several adaptions, each of which have been reimagined into something that is like the original story, yet more interesting. Some of those adaptations, however, were written as exaggerations of what the narrator was saying. One example of an LRRH adaptation that has been recreated – yet not exaggerated – is “The Company of Wolves”, in which certain plot...
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Gender Roles and Sexuality in “The Epic of Gilgamesh” and “Little Red Riding Hood”: Critical Analysis

Since the beginning of time, gender and gender norms has been a constant tug of war battle. Because I am a woman, I deserve this right. Because I am a man, I have the authority to tell women what they can and cannot do, etc. In the previous few decades, gender norms have not been prevalent in society, however gender roles and expectations have been seen in some of the oldest literature. In this essay, I will argue that women...
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Metaphorical Representation of “Little Red Riding Hood' in “The Company of Wolves”: Critical Analysis

“The Company of Wolves” is a metaphorical, supernatural story derived from the original folktale of “Little Red Riding Hood.” Similar to the original tale, the story takes place next to a dangerous forest, where a pretty adolescent girl, who will be called Red, goes on a quest to deliver a basket of baked goods to her ill and aging grandmother. The story deviates from the original tale when the young girl runs into a handsome man, rather than a wolf,...
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Reflection Paper on the Idea of Gender in “Little Red Riding Hood'

I find these themes important to the retelling of gender because it can apply to males, females, animals, or objects. In every telling of “Little Red Riding Hood,” there was a common pattern of characters: the young girl, the grandmother, a wolf, with the occasional dwarf or huntsman thrown in. These themes apply to these genders or characters because they were different in each story. The women in the stories were either strong and fierce or innocent and helpless. The...
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Representation of the Path of Innocence in “Little Red Cap” and ' Little Red Riding Hood': Analytical Essay

“Little red cap,” and “The World’s Wife,” as a whole confronts the subordinate role of women in traditional tales. Within the collection we see a series of underdeveloped and discarded literary figures take an active role in their texts and often rebuttal the marginalisation which is thrust upon them by the original male leads of the original stories. The title of the collection “the world’s wife,” is possessive and reminds the reader that even in the late 90s the world...
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Critical Analysis of the Tales by Perrault and the Brothers Grimm: Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood

The defeat of the damsel in distress Chapter One: The Most Beautiful Child of Them All In order to understand the journey of defeating the ‘damsel in distress’, it is needed to analyse the first variations. Often when referring to Little Red Riding Hood, it could be argued that both the Perrault and Grimm’s Brothers versions are canonised together, making it often forgettable to identify the differences. In 1697, Charles Perrault, a French writer, published the first written variation of...
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What Was Happening at The Time ‘Into the Woods’ Was Set: Analysis of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood

What Was Happening at The Time ‘Into the Woods’ Was Set? Cinderella The first written European version of the fairy tale Cinderella was by Giambattista Basile in 1634 called ‘Cenerentola’. This name comes from the Italian word ‘Cenere’ which means cinder or ash. This is a reflection on the modern-day fairy tale that most people associate ‘Cinderella’ with as her evil Stepmother and Stepsisters treat her as a servant. Therefore, the words cinder and ash usually were covered in ash...
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Synopsis of a New Version of Fairy-tales: Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack

The story commences with the introduction of four characters who live in a small village in a far-off kingdom at the edge of the woods and all of them have very important wishes. The Narrator first introduces a fair maiden called Cinderella, who really wants to go to the King’s festival but is unable to go because her evil Stepmother and Stepsisters called Florinda and Lucinda laugh and joke at even the idea of her going to a ball. The...
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The Company of Wolves’: Editorial Version of Little Red Riding Hood Rethinking the Cliche Role of a Vulnerable Young Lady

“The Company of Wolves” is an editorial by Angela Carter which is a gothic, women’s activist, moralistic and honorable great fantasy. It retells the story of “Minimal Red Riding Hood”. The wolves are utilized as a similitude to appear and speak to the men who might be out to take the virginity of a young lady or a lady. The closure of this story is at where the young lady surrenders to the misfortunes and weights of the wolves however...
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Influence of Little Red Riding Hood on Gender Roles and It's Rethinking in Feminist Makeover Versions

Through the Extension Two English course, I have produced a podcast – Fairytales: The Feminist Makeover – that explores the interplay between contexts, fairytales and female expectations. The concept of my podcast emerged through a process of independent investigation with my understanding of the concept developing deeply throughout. Although guided through the Preliminary Extension 1 and Advanced English courses, the process of self-governing inquiry felt interminable due to an excess of varied information on different topics and as such, my...
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Little Red Riding Hood: Two Interpretations by Perrault and Hopkinson

The fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” has been around for years, and throughout these years has been twisted into various interpretations. We of course have the “Red Riding Hood” we all have familiarization with, by Charles Perrault, which tells the tale of a young girl sent on a journey to her grandmother’s house to deliver a basket but meets a sinister wolf on the way. Perrault’s version takes on a more traditional approach compared to Nalo Hopkinson’s more modern...
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Cultural Influence of The Little Red Riding Hood: Moral Purpose of Grimm's' Version and Feminist Vibe in American Version

This essay will examine the literary styles and the cultural influences in The Little Red Riding Hood. The essay will describe the background on Little Red Riding Hood and its origins to get an idea of where the story came from and how it was brought up. Next, it will identify the literary styles in Little Red Cap by the Brothers Grimm. The literary styles will include mostly symbolism, with theme and diction. Symbolism is important in the Little Red...
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Comparing Three Versions of Little Red Riding Hood: Same Ideas with Standard Gender Roles

The concept of power is the foundation of the story and revolves around the characters and the position of power that every character holds is different in each version of Little Red Riding Hood. Even as “Little Red Riding Hood/ Little Red Cap” celebrates the empowerment of a young woman in search of sexual and artistic agency, it also examines the power dynamics at play when a girl’s coming-of-age takes place at the hands of an older man. Through the...
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