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The issues related to gun control remain one of the most significant in the USA. We constantly hear the news about tragic accidents in schools, nightclubs, and malls. The main problem is the lack of proper gun control and the major differences in legislation between the different states of America. ... Composing your gun control essay, consider studying both Pro and Against factors as you have to understand the motives and thoughts of people that do not share your opinion. If you have to write an argumentative essay, start with statistical data and explain why defending yourself from the crime from one side is important, yet dangerous from the opposite angle as there is less control of weapons turnaround. Check our free persuasive gun control essays and provide real-life examples. In light of the growing number of shooting accidents and the high risk of terrorist threats, the firearms debate will go on to be a hot topic. No wonder a gun control essay is a task many professors assign to their students to help them to learn about actual gun control regulations, their rights to bear arms and gun violence in the world. Writing essays on this controversial topic may be challenging for many people, especially those lacking time and the necessary skills. Due to the efforts of our team, you can check out a handy guide enabling you to create any type of research paper about the use of firearms by civilians.

How to Write a Gun Control Research Paper

While writing an essay of this type, it’s necessary to follow the typical structure of all argumentative essays: introduction, the body of the text, conclusion, and references. Let’s consider them in detail.


Every research work starts with an introduction where you have to focus on what the whole paper will be about. It’s a hook which the audience will find interesting. You can mention what the essay will involve and describe some impressive background of your research.

Body of the text

The next paragraphs of your gun control research paper are the essay body. First, you should present your point of view and statistics to prove it along with supporting reasons. Then, it’ll be a significant advantage if you give the pro-gun arguments to emphasize that opposite visions also exist. While explaining your opinion, it’s vital to use hard evidence for each aspect. Otherwise, it’ll count as commentary. Check to see that your sentences flow naturally between points and ideas and can attract the readers’ attention.


In this paragraph, the writer summarizes all information exposed above. It’s necessary to emphasize the main ideas backing up your essay. No matter what style you choose for your thesis, the final sentence should be memorable and can include a question or a call to action. It’s crucial as it will be the last idea your readers take away with them.


You can decide how to reference sources used in your text depending on your work type and your professor’s instructions. This is the final section of an essay which presents all citations you’ve used to conduct your research.

Types of Anti-Gun Research Papers

Though gun control essays may vary widely, we can essentially describe three basic types of these research papers:

1) Argumentative essay - this assignment entails exposing strong arguments to support the researcher’s point of view. To complete a gun control argumentative essay, it’s necessary to carry out in-depth research, gather convincing arguments from trustworthy sources and thoroughly analyze them.

2) Cause and effect essay - this type of work implies analyzing the reasons and outcomes of a particular event or phenomenon. Usually, in gun control essay examples, we see an overview of a specific law or occurrence related to the subject, focusing on the relationship between its cause and effect.

3) Persuasive essay - this type of homework aims at convincing the audience of some idea by presenting facts, appealing to emotions or a logical argument.

Three Tips for a Gun Control Essay

Our experts are glad to share their practical tips to help you while completing an assignment about the use of firearms:

1) Collect your ideas and clearly structure them. While expressing your point of view in your gun control persuasive essay, add statistical data and supporting evidence to make your research more compelling. Create your outline, and don’t forget to use transition words and phrases to make your content interesting to readers.

2) Include the results of the newest investigations on your topic. Though many students have been writing similar research works on the subject you learn, try to stand out by presenting fresh ideas and arguments.

3) Keep in mind human psychology while creating your work. Whereas any person has the right to own a gun as a measure of defence, not all people are capable of resisting the desire to move the trigger. Take into account human reasons and thoughts and present outside-the-box solutions in your essay.

Examples of Research Papers on Gun Control

Completing an in-depth essay on gun control issues requires learning both pro and against aspects to understand the thoughts and motives of those who don’t share your viewpoint. If you have to research this topic, start with statistics and give your explanation of why weapon possession is vital to protect yourself. Still, it’s dangerous as control over firearm use leaves much to be desired. In your investigation, it also should be mentioned that one of the biggest problems in the world is the insufficient control of arms in circulation and the differences in legislation between various countries. For your convenience, you may look at similar papers on this topic to know what you should pay attention to while creating your own. On our website, you may see some free examples of a perfectly written essay on gun control, helping you to understand how your work should be structured and what pros and cons of weapon possession should be exposed.


If you understand you lack time to complete a flawless gun control paper, chase your fears away and place your order at Edubirdie. We have a professional team of writers with perfect academic backgrounds who have years of experience creating custom papers on gun control. On our website, you’ll also find free guides and samples that can help you with all future writing projects.

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