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Ever since I was young, I have been intrigued by the world of law enforcement and the fight against crime. I have always admired the work of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the crucial role they play in maintaining the safety and security of our nation. In this essay, I will discuss my motivation for wanting to become an FBI agent, the skills and experiences that have prepared me for this role, and the goals I hope to...
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Forensic Science Take-Home Exam II Instructions: Type out your answers (single-space; normal font, size type 11 or 12) to the following questions. Questions should be answered in paragraph form. Be sure to answer, and address all specific questions. Answers should be focused and should address the question(s) being asked. Be sure not to be too brief or short; answer questions completely. 1. Explain why in some ways Jeffery Dahmer fit the typical profile of a seral killer, and in other...
6 Pages 2544 Words
Offender profiling is a tool that is used primarily by law enforcement in terms of investigating. This method helps to identify the personality, behavioural and demographic characteristics of offenders based on the findings from analysing a crime scene. This investigative tool is used to generate possible findings as well as narrowing down the list of possible suspects; this is successful due to the established links between the crime committed as well as characteristics of the offenders who commit the said...
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Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, Pakistani origin, they are married and reside in Redlands City in California. Farook worked as a food inspector for the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health in 2010 to 2015 , After earning a bachelor's degree in in environmental health in 2010. On the morning of the December 2,2015, Farook and Malik left their home and their six-month-old daughter with Farook's mother, telling her that they were going to a doctor's appointment, But they...
3 Pages 1544 Words
Law enforcement is a complicated balancing act of serving and protecting the public. There is really no limit to the different types of scenarios any person in any branch of law enforcement is going to encounter on a daily basis. From local police to the CIA there are countless citizens in the United States and around the world that rely on these men and women to bring the bad guys to justice. Within those organizations they have special tools to...
5 Pages 2389 Words
Apple FBI Backdoor Denial Case Relevant Facts Apple is now among the largest publicly traded companies in the world valued at 916B as at 15/08/2019 and being one of the big 4 technology companies along with the likes of Google, Amazon and Facebook. Apple is both an industry leader and an innovator in many aspects of its operations, specialising in both hardware and software development and operating in line with their professional values. According to Apple (2019) their core values...
1 Page 599 Words
Subject: Domestic Intelligence Security would be better fulfilled if a unified domestic intelligence agency were to be created and the FBI returned to its original mission. Purpose Policy critics have voiced serious doubts about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s capability to competently assume the role of intelligence gatherer for the Intelligence Community (IC). (Session 5 Lecture, 2020) With all the cutting edge technology and terroristic threats it’s best that the FBI focus their resources on their original purpose and...
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