Essays on Law Enforcement (31)

The Police Brutality Problem In The USA

When innocent people are killed by a police officer, we tend to get very upset, angry and in some cases retaliate against the police department. Many families in the United States alone have been unfortunate in this matter and left to bury a loved one...
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Police Duties And Police Brutality: Where Is The Border?

Introduction This paper will review the literature on the controversy of the topic of police brutality. Police brutality is the unwarranted or excessive and sometimes illegal use of force against civilians by police officers. Forms of police brutality varies from assault and battery to mayhem,...
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Terror Management Theory In Understanding Violence And Conflict

Terror management theory (TMT) assumes humans have protective defence mechanisms for existential anxiety experienced when they contemplate their mortality. Unlike animals, the ability to conceive our own death internalises an immense fear. What makes us overcome this and distinguishes us from animals is ‘culture’. Culture...
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Government Surveillance: Violation Of Civil Rights

Many citizens claim that the government is violating their civil rights by using their personal data for legitimate purposes. What is more important? Is it the fact that they should have the privacy for texting their mates? Or is it the fact that the government...
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Ethics Of Security And Surveillance Technologies

With the innovative ways of technology, the dynamics of the current environment, the need to fight terrorism, national security, and privacy concerns in respect to rights and justification, the gravity and nature of electronic and Internet surveillance have increased in recent times, which has sparked...
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Police Brutality Impact On Public

In recent years, police brutality has surfaced social media exposing those who serve us to stop people from making the wrong choices. Now, we not only have to worry about criminals running around but also those with the responsibility to protect us “police officers.” In...
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Strengths, Weaknesses And Positive Effects Of Community Policing

Advancements in conventional policing have strengths and weaknesses. Policing is being strengthened with active crime prevention. Commitments to community policing and flexibility see adaptations within the police force when addressing evolving crime. Proactive conventional policing is based on traditional police practice, with the addition of...
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Racism And Prejudice As The Factors For Police Brutality

Although many people believe that police brutality is possibly warranted and justified, it’s often linked to racism, and prejudice. Some consider police brutality to be only towards black people, because four out five people shot by police were black. Causing movements to begin one for...
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