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Essay on Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

Law Enforcement Oath of Honor: On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character, or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions I will always uphold the Constitution, my community, and the agency I serve. -International Association of Chiefs of Police. 2008 The IACP code or other codes of ethics for law enforcement have at least four major themes. The principle of justice or fairness...
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Are Law Enforcement Cameras an Invasion of Privacy?

Sorry, but police body-worn cameras (BWCs) are not the panacea to police performance. Rather, what was thought to prevent the police’s abusive use of power is turning into the means of reinforcing their authority and eroding the citizen’s privacy as it pairs up with facial-recognition technology. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, nearly half of the law enforcement agencies had acquired body-worn cameras by 2016. Compared to the 25 percent of BWC utilization in 2013, the statistics from 2016...
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Arm the Police?: Critical Analysis of Potential Militarization of New Zealand's Law Enforcement

This proposal precedes an essay that would further critically analyze the potential impacts law enforcement militarization in New Zealand may have on public relations between officers and the populace. This essay will not discuss comparisons between the policing work environment and that of other ‘frontline’ occupations, nor will it discuss the potential for the armed police themselves becoming victims of their own weapons (either in response to critical situations or potential suicides). The essay will not discuss issues regarding the...
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Strengths, Weaknesses And Positive Effects Of Community Policing

Advancements in conventional policing have strengths and weaknesses. Policing is being strengthened with active crime prevention. Commitments to community policing and flexibility see adaptations within the police force when addressing evolving crime. Proactive conventional policing is based on traditional police practice, with the addition of technological advancements in intelligence-led policing. Operational tactics and organisational structures are changing current crime control philosophy and police practice. This essay will discuss various issues surrounding the strengths and weaknesses attributed to the primary process...
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Community Policing: History, Definition And Effectiveness

In the late 1960s, with an increase in crime rates and a growing dissatisfaction with police effectiveness, academics and other experts on policing called for newer and innovative practices in policing. The model at the time, which would later become known as the “standard” or “professional” model, represented the long-standing traditional aspects of policing. These strategies were generally reactive in nature and focused primarily on the enforcement of law. For instance, since police response time to a crime scene was...
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The Interrelation Of Policing And The Community

Throughout of the course taken this semester (CJ311) there has been quite a bit of discussion on crime and exactly what are the moral principles that come into play when crime happens. Over the past 19 years, ever since the massive terrorist attack that happened in our country, there has been rising of concerns and questions. The concern is personal liberty has diminished in the face of personal safety and the question following that is with the concern of personal...
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The Evolution Of Policing In The United States

The modern era of American policing In 1751 America’s first paid police department started in the city of Philadelphia, unlike London’s bow street runners that started in 1749, the Philly department was more organized. Throughout history law enforcement officers have had the upmost respect from the public, they made the streets safer for the public. There was a time back in police history where officers would have casual conversations with those they had arrested, because they were a part of...
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The Effects Of Community Policing In Modern Enforcement System

The effectiveness of how constabularies deal with violent crime, particularly knife crime, has become a controversial subject in recent years – public ideas on how such issues should be tackled have evolved over time. Traditional principles of violent crime prevention were to apprehend law-breakers and hold them accountable for the crimes they had committed (Wilson and McLaren, 1977). Methods such as preventative control and rapid response, were useful in this approach, however, as the limits of these methods began to...
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Gun Control Does Not Work In United States

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been researching gun control trying to find why it’s useful in America. Having many accounts of gun violence in America, many Americans say that the second amendment is outdated and that we need stricter gun laws. In reality states with stricter gun laws have more accounts of gun violence. This proves that stricter gun control doesn’t work. California is ranked as A in gun control yet has more accounts of gun violence...
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Gun Control: How To Feel Safer Without Weapons

For far too long, gun control and the banning of firearms have been the topic of intense debates and more and more citizens are on the side of banning firearms. Gun control restricts which types of firearms can be sold, bought, as well as who can sell them to passing them to family members or if said person can sell his or her gun. Gun control also requires any firearm purchase and sale to be reported to the government. It...
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Gun Control: How Dangerous Can Be Some Types Of Guns

The gun control theme has been a huge problem that is been discussed for a very long time. The problem has polarized people in terms of what is the best solution in the aftermath of the latest tragic mass shootings. There are some people who want the government to keep the limitations on weapons. On the other side, there are people who do not support the regulation and how firearms could be controlled. All law-abiding citizens should be permitted to...
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Gun Control: Protecting Lives Comes Before Protecting Rights

November 15th, 2015, around 12 pm, I watched all the students in my Math class run in the corner of the classroom and crouch down under the big table after the voice in the speaker went, “We’re going on lockdown”. Not knowing what to do, I followed them since it was my first time encountering such things. Confusion took over me; my head was filled with thousands of questions. Not long after, our teacher who was wearing high heels earlier...
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Gun Control: Protocols And Procedures For Obtaining Gun Licenses

Gun control is a vital necessity to our nation today. On one side of the debate, there are individuals who favor the idea of having restrictions placed on guns, and on the other hand, there are individuals who are opposed to putting gun laws in place. The individuals who are against gun control believe that controlling guns will not solve the existing challenges that guns have caused such as crimes or mass shootings. People who are pro-gun regulation know of...
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Gun Control One Of The Hottest Topics In American Politics Today

With the increase in technology today, violence has been able to manifest itself in every part of the country worldwide. Today, every country, society, and town is faced with some form of violence. In my entire life, I have to admit that there have been numerous injuries as well as death caused by gun violence. Today, the most controversial issue in America is gun control. This issue concerning gun control has been debated by politicians and lawmakers for quite a...
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Gun Control Pros And Cons Essay

While considering the pro-gun side, one must take note that even though crime will always exist no matter where we go or what kind of laws a place may have, the least our country can do is try to show effort and concern by taking action in this problematic occurrence going on in the United States. Countries with restrictive gun control laws obtain lower homicide and suicide rates. We can use Finland as an example, which has the most gun...
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Gun Control Takes More People Than It Saves

Although gun control seems positive and morally attractive at first glance, I assure you that when you look at the facts and solid evidence, you’ll see why it is logical not to implement US arms control laws. There are many reliable studies and real-world examples that show why arms control is not a much better alternative to strict weapon control. Strict rules on arms control take more people than they save, which is why it is so important. If you...
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Gun Control: Most Of The Mass Shootings Are Committed With Legal Weapons

Gun control is a couple of laws and policies that are used to regulate the sale and possession of firearms to protect civilians. Gun control may sound like a good thing, however, it has great potential to be one of the worst solutions for society. This can be related to Chicago. Chicago has one of the most authoritarian gun laws in American but has one of the highest gun crimes with 4,331 shooting victims. Gun control will only make it...
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Evaluation Of The Gun Control Argument

The feeling of having that extra bit of safety attached at the hip gives that little bit of extra confidence when out and about. The right to bear arms in the USA is guaranteed by the second amendment to the Constitution (MacDonald v. City of Chicago). This is one of the fundamental rights of a citizen. Right-to-carry laws in the United States allow a person to carry legal weapons hidden even in most public places. Different states have different policies,...
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Gun Control And Gun Violence In The USA

Gun violence previously was, and still currently is, a massive global issue that deserves more attention in order to be rectified. The rate of gun violence in the U.S. remains greater than almost every other country in the world and is at the minimum, seven times larger than countries such as Australia, Canada and France (Alpers & Wilson, 2013). In March 2018, the surviving student victims of the mass shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, established...
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Gun Control: The Wrong Approach To Decrease Gun Violence

I was born into a family where guns were prevalent. As expected, I grew up shooting firearms regularly. It became a game to see who was the best shot with the air rifle in the backyard and then eventually transfer to a competition at the shooting range. We would see who could shoot the farthest and who could hit the most targets, see who could shoot the fastest and the most accurate. Shooting was always fun, but before I ever...
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The Relation Of Gun Ownership And Violence

If indeed guns do not kill, then why do mass killers have to arm themselves with guns? As a mother and concerned citizen, I feel that the government ought to take action to end the unnecessary loss of innocent lives we tragically lose every day. Gun ownership and violence has been a controversial issue in the US for centuries. Approximately 40% of Americans own guns or live in households with deadly weapons (Legault, Hendrix, and Lizotte, 2019). The US is...
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Right to Bear Arms Essay

Why is the Right to Bear Arms Important Essay Imagine someone is sitting in his living room one day after work, with his feet kicked up and an ice cold sweet tea in his hand. Then all of a sudden, he hears the noise of a creaky front door opening. He runs to his bedroom and reaches into the closet for his shotgun, but then he realizes that Congress passed legislation last month and confiscated all firearms in the country....
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Background Checks as a Way to Reduce Gun Violence in Today's Society

About 393 million people in the US own a gun that’s 46% of people worldwide which makes us the most armed country in the world. One gun can be made without a single problem but that one gun can also kill thousands with no hesitation. Gun violence has impacted our society in such a bad way which is why it needs to be stopped. Gun violence is bad because because hundreds of people can die with guns and that’s only...
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Regulating Guns: Is It the Right Solution to Reduce Gun Violence Shootings or Not

The controversial issue of gun control has been the epicenter of discussion for the past decade. As a result of recurring mass shootings that have ended with tragedy and grief, gun violence has divided society into a heated debate to determine the best solution for gun control. On one hand, many individuals believe that restrictions must be enforced on guns. The opposing hand consists of people who do not think that regulating guns is the most favorable act. These individuals...
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Reflections on Whether America Should Repeal the Second Amendment

Few topics provide more polarising opinions and heated debates than the topic of gun control in the USA. Established in December 1791, the Second Amendment states: ‘A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed’. For most of the republics relatively brief history (1791 onwards), US citizens have had the right and ability to purchase guns freely, compared to most other first...
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Key Ways to Stop Gun Violence in Modern Society

Gun violence tends to happen in every country but recently it has been occurring more frequently in the United States. No other country has even half the number of gun deaths as the United States and none come close to half of the number of firearms that circulate and flow within our boarders yet there seems to be no urgent emergency in trying to stop this national threat. We need to make a change and fast because according to the...
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Wondering if the Second Amendment Still Exists

Extreme gun control is a mistake in the United States because according to the Second Amendment, people of the United States have the right to bear arms. If people have additional gun restrictions, there will be more safety issues due to the fact that people cannot defend themselves, there will be hunting conflicts gun control is not about guns, it is about control. The foundation of our country was built on the right to own and control firearms. It only...
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Overview of US Gun Laws

Gun violence has become a larger area of interest for citizens of the United States. Gun violence has changed in many different ways since the 1700s. In 1791 the U.S. Constitution was put into place which included laws about guns and gun violence. The Constitution states, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. This means that anyone who is a citizen...
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The Need for Toughest Gun Laws in America

For years, America has experienced gun violence and is getting worse with each passing year. Everyday over a hundred thousand Americans are killed by guns, what’s even more alarming is that it is very easy to get a gun from just about anywhere here in America. Most of these deaths are suicides and the rest are homicides and accidents. I have never experienced gun violence before because I stayed mostly indoors at home. There are over 393 million privately owned...
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The Significance of Well-Regulated Gun Ownership for the Democratic American State

Non-proliferation is a juridical action geared in obstruction and the possession of guns, particularly handguns. Alternatively, it is understood in consideration of larger point of view being legal restrictions as well as and limitation of actual custody and service of the shooting iron. Despite being constitutionally provided in the Second reform arms limitation is a controversial provision in the USA. On one hand, supporters about this notion argue on reduced access to shotguns will eventually reduce crime saving the lives...
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