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How New Inventions Shape Who Holds Power

New inventions gave lower class people access to power and shifted power into the hands of whoever possessed the new technology, allowing them to gain wealth and influence. Starting from the Age of Enlightenment, going through the period of Industrialization, and into the early twentieth century, there are many examples of how new inventions shaped who held power. During the Reign of Terror, the Industrial Revolution and World War I, new people and groups gained power as they came into...
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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Terror As An Instrument Of The French Revolution

The Reign of terror, a period of the french revolution lasted from september of 1793 to July of 1794. The terror was a time when france was is complete distress and numerous executions took place. During this time France was also in complete economic disaray. The enlightenment that preceded the Revolution was a time period where many freedoms were valued but disappeared once the terror struck. Led by the comittee of public safety, of which Maximilien de Robespierre was the...
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The Reign Of Terror During French Revolution: Background And Effects

‘The King must die so that the Country can Live’ (Robespierre), was exactly what the people of France wanted when they discovered their King had abandoned them. This time in Europe was known famously as the Reign of Terror, which took place from September 5th, 1793, to July 27th, 1794. This was a bloody and gruesome time during the French Revolution. The civil war was spreading and quickly surrounding France, the government took dire and cruel measures upon the enemies,...
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Terror Management Theory In Understanding Violence And Conflict

Terror management theory (TMT) assumes humans have protective defence mechanisms for existential anxiety experienced when they contemplate their mortality. Unlike animals, the ability to conceive our own death internalises an immense fear. What makes us overcome this and distinguishes us from animals is ‘culture’. Culture provides a lens through which to view and interpret the world; a source of meaning and value; dependant on conforming. (Greenberg et al, 1986). Terror is managed by a cultural worldview, containing an anxiety buffer...
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The Roles Of Ideologies In Revolutions

The role ideologies play in revolutions is not to be underestimated. Neither the French nor the Chinese Cultural Revolutions would have been possible without the ideologies that spurred on the revolutionaries. As celebrated historian Morris Berman said, “an idea is something you have; an ideology is something that has you”. The ideologies of each revolution held the nations and assisted in creating leaders and organisations, caused international influences on the revolutions, and fosters extreme violence and terror. The Chinese Cultural...
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Was the Reign of Terror Justified: Argumentative Essay

France had many struggles. They had corrupt monarchies. France’s king did not know how to handle his people. King Louis only cared about the money that was given to him by his allies and the money that the Third Estate made. The king was unorganized. The commoners were suffering because of all the labor they were doing. The Third Estate never got to keep the money, it all went to the taxes. While the other citizens were privileged. The citizens...
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