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What the Crime is and How to Prevent it

The definition of crime is: an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law. Crime has been increasing over the years and although crime occurs for many reasons, there exists ways it can be prevented. But what are these random factors that influence criminal conduct? The real root of causes of crime and reasons people commit crimes is usually because of their background for example if they grew up...
3 Pages 1147 Words

Analysis of Sociological Factors Motivating Crime

The mind of a criminal is a very interesting one. Many may wonder what motivates a criminal to commit the acts they do. It has always been debated whether crime originates from the individual or the environment. In this paper, I am going to discuss the environmental factors that motivate crime. This paper will be split into first discussing the differences between nature versus environment, looking into the Sociological theory, specifically the General Strain Theory, and addressing any factors that...
4 Pages 1643 Words

Juveniles And Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is the recognition of a crime risk and the initial action of removing or reducing it. Crime prevention has three main levels to it. The first is the primary level which is aimed at general population and seeks to address risk factors for delinquency. The second is the secondary level which also attempts to address risk factors, but is aimed at a more at-risk population. The third is the tertiary level which programs are targeted at offenders and...
2 Pages 794 Words

Crime & Its Effects on Society: Crime Reduction Initiatives

Identify approaches used by public services to reduce crime, disorder, and antisocial behaviour: NIM: The National Intelligence Model is a thoroughly structured Policing system/ reference approach. NIM features aspects of the following areas – Devised development – through collection and subsequent analysis of corresponding data, succeeding initiatives relating to reduction in crime can be drafted, altered, practiced, and advanced. Acknowledgement & action of potential risks – Addressing connected risks, opens opportunities for further measures; to recognise and expect these dangers...
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Should Celebrities Who Break The Law Face Stricter Penalties: Argumentative Essay

In today’s society, the idea of jail is not so taboo anymore. More and more people are incarcerated every single day, and the legal system is always busy. Celebrities on the other hand have broken the law and have cheated the system as we know it. When it comes to the law, celebrities should be treated like the average person. When someone in the spotlight fails to abide by the law they should face equal punishment too as any other...
2 Pages 1015 Words

George Orwell Wrote This Book as an Allegory for Abuse of Power and Corruption: Argumentative Essay

George Orwell uses the character of Boxer to explore the idea of abuse of power and corruption in ‘Animal Farm’. He does this through Boxer’s lack of education, strong loyalty and trust, and use of emotive imagery. Orwell uses Boxer to represent the proletariat in Russia whose work pay was exploited, meaning they could not afford food or housing. Therefore, this political allegory highlights the abuse of power and corruption they would have experienced, which is especially obvious through Boxer’s...
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Essay on Serial Killer

In the world of psychology, there are numerous controversies on the debate of whether serial killers are nature or nurture. Nature refers to all genes and hereditary factors, meaning they are natural-born serial killers (Cherry 1). Nurture refers to all environmental variables, meaning they are impacted by their surrounding culture (Cherry 1). Many think that serial killers are driven by instinct and desire to kill, while others think they are born to kill. Serial killers typically perform horrible crimes and...
3 Pages 1325 Words

Essay on School Shooting

Introduction School shootings in the United States and a few other countries such as Canada and Germany have continued to elicit debates among stakeholders. While there is considerable optimism about the possibility of eliminating institutional violence such as school shootings, the diversity of the assumed causes of school shootings complicates the positivity. In response to a series of school shootings in the years the 1990s to 2002, sociologist Catherine Newman presented a unique perspective on the dynamics of social formations...
4 Pages 1596 Words

Essay on Police Brutality

There are many contemporary social justice issues that we are experiencing on a day-to-day basis amongst communities across the globe. These issues include poverty, racism, immigration, ecological destruction, incarceration, socioeconomic relations, and more. One social justice issue that truly grabs my attention anytime it is brought up is the uprising of police brutality across the United States. Police brutality lies under the scope of understanding in which police officers are unwarranted or use excessive and often illegal use of force...
4 Pages 1638 Words

Essay on Army Sharp

The purpose of this essay is to further educate soldiers on the importance of SHARP (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention). Sexual harassment can come in many forms two, for example, ‘quid pro quo’ also known as ‘this for that’ and ‘hostile environment.’ Two of these are very serious, A soldier has many options when it comes to what he/she should do if sexual assault or harassment occurs and what prevention measures to take. This is why SHARP is so important...
1 Page 476 Words

Decriminalizing Sex Work Essay

Sex work, also known as prostitution, is a controversial topic that has been debated for decades. While some argue that it is a form of exploitation, others contend that it is a legitimate profession that should be decriminalized. In this essay, I will argue in favor of decriminalizing sex work and explain why criminalizing it does more harm than good. The Argument for Decriminalizing Sex Work One argument in favor of decriminalizing sex work is that it would help reduce...
2 Pages 777 Words

The Movie 'Pretty Woman' and the Problem of Prostitution in the Modern Western World

In alone there are 80,000 female prostitutes alone. It can be seen that the origins of prostitution come from males who were unable to be bound by stipulations and their appetites created a demand for illegitimate pleasures of which the female weakness supplies them with. This exhibits the patriarchal society that has always been current in society as the male dominance was able to persuade vulnerable women to do what they wanted them to do showing how much power they...
5 Pages 2191 Words

Freebooting as Copyright Infringement

Today here, in our modern era world lies technology. According to, technology is an advanced set of tools used to make things easier and/or to resolve problems. An example of technology is computers, laptops, phone, tablet, TV, and many more. Another word for technology is ICT which stands for information and communications technology, this term mostly focuses for education as it works for giving information. Other than that, it is mostly has the same meaning as technology. Technology has...
5 Pages 2193 Words

Copyright Is Becoming Obsolete: Argumentative Essay

While we used to pay for certain media products such as songs, films or newspapers. Nowadays, it is available to us for free thanks to the work of the Internet ‘pirates’. In today’s Internet age, sharing content is one of the most favorable parts of the World Wide Web. The computer-aided communication technologies such as e-mail and Internet have added altogether a new dimension to today’s communication process by making it more speedy, informative and economical. While all these have...
3 Pages 1436 Words

Essay on a True Hero: Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly was born in 1854 in the small town of Beveridge. Sadly, he was hanged in 1880 at the young age of 25. Ned’s difficult childhood led him into the life of a bushranger. There is no doubt that Ned was a hero. Ned showed extreme bravery, generosity and his self-sacrificing actions is what made him a hero. Ned was respected by many after he bravely dived into a river to save a drowning lad, without thinking of his...
1 Page 472 Words

Was the Reign of Terror Justified: Argumentative Essay

France had many struggles. They had corrupt monarchies. France’s king did not know how to handle his people. King Louis only cared about the money that was given to him by his allies and the money that the Third Estate made. The king was unorganized. The commoners were suffering because of all the labor they were doing. The Third Estate never got to keep the money, it all went to the taxes. While the other citizens were privileged. The citizens...
5 Pages 2431 Words

Essay about Use of Force

Use of force is a dilemma not only the United States has been fighting but it’s being fought all over the world. It’s something that is very hard to put down on paper and say this is what you need to do in every situation because you can’t because every situation is just a little bit different. All police officers that have a badge and a gun have the authority to use whatever force is necessary to uphold the law,...
5 Pages 2191 Words

Use of Computer in Criminal Investigation

Technological advancement in the criminal investigation system. Technology is present everywhere in life and it became part of our life. Jobs related to criminal justice today involves GPS, advanced camera, robots, etc. all these technologies improve investigation system and made it easier. Some details about technologies are given below. Database & information exchange The computer database system is an important technology for criminal investigation systems. There are many database systems that deal with the profiling of criminals. They can also...
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Unexpected Danger in Elementary School: Analytical Essay

Mass Murder and What Drives Someone to Take Another Person’s Life Mass murder is defined as the “anti-social non-state-sponsored killing of multiple victims during a single episode at one or more closely related locations” (Levin, & Madfis, 2009). It is mind-blowing how someone can take another person’s life, how they can just walk into a school or a building and shoot someone to death. Do they care, or do they have remorse for taking the life of another human being?...
2 Pages 1095 Words

Types of Social Control: Review of 'Invitation to Sociology' by Peter L. Berger

In the book Invitation to Sociology, Peter L. Berger discusses six types of social control and how they can be used to have authority over society. Social control is defined by Berger as the “various means used by a society to bring its recalcitrant members back into line” (68). Berger also states that “no society can exist without social control” (68) and even a small group of people will have to develop mechanisms of control if the group is not...
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Theoretical and Practical Issues of Crime Prevention in Malaysia

Introduction The Royal Malaysian Police (RMP; Malay: Polis Diraja Malaysia, PDRM) is a branch of Malaysia’s security forces. The force is a centralized organization charged with the task of everything from traffic control to intelligence gathering. Its main headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur’s Bukit Aman district. The RMP collaborates collaboratively with police forces all across the world, including those of the four neighboring countries. Malaysia is bordered by the Indonesian National Police, the Royal Brunei Police Force, the Royal Thai...
4 Pages 2024 Words

Strategy Of Crime Prevention Management and Control

This paper focuses on common theft and answers questions such as, what is the appropriate crime prevention strategy that could be used to address the offense? Who is it targeted at? Who will implement it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this intervention in terms of achieving the desired outcomes? And lastly, how is the outcome evaluated or measured? Common theft in Botswana is an offense punishable by section 264 read with section 271 of the penal code (Cap...
4 Pages 1980 Words

Sources Could Used as a Source to Perform the MBSA Security Scan

1. Secunia Security Analyzers: Secunia is an organization that gives security scanner programming to expand MBSA’s usefulness. PSI is a free security mechanical assembly expected to distinguish powerless and obsolete ventures and modules that open your PC to attacks. Attacks mishandling weak tasks and modules are only from time to time ruined by a standard foe of disease programs. Secunia PSI checks only the machine it is running on, while its business kinfolk Secunia CSI looks at various machines on...
2 Pages 950 Words

Essay on Socioeconomic Roots of the International Drug Trade

What are drug cartels? Drug cartels are commonly known as criminal organizations that have the intention of supplying drugs illegally and trafficking them to other countries, states, and cities. This discourse will examine the root causes of drug cartels in Mexico City, a city that is commonly known as violent due to the monumental drug cartels being located in different parts of it. First of all, let it be known that the headman of Mexico’s first cartel to sit in...
7 Pages 2966 Words

Should Prostitution Be Legalized: Essay

As far as we know the earliest recording of prostitution began in Ancient Mesopotamia around 600 B.C. (Prostitution, SexInfo Online). Prostitution has been around for forever and opinions on it have been mixed the whole time. Prostitution is defined as the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations, especially for money (Prostitution, Merriam-Webster). In the U.S. there have been many examples of prostitution being punished for different specific things throughout history. Regulations seem to have revolved around STDs...
3 Pages 1228 Words

Should Prisoners Be Allowed to Vote: Essay

Can you imagine what it would be like to be dumb? Not being able to express your opinions because no one cared to pay attention to your gibberish. For many inmates, disenfranchisement, which is the act of depriving one’s right to vote, is identical to being democratically dumb. The issue of felon disenfranchisement has been a long-standing one in our Jamaican history, and in support of that, many have argued that prisoners are not responsible citizens so they should not...
2 Pages 935 Words

Should Parents Be Held Responsible for Their Children's Crimes: Essay

Having established that poor parenting is the main cause of youth crime it is now important to identify the main way to prevent crime. This aim will highlight the main ways to prevent youth crime as early intervention, tackling poverty and inequality, and improving the care system. It is evident that improving poverty and inequality will have the most drastic effect on tackling youth crime and ensuring more youths are kept safe and away from offending. Overall, this aim will...
4 Pages 1616 Words

Should Felons Be Allowed to Vote: Essay

In comparison to the rest of the developed world, the United States of America has one of the most punitive prison systems. The government claims that its prisons focus on rehabilitation, yet on average, 60 percent of all inmates will return to prison (Chung). Felons’ lives are thereby deemed unlivable because they are perceived as morally corrupt, “social contract” breakers. As a consequence, most state governments, aside from Maine and Vermont, prohibit felons from participating in democratic processes. While the...
3 Pages 1586 Words

Security Vs Privacy: Argumentative Essay

Big Data, is two small words that hold big meanings. Big Data is a collection of information/data that many companies and corporations use to deploy complex algorithms to reveal patterns and trends. However, the meaning of privacy has been much debated throughout its history in response to the advancement of new technological capabilities and social disposition due to big data. Privacy is fundamentally contested. Because it is, privacy is transformable according to the ever-changing world of technological and social conditions....
2 Pages 772 Words

Research Paper on Airport Security

Airport Security Has Improved Over the Years In today’s society, Many people complain about anything and even disagree on the safety of their needs. Such as asking them a simple question about where they are heading too. These people are often seen at the airport facility, this is where people complain. The strictness of airport security does improve air travel safety and many people think that airport security is very ineffective, but over the years the security measures have improved...
2 Pages 963 Words
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