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Freedom Vs Security: Analytical Essay

The problem of reliance on something more powerful in order to achieve individual security. In this essay, I aim to outline Hobbes’s account of the state of nature, as well as evaluate it as a theory to see how it has affected the current climate of modern politics and the benefits it has provided by giving us societal security and freedom. This essay will also show how Hobbes believes society`s state of nature can transition into a modern political state...
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Security Vs Privacy: Argumentative Essay

Big Data, is two small words that hold big meanings. Big Data is a collection of information/data that many companies and corporations use to deploy complex algorithms to reveal patterns and trends. However, the meaning of privacy has been much debated throughout its history in response to the advancement of new technological capabilities and social disposition due to big data. Privacy is fundamentally contested. Because it is, privacy is transformable according to the ever-changing world of technological and social conditions....
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Impact of Terrorist Attack of 9/11 on the Security Policies of the United States of America: Analytical Essay

Many people can tell you in great detail exactly what they were doing at the exact moment, express to you their raw emotions, as well as convey their very real fears. This unspeakable crime had no target, did not discriminate or single any one group of people out, it had no real motive other than pure hatred. Although there are thousands of stories to tell about the terrorist attack that occurred September 11th, 2001 one factor remains consistent, this despicable...
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Afghanistan-Tajikistan Border: Instrumentalization Of Islam In Regime's Security

Soon after the disintegration of the Soviet Union and creation of 5 newly independent states in 1991, Central Asia and specifically Tajikistan found itself at risk of instability and the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. Today, Afghanistan is discussed as the biggest security threat to peace and stability in Tajikistan. In multiple cases, Tajikistan President, Emomali Rahmon, has shared his concern over the border with Afghanistan and possible threat from spread of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. In dealing with this threat,...
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Privacy Vs Security: Discursive Essay

Cyber Security: should you be worried? Through recent advancements in technology, the idea of cyber-security is one that many people often argue and have questions about. Any time a website is signed up for, there are a bunch of privacy statements and things that are often looked over because people worry about whether they are giving away private things about them or not. Though it is often portrayed on the news as something that everyone is currently worrying about, the...
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Should we, in Today's World, Accept Less Freedom in Return for More Security?

Freedom and security are essential in a country and at personal level since they influence productivity. In today’s world, we should not accept less freedom in return for more security instead allows a balance between the two. This is because people ought to reap the benefits of liberty and security such as economic and intellectual diversities, and minority protection from exploitation by the majority. Conflicts in most cases threaten freedom and security, and there ought to be strategies to resolve...
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Cyber Security and Malware Protection

Cyber security is the act of protecting digital information and information systems. It focuses on protection of valuable information stored on those systems from adversaries who would want to obtain, corrupt, damage, destroy or prohibit access to it. Hence, it is a crucial part of the IT field. Malicious software, or malware, is a cyber security threat that affects the user’s computer system by exploiting the system’s vulnerabilities. It is one of the major threats to the security of information...
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The Impact the Dark Net Silk Road on Cyber Security and Business: Analytical Essay

The internet is something many people uses daily. If someone has a question, they google it or use another search engine to find the answer. Simple search engines like these are only the beginning. Google and Yahoo and sites easily accessed by the public is called the surface. Below the surface is the deep web, which makes up over 90 percent of all websites (Kaspersky, 2017). Inside the deep web, is the dark web. The dark web is a collection...
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Critical Analysis of Doubts about the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Ability to Provide Domestic Intelligence Security

Subject: Domestic Intelligence Security would be better fulfilled if a unified domestic intelligence agency were to be created and the FBI returned to its original mission. Purpose Policy critics have voiced serious doubts about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s capability to competently assume the role of intelligence gatherer for the Intelligence Community (IC). (Session 5 Lecture, 2020) With all the cutting edge technology and terroristic threats it’s best that the FBI focus their resources on their original purpose and...
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Analysis around Effectiveness of Biometric State in War on Terror

I conclude the biometric state is playing a role in the War on Terror by exploiting the morality of the target via biometric technology governing through risk, and simultaneously converting the opportunity, to channels of survival and security. In the War on Terror, the target of opportunity is portrayed in the media as mobile targets, and in that sense, the depiction of mobile targets are operating through civil spaces of society in anticipation of a future strike. Nonetheless, to identify...
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Human Rights: Right to Liberty and Security

In this paper I talk about the history of human rights as a background. But mainly I focused on the right of liberty and security, which protects us against arbitrary unlawful deprivation of liberty. I chose this topic because in my thoughts it is interesting. What Are Human Rights? Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to everyone in the world, from birth until death. They are not granted by any state. These universal rights are inherent...
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Security Framework in Design and Implementation of a Security Infrastructure

“Technology is a Useful Servant but a Dangerous Master” -Christian Lous Lange When technology was introduced to the world, it was like a virus that continued to spread and couldn’t be stopped. Technology is compared to as magic. It has allowed users to exceed humanity according to Einstein. It awed the world with its creations, but it also created a world of monsters taking advantage of all the opportunities that it has to give. It gives people chances, but it...
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Essay on Building More Secure Nigeria Using Technology

The major cankerworm that has eaten deep into the root of Nigeria, is the menace called insecurity. The continuous degradation of security in Nigeria is of concern to each and every one of us, from the youngest to the eldest and every effort must be exerted to conquer this challenge. Adam Oluwadamilola of National Defense Academy Abuja highlighted some of the pertinent questions that should be raised among us is: Can our IT skills and strategy provide 100% of both...
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How do Ethics Shape Value Trade-offs in the Pursuit of Security?

Ethics shape value trade-offs in the pursuit of security. Values are the importance something holds. Society is bound by these values. However, people hold many values; therefore, values must be traded according to hierarchical priorities. Security is seen by many as a fundamental value, one that must be held as a priority. Therefore, there are value trade-offs in the pursuit of security. Intertwined in these value trade-offs in the social construct of ethics. These are the moral principles guiding individuals...
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NSA Vs Homeland Security: Comparative Analysis

I. Differences between the following elements: a) International security and national security Worldwide security additionally refers to the worldwide security of the United States and the remainder of the world. Accordingly, universal security refers to the measures taken by nations including the US, the UN, the EU, and other pertinent bodies to guarantee the shared survival of mankind and human progress. Moves made by nations incorporate confirmed military and political estimates that guarantee shared security, for example, the military settlements,...
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Massachusetts Et Al. V Environmental Protection Agency: Implications for Public Health Policy and Practice

Theodore Roosevelt once stated, “I recognize the right and duty of this generation to develop and use the natural resources of our land; but I do not recognize the right to waste them, or to rob, by wasteful use, for the generations that come after us”. This quote by one of our nation’s former presidents, exemplifies the view many citizens have towards the idea of environmental conservation. The Supreme Court case of Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) embodies the...
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Boeing 787 Dream-Liner Network Security

Unified communications at Boeing In order to ensure the privacy and integrity of Boeing using UC Security Mechanism are: 1. Deploy a Properly Configured Firewall: A general rule is to block all unknown traffic into the network and only allow traffic from trusted sources. The UC server should absolutely be behind your firewall. We should only allow internet traffic from our ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) or VoIP provider or the Airport Center only and no other sources should be...
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Cyber Crime, Security & Human Psychology: Internet Addiction, Literacy on Cyber Crime and Security

ABSTRACT The word “cybercrime” itself saying it’s a crime. In India as well as in a world it’s a business now i.e. to trap the people using fraud mail, phone call, social sites and many more. Because of only bad psychology, they are trapping people. On it we have to provide proper education on cyber-crime and security. We have to spread awareness in society. We always use “Precaution is always better than cure” using same thing we have to take...
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Primary Objective of Information Security

Confidentiality is a primary Information Security objective. Confidentiality refers to how we can protect information from being accessed by unauthorized parties (persons or other programs) [6]. Confidentiality can be achieved in three different ways: authentication, encryption, and using hash functions. According to [9], authentication is the most popular wherein users are expected to provide a valid user id and password in order to gain access to and use digital services like email or online banking. Despite the popular usage of...
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GDPR Compliance: The Impact on InfoSec in 2018 and Beyond

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be replacing Data Protection Directive 95/46/ec in Spring 2018, meaning information security teams need to start preparing now to ensure that their organizations remain compliant when the new rules go into effect, or risk facing fines and stiff penalties. GDPR applies to all states in the European Union (EU) as well as any company that markets goods or services to EU residents. In other words, GDPR will have a far-reaching impact on global...
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Common Digital Security Risks

Over the past few years of the expanding digital landscape, there have been many fears of people losing their personal security, especially their data. With many of our operations already automated and digital, is it possible that using apps can put us in jeopardy, especially when it comes to our finances? Inadequate App Safety Despite what many people think, app security is not often at the top of a business’ list of priorities, This is because many organizations tend to...
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Privacy Vs National Security: Pros and Cons

Contours of the Right of Privacy in a modern world It is not that this right is a new concept that needs immediate attention and scrutiny- the simple reason behind the rise and recognition of this right in various legal systems is an account of the changing dynamics of the way people interact and connect with each other. There is an information explosion and increased connectivity due to the unprecedented growth seen in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), fundamentally transforming...
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The Simple Steps to Protect Your PC from Hackers

In this universe of pervasive CPU and persevering dangers from specialist, ensuring your CPU is an unquestionable requirement. The key pathway through which malware assaults the framework is the Internet and its famous administration, the Web. There are various approaches to shield and expel malware from our CPU. Nobody technique is sufficient to guarantee your CPU is secure CPU. The more layers of barrier, the harder for programmers to utilize your PC. Here are five basic, however basic strides to...
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Essay on Airport Security Debate

Airport security began as a simple walk through a metal detector to halt any terrorist with weapons or bombs. As time progressed, hijackers and terrorists have become more innovative and sneaky with their ways to bring weapons on a plane that a simple metal detector will not detect. 9/11 has changed airport security drastically. Now, a simple walk through a metal detector has turned into a tedious and time-consuming process before boarding a flight. The effects of 9/11 are responsible...
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Mexican Intelligence Organization And US Security

Introduction Mexican Intelligence Agency, Centro Nacional de Inteligencia (CNI), is the main intelligence organization in Mexico mandated to conduct investigations and collect intelligence on behalf of the state. However, the Mexican Army, the Air Force, Navy, and Mexican Attorney General’s office have respective intelligence bodies dedicated to each one of them. Formed in 1989, CNI has transformed into an agency designed to oversee and make alerts for national security threats and civil risks. Mexico’s proximity to the United States (US)...
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Features and Functionality of Endpoint Security Products

Endpoint security is the process of securing the various endpoints on a network, often defined as end-user devices such as mobile devices, laptops, and desktop PCs, although hardware such as servers in a data center are also considered endpoints. Precise definitions vary among thought leaders in the security space, but essentially, endpoint security addresses the risks presented by devices connecting to an enterprise network. Any device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, provides an entry point for threats. Endpoint...
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Essay on Airport Security Pros and Cons

Abstract This paper will look into the different situations facing the TSA, since it was created on November 19, 2001. Before 911 each airline and airport had its own security measures, but after 911 the government and the airlines agreed that it was not effective and something has to be done about it. TSA was created since its creation there have been many problems going on with the TSA. History of the TSA The Transportation Security Administration was formed after...
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Research Paper on Airport Security

Airport Security Has Improved Over the Years In today’s society, Many people complain about anything and even disagree on the safety of their needs. Such as asking them a simple question about where they are heading too. These people are often seen at the airport facility, this is where people complain. The strictness of airport security does improve air travel safety and many people think that airport security is very ineffective, but over the years the security measures have improved...
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National Security: What it is

National security is defined in international law that the concept of national security develops with the emergence of the first state, e.g. through social and economic change from the first human society in the slave society. In theory, the concept was applied to early cultural societies that had ancient (but long-lasting) systems of social justice and military hunting programs. This equipment protected members of the original communities, their territory, property, and food resources. The security measures of the day were...
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Essay on Security Dilemma

Introduction Since the last half-century, the United States has been the single most influential actor in the International Community. Since 1980, China has rapidly seen an economic, political, and military rise never before seen in history. With China’s rise, a new sense of threat in the international community has begun to form. US-China relations have become more important than ever, as China has begun to threaten the hegemony of the United States and the balance of power in the International...
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