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Research Paper on Airport Security

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Airport Security Has Improved Over the Years

In today’s society, Many people complain about anything and even disagree on the safety of their needs. Such as asking them a simple question about where they are heading too. These people are often seen at the airport facility, this is where people complain. The strictness of airport security does improve air travel safety and many people think that airport security is very ineffective, but over the years the security measures have improved as it is now. As I said earlier, many travelers complain, the airport company and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have heard the complaints, and they try their best to satisfy the traveler. Now the TSA has allowed anybody to carry small liquids in their luggage, their work doesn’t violate our privacy, and it’s time-saving with newly improved scanners.

After the events of September 11, 2001, the government took action for national security and Congress passed the Transportation Security Act which led to the creation of the Transportation Security Administration. Since this creation, airport security has been very strict, and the TSA has decided to use full-body scanners. This brought discomfort to the travelers because this machine scanner exposes their body image. Consideration, I know from this moment since the machines have bothered many people, no one would want to deal with this security measure and feel embarrassed because of the images. Also, these machines do cause health risks because of scanner radiation. It’s natural to feel fear because no mother would want their children to risk their health or even pregnant women because this horrific machine and very ineffective because it failed to detect a weapon. Now, everything has changed and has drastically improved because the TSA does try its best to satisfy the traveler's complaints and have a safer environment. “Airport Security,” an article on Opposing Viewpoints, explains that “TSA also tested a new system called PreCheck” (2). This has proved that the TSA does listen to the reports and they removed the machine and replaced it with the PreCheck which is very safe to go through, only shows a generic avatar image just like a stick man person, and uses radio waves to detect devices that are explosives and weapons. This is the reason why airport security is improving they are protecting everyone and trying their best to satisfy travelers.

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There was a moment when the TSA took security measures at an extreme level and even exaggerate because they didn’t allow to bring any kind of liquids on the plane because there are liquids that look like a regular drinks, but the truth is that those liquids could be explosive chemicals. Many people often believe that this isn’t going to solve the problem of terrorist sneaking in, but in reality, the TSA is working its best and the outcome of its job is efficient because they are trying to avoid another terrorist attack since “al Qaeda would love to attack again”(Thiessen 1). The officers even sacrifice their time to provide security for the traveler, even when there are holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Who would want to be at home and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner? I would. In addition, the TSA has allowed us to carry small drinks in our carry-on luggage just in a small container that does go more than 3.4 ounces. Anyone can keep their favorite drink flavor without throwing it away. That’s why I believe that the airport security measures are very efficient and also trying to give us limited privileges instead of taking away just like carrying drinks.

When someone hears the word “body scanners,” they often think that their privacy is being violated. We have seen how airport security didn’t have an option whether go through a body scan or a pat down. Many of the people believed that this was a violation of their privacy which was true and it was time-consuming. Now, everything has changed. Since the new machines have been installed in all the airports and it doesn’t violate our privacy. When a person is walking through a machine scanner and if the machine doesn’t give a red light, there’s no need to get a pat down (DeSanctis, 2). In addition, anyone can choose to get scanned by a machine or have a manual pat down. Even if a woman traveler wants to be manually searched by women, they can request that with no problem.

In summary, the airport security measures have improved and their work is very efficient. When an airplane takes off from the airport, the travelers and their families feel confident because they know that the work of the TSA is effective. So organizing the screening process to pass the security measures are quicker than the prior years. Their measures don’t violate our privacy, instead, they want each traveler to feel comfortable. I believe that their work has made our air travel much safer than before.


  • Many people think that airport security is very ineffective, but over the years has improved as it is now.
  • Airport security is very efficient and has allowed carrying liquids instead of throwing away
  • Doesn’t violate privacy and it is time-saving

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