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Understanding of Gentrification Through Neil Smith’s Theories

Gentrification on numerous occasions had been attempted to be explained through Neil Smith’s production and consumption side theories. Smith is a Scottish geographer and activist intellectual “whose prolific, passionate and politically engaged writings played a significant role in shaping the present day landscape of urban studies, human geography, and indeed the entire spectrum of the social sciences”. Smith is most well-known for his contributions to the study of cities and the process of gentrification; because of Smith’s critical and detailed...
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Positive and Negative Sides of Gentrification in London

The London Borough of Hackney is an exemplary showcase of the gentrification that has affected various areas of London. The term gentrification originated in Great Britain, as early as 1963. Gentrification has frequently been referred to as “the rehabilitation of working-class and derelict housing and the consequent transformation of an area into a middle class neighborhood”. Rowland Atkinson states that gentrification-induced displacement often occurs when pressures on the housing market from wealthy groups create inflated rents and prices which can...
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Research of The Risk of Gentrification in Chinatown

Over the decades, Toronto has been celebrated for its multicultural roots and cultural landscapes. With a variety of distinctive enclaves at every corner, they connect people to their cultures and invite a wide variety of diversity. With the growth of new development and the priority to increase purchasing power, gentrification imposes a controversial issue for many. Gentrification is a process involving modifying or changing a neighbourhood to conform to a higher class taste. Chinatown, a vibrant ethnic enclave located at...
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Gentrification and the Continuous Impact Throughout New York City Communities

Generations of all kinds have arrived to this nation with dreams of living a life of success. Gentrification removes lower class citizens, and in turn increases the cost of living and leads to major demographical changes. Gentrification certainly has some advantages, but overall it has led to the increase of the homeless population, culture loss, increased group based tensions, increase/change in availability of goods, and other social issues. Today, gentrification may be impossible to prevent, since capitalism is a constant...
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Argumentative Essay on Gentrification: The Positive and Negative Impacts of Gentrification

Gentrification is the complex social process by which large amounts of money and investment, pour quickly into lower income communities. Thus, leading to the displacement of many longstanding residents and local independent businesses. The effects of this process can be observed across almost every major city in The United States a prime example being, New York City. When New York comes to context, “the capital of the world” comes to mind, New York however is not what it used to...
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Critical Analysis of Annotated Bibliography on Gentrification

Alters, Sandra M., et al. ‘The Law, the Courts, and the Homeless.’ Homeless in America: How Could It Happen Here?, Detroit, Gale, 2006, pp. 63-71. This source talks about how gentrification forces out low-income families and changes ‘skid rows’ or single-room occupancy hotels to make them more modern to appeal to the middle and upper-class people which forces out lower class people into homelessness. It also discusses the harsh living conditions of the homeless and the laws that the government...
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An Analysis of Gentrification in Society Today

In Art and Complicity, the author defines gentrification as the restoration of public stores or private homes in urban areas occupied by predominately hispanic and black citizens. As the article states, an affected community includes Boyle Heights in Southeast Los Angeles, where the residents have examined the role of artists. The negative affects of gentrification include the loss of small businesses, reduced salary for low-income families, and the loss of homes in urban neighborhoods, as written in Hyperallergic. Several of...
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Gentrification as a Product of Globalization

Gentrification is a product of Globalization. But, what even is Globalization? According to Richard C. Longworth in Caught in the Middle, us, Hoosiers don’t even know what it is – let alone have a working understanding of the concept. Globalization by definition is the “connection of different parts of the world resulting in the expansion of international cultural, economic, and political activities” (National Geographic, 2012). Globalization is the idea of the exchange of information or resources. Globalization can present itself...
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Gentrification and The Modern Housing Crisis

What is the modern housing crisis? The housing crisis refers to the high rents and unaffordable housing Americans face, and how not only homes, but rentals, are becoming increasingly unaffordable. Americans being unable to afford shelter has led to both a decrease in homeownership and a rising increase in the homeless population. Simply, the problems we see within the housing crisis are people who can’t afford housing going without homes and gentrification, where the character of a neighborhood is altered...
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Why It is Hard to Stop Gentrification? Essay

Jersey City has come a long way since the 1970’s. Downtown Jersey City was well known for being one of the poorest parts in New Jersey. Before then it was a very vibrant blue collared community that was home to immigrants from all over. Large families shared small apartments in rent controlled apartments, and historical homes. It was a poor but close knit and hard working community. Soon after developers began to bulldoze over these historical homes, in place building...
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The Definition of Gentrification, Its Process, Causes and Effects on Society

Gentrification, as a process is one which is seen in many westernised cities and large towns where there is an abundance of cheap and easily developable land. As a planning process it is often mired in controversy due to the nature of its application and past examples. Gentrification is often defined as a localised shift in the demographic, social and economic composition of a particular area, which is often coupled with increased land and property prices and the construction of...
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The Need for Implementation of an Automatic Drainage Cleaning System

The underground drainage system is an important component of urban infrastructure. It is consider being city’s lifeline. Most management on underground drainage is manual therefore it is not efficient to have clean and working underground system also in such big cities. It is difficult for the government personnel to locate the exact manhole which is facing the. Increase urbanization has caused problem with increased flash flooded after sudden rain. All successful civilization throughout the history focused on developing efficient drainage...
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Why is Gentrification a Problem? Essay

Change to cities, neighborhoods, and communities is inevitable—however, with the latest tide of change, many communities are experiencing gentrification. Gentrification occurs when “communities experience an influx of capital and concomitant goods and services in locales where those resources were previously non-existent or denied.” Usually, gentrification occurs when more affluent people move to or become interested in historically less affluent neighborhoods. Gentrification is a phenomenon subject to much debate—some believe that its effects are purely positive, while others argue that gentrification...
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Artists as a Part of The Cycle of Gentrification

Artists are inherently part of the cycle of gentrification due to the rise of the creative environment. With this comes an influx of infrastructure, exploitation of local accommodations and the continuous appearance of a wealthier class. Artists add vibrancy to a formerly drab and seemingly unwelcoming place of residence, inciting interest from business venturers and other artists seeking out freedom and lower prices. Artists have been a given a stereotype of being more forward thinking than the average population in...
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Positive And Negative Impact Of Gentrification

Gentrification, also known as Chelseafication, is defined as the upgrading of older properties to higher-income housing and where dwellings are modernised which causes it to have a higher value. Gentrification has both positive and negative impacts on the current and future inhabitants of a suburbs. This ranges from social to economic impact. Positive impact of gentrification Economically, as wealthier people move into a previously poor neighborhood, the median area income increases. This increases cash flows for local businesses and makes...
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Gentrification Essay

Gentrification, also known as Chelseafication, is defined as the upgrading of older properties to higher-income housing and where dwellings are modernized which causes them to have a higher value. Gentrification has both positive and negative impacts on the current and future inhabitants of suburbs. This ranges from social to economic impact. The positive impact of gentrification: Economically, as wealthier people move into a previously poor neighborhood, the median area income increases. This increases cash flows for local businesses and makes...
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