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Essay on Theories of Public Policy

Public policy making is essential in making sure that the government is guided in order to reach rational decisions. It is there to give clarity to the internal and external stakeholders on how an organization operates (in this context the government), how resources will be...
3 Pages 1522 Words

Essay on Concept of Public Policy

There is no universally accepted definition of policy and public policy. This is due to the fact that policy is very much evasive in the sense that it changes in meaning in accordance with the different contexts or point of views used (Biruk, 2014). As...
2 Pages 763 Words

Essay on Public Policy: Detroit Literacy

Many people who live in Detroit are lacking even simple literacy skills. Children are not getting the education and assistance they need. Some people can’t fill out basic job applications or even read their prescription on their pill bottles. Detroit’s school system once served as...
4 Pages 1938 Words

Essay on Public Policy, Its Main Models and Approaches

Public policy is about solving and addressing the problems related to public. Public policy is basically an instrument to guide societal actions in accordance with certain predetermined goals. In making of public policy, there are two types of actors (stakeholders): on the one hand, there...
5 Pages 2407 Words

Essay on Public Policy and Approaches to Its Definition

Conceptual contestation has been causing a lot of difficulties in the study of politics. The analysis has been maturing and with that the typologies have increasingly been given priority. Public policies are usually analyzed as the result of interests’ interplay or institutional structure. This essay...
2 Pages 990 Words

Exploring Behavioural Public Policies

Behavioral public policies, often known as nudges, are policies developed using behavioral economics and social psychology research, aiming to shape our psychological and behavioral tendencies to benefit individuals’ long-term interests, while preserving freedom of choice (Pykett et al., 2015). Thaler and Sunstein’s research (2008) exploring...
6 Pages 2879 Words

Essay on Ethics in Public Policy

The modern world continues to struggle with ethical dilemmas in the private and public sector. Many of the proposed solutions for social betterment have failed or culminated in extreme outcomes, like the Holocaust. A tension between scientific rationality and philosophy have created a paradox of...
4 Pages 1890 Words

Conceptualizations in Public Policy

Public policy has been thoroughly debated concept ever since its initial conceptualization in the 1950’s, which was interpreted by Harold Lasswell (Birkland, 2001). Although in a very basic sense, it could be defined as the desires and specific values of a governing body. There have...
2 Pages 922 Words

Pros and Cons of the Department of Education

In the United States, the 10th amendment gives those rights not prohibited to the states or given to the federal government, which are reserved to the States. One element of the American Government that falls under the 10th Amendment is the prospect of education. In...
6 Pages 2881 Words

Pros and Cons of NATO

NATO began as a counter to potential Soviet aggression in Europe following the post-WW2 establishment of communist regimes in central and eastern Europe. However, the end of the cold war followed by the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the subsequent demise of...
2 Pages 875 Words

Pros and Cons of Homeland Security

Is the Department of Homeland Security fulfilling its main purpose? Filomena, 5, has been crying frequently and has occasionally even vomited out of sorrow since Border Patrol authorities separated her from her father on May 16. Numerous young immigrants have horrifying incidents like the one...
4 Pages 1658 Words

Pros and Cons of Air Force

Many consider serving their country to be an honor. When choosing to join and become a servant of the nation you have one of four choices; The Army, the Air Force, the Navy, and the Marines. Each holds significant value and purpose to the United...
4 Pages 1936 Words

Portrayals of New Urbanism: Opinion Essay

Portrayal of history We can consider the history of planning as a progression series of new urban methodologies. Emergencies in urban conditions lead to new arranging ideas and approaches intended to rectify the situation. Kelbaugh (1989) noticed that new urbanists draw on 2000 years of...
1 Page 517 Words
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