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Mesopotamia, the world's biggest civilization, was the first to dwell in one location. They built numerous components of civilization and did not rely just on hunting animals and gathering plants for food since they knew how to produce and thus could store food for the winter. This enabled them to begin developing products and ideas to make their lives a bit easier. Since Mesopotamia's innovations and significant successes enabled succeeding generations to extend and utilize these accomplishments to make their...
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The Mycenaean civilization was discovered by Heinrich Schliemann and was the last phase of the Bronze Age in Greece. They were proven to be warlike and were ruled by a king. Their palaces presented proof of war with images of Mycenaeans fighting wild men decorating the walls. They borrowed the Minoans culture, art, and writing and were an agriculturally based palace culture. They didn’t leave much behind, there was no poetry, religious texts, fables, and no codes of law. So,...
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The ancient American civilization with the most tightly knit society and the greatest territorial extent, was developed by the Incas of South America. The Inca Empire began with the one small kingdom of Cusco in the mountains of Peru. It started expanding territory in 1438 to cover much in South America’s west coast. The Inca Empire did not last so long, from 1438, when the Inca ruler Pachacuti and his army began conquering land, until the Spaniards came in 1532....
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