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“Civilization is not something absolute, but relative. Our ideas and concepts are true only so far as our civilization goes” (Franz Boas, anthropologist). Before I break to the discussion, I would like to talk about the major key words in this context. Civilization is basically a group of people that have similar beliefs and rituals. It’s not only restricted to beliefs and rituals; civilizations could also be people with similar economic or socio-political backgrounds, and could also be divided in...
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The reforms that began in the Renaissance period are still relevant in the modern age. Man has evolved through time, with the Christianity and Muslim religions explaining the origin of man as God’s creation. In fact, Pico della Mirandola exclaimed: “There is nothing to see more wonderful than man!” (Della, 1). Della is particularly awed by the magnificence of man, his closeness to the gods and the superiority of his senses amongst other animas in the creation. Maybe, that is...
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By definition, civilization generally relates to a complex society. In other words, we can say civilization is a group of people who are connected through various cultural aspects such as education, law, or the arts. Additionally, civilization is often characterized by the existence of polite and courteous relationships. Civilization has existed throughout humankind, evolving as humans invented new technologies, governments, and relationships this means is that a society is complex when it’s individuals live in groups of settled dwellings comprising...
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Expressionism played a very important role in the artistic scene of Germany, primarily occurring at the onset of the 20th century. It talks about humanity's role on earth and with each other, and how broader society alienates individuals, while also trying to give off empathy and compassion artists had for each other. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a silent horror film directed by Robert Wiene can be used as a prime example of the permanence of the expressionist movement in...
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Why are we labeling people? Why are we involuntarily biased? On the off chance that you arranged too many arbitrarily chosen individuals from over the earth, none of them would share the same skin tone or religion. You could classify them from darkest to lightest or from Muslim countries to Western countries. There would be too many reasons that lead us to label people classifications like 'dark' and 'white'. These classifications are the same as a believer or disbeliever, labeling...
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The technology that will be analysed for this task is equipment used for astronomy in the ancient world, it will be more a general topic and focus more overall on their astronomy rather than just one piece of technology used, also a lot of the technology isn’t necessarily machines. They created a lot of models of the earth and space which helped them with their observations and discoveries. The 2 cultures I will be comparing this technology between are the...
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