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Chartism as the Failure of the ‘Great’ Reform Act': Argumentative Essay

Did the rise of Chartism mark the failure of the ‘Great’ Reform Act? It cannot be disputed that the increased nature and prevalence of the Chartism movement in the 19th century was down to the failure of the ‘Great’ Reform Act in 1832. It was expected that the Act would erase government corruption by creating a fairer electoral process, alongside providing a remedy for social injustices which ultimately failed. Therefore, with the emergence of the Chartism in the 1830’s, an...
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Criticism of the Law under MCA 1973: Reforms on Family Law and Divorce

Criticism of the law under MCA 1973: There has been strong criticism of the current law over the decades, describing an archaic system based on fault. Despite its appearance as non-fault biased, the evidence to support an irretrievable breakdown of marriage suggests otherwise. In 2019 Rowling notes that there is no evidence that “fault acts as a buffer’ to slow the divorce process down[footnoteRef:1]. Whereas Crouse points out that the cooling-off period required serves as a solution to protect the...
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Codified Constitution Reform: Analytical Essay

Section A. The ‘Brexit process surrounds the events of the UK leaving the European Union (EU), which we have been affiliated with since 1st January 1973. It has been a long and continuous process, that still hasn’t ended, despite the vote happening on the 23rd of June 2016, and the UK actually leaving the EU on the 31st of January 2020. Brexit has caused various constitutional disruptions, therefore there have been calls for the UK to adopt a codified constitution,...
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Constitutional Reform and Boundary Harmonization as Best Practices for Decentralizing Liberia: Analytical Essay

I. Introduction The concept of decentralization has been widely considered as a tool for efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of basic services (Kurmanov, 2018). It is a multifaceted phenomenon encompassing many geographic entities, (international, national, sub national, and local), societal actors (government, the private sector and civil society) and social sectors (all development themes – political, social, cultural and environmental). Additionally, it is a mixture of political, fiscal, and administrative functions and relationships that need to be considered in...
6 Pages 2905 Words

Law Reform and Development Commission: Analytical Essay

Introduction Due to the society changes the laws are bound to change.[footnoteRef:1] Law reform is a way of updating laws so that they reflect the current values of the society people change and, an example is the gay marriages, back in the years gay marriage way was a punishable penalty in some countries where as today this is now a norm and gay marriage is legalized.[footnoteRef:2] The law reform can simplify the law by making it simpler or eliminate some...
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