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Organization of Local, International and Transnational Organized Crime Policing and Research Issue

Introduction This review is try to assess the Organization of Local, international and transnational organized crime policing and research issue. Policing is always necessary in all societies for the protection of order, safety and social relations. Approaches to policing vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, organization to organization (Interpol, UNPOL, and AUPOL (AfriPol) and country to country (Reiner, 2002). Police officers share a distinctive attitude in the world. There is no single culture, norms, values, structures, and ethical standard in any...
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The Benefits of a Body Camera

Police Body Worn Cameras or BWC’s have been a vigorously talked about point in law requirements over the previous five years. Because of prominent police utilization of power occurrences, for example, the passing’s of Michael Brown and Tamir Rice, it has called for expanded cop responsibility and straightforwardness from legislators, political activists, the media, and people in general on the loose. “The data collected by body-worn cameras could be subjected to various software applications that would further law enforcement interests,...
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Benefits of Using Body Cameras by Police Officers

It seems that every time we watch the news, we hear about another officer involved in a shooting. The topic I intend to discuss today is that police officers should use body cameras. I want to start off by stating that throughout years and still today, many victims have fallen under belligerent injustice from officers. Victims such as Michael brown, Trayvon Martin, and Freddie Gray have all been fatally shot and unfairly killed by officers. Officers abuse of their title...
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Overview of the Pros and Cons of Body Cameras

Don’t you sometimes feel a bit nervous around police? Well, in a world with body cameras you won’t have to be nervous around police at all! Police should wear body cameras at all times and they should be turned on while on duty. Body cameras prevent violence, hold officers accountable if they act inappropriate, and show the human side of policing. Here are the reasons why police should wear body cameras at all times. The first reason why police should...
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Role of Transnational and Local Policing in Organized Crime Prevention: Analytical Essay

Article review Alice Hills(2009) the possibility of transnational policing, Policing and Society: An International Journal of Research and Policy, 19:3, 300-317, DOI: 10.1080/10439460902871363 Ben Bowling (2009), Transnational Policing: The Globalization Thesis, a Typology, and a Research Advance Access Publication: 21 April 2009Policing, Volume 3, Number 2, pp.149– 160doi:10.1093/police/pap001 Stan Gilmour and Robert France (2011) local policing and transnational organized crime, International Review of Law, Computers & Technology, 25:1-2, 17-26, DOI:10.1080/13600869.2011.594644 Clive Harfield, (2008) the organization of ‘organized crime policing’ and...
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Assessment of Policing Transnational Organized Crime: Analytical Essay

1. Introduction Globalization and growing economic interdependence have optimistic and promoted transnational crime outside borders in all parts of the globe. Enhanced communications and information technologies, increased blurring of nation borders, greater mobility of people, goods and services across countries and the crisis of the globalized economy have moved crime advance gone from its domestic base. The natural world of globalized crime in the present-day world then cannot be understood unconnectedly from idea of globalization. Today’s organized crime involves activity...
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Procedures of Law Enforcement in Cases of Suicide Terrorism: Case of De Menezes And Hussain Osman

This assignment will examine how the police handled the case of Jean Charles De Menezes, highlighting the benefits of their chosen approach and related consequences. The implications of this case and improvements which have developed thereafter will also be discussed. Police response is the action taken to resolve a case reported to a body of officer(s), responsible for maintaining law enforcement (Police Science, 2020). It is important for the police to respond to any situation effectively, to ensure that they...
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Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission and Its Role in Fighting Corruption in Victoria Police

Victorian police have immense discretionary powers and are considered the most authoritative agents of social control in Australia. With the most dominant power comes great responsibility towards a proper performance for the safety and duty for the community. Police accountability must be reviewed when the understanding of issues is raised in society due to police powers being abused. Issues connected can entail ethics and integrity, ensuring police actions are steered by a professional code of conduct. To ensure a steady...
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Essay on Ethical Dilemma of Police Corruption

Police corruption can begin by innocent gestures like accepting free food which can prompt activities, for example, criminal behavior. As indicated by Pollock, a moral difficulty is the point at which a person must settle on what to do. Either the decision is unclear, or the correct decision will be troublesome in view of the cost included or the correct decision of activity conveys some negative outcomes (Pollock, p.3). Cops must settle on the correct decision in not accepting anything...
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Essay on Police Corruption in America

Police corruption is the abuse of police authority for personal benefit. Police corruption is something that happens internationally for various reasons such as, lack of integrity, and protection from people with authority. Police corruption exists because police culture embraces and protects officers even when they intentionally kill an innocent person (Williams, 2002). The longer a policeman stays in an agency, the more connections he or she will have. Depending on this person’s integrity, they will either be a good apple...
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Police Corruption from Past to Present

Police corruption is one of the most serious offenses in the police service. This kind of behavior has drawn great attention from the public over a long period of time. Police agencies in all cities of the United States, including New York, face criticisms and condemnation for rampant cases of corruption across all ranks. The problem is of great concern because it causes misuse of public resources and exposes citizens to increased risks of crime. This report highlights when, how,...
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Police Corruption and Methods of Overcoming It

Adam Curtis once said, “Nobody trusts anyone in authority today. It is one of the main features of our age. Wherever you look, there are lying politicians, crooked bankers, corrupt police officers, cheating journalists and double-dealing media barons, sinister children’s entertainers, rotten and greedy energy companies, and out-of-control security services”. What is police corruption? According to Ivkovic, police corruption is a form of police misconduct or police deviance typically defined through the motivation to achieve personal gain. The question asked...
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Crime Prevention with the Broken Windows Theory

Broken domestic windows concept, academic principle that turned into made by James Q. Wilson and George Kelling in 1982. It used broken windows as a metaphor for crimes internal neighborhoods. Their concept hyperlinks to disease interior a community to the next time there may be a crime. Broken windows idea had an impact on police policy at some point of the Nineteen Nineties and within the twenty first century. This concept had a significant impact on the policies of Police...
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Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Use of Electronic Stun Devices by Police Officers

In order to reduce the instances of death from assault by firearms, the electronic stun devices have been developed which causes trauma and eases the efforts of the police officers to nab the assailant effortlessly. In light of this statement, the discussion in this essay shall be focusing upon the hypothesis that police use of electronic stun devices are said to be a benefit to both police and public safety in arresting violent offenders. This research essay aims to falsify...
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The Broken Windows Theory in the Context of Social Problems in Bangladesh

A temporary market for short time in a day or in a week is known as street market. Selling a variety of goods, including flowers, fruit and vegetables and ice cream, even cloths, mobile accessories and other handicrafts at street or beside traffic road is the marketplace of this street market. There is no requirement for a street trader to show the license or membership in public, only authorized officers of the council and the police may request to see...
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The Effectiveness of the SARA Model and the Broken Windows Theory in Policing

In 1983, the four-step approach ‘SARA’ was initiated. It served as a “problem-oriented” approach to combat crimes. Community-oriented policing is a way for law enforcement officials and neighborhood leaders to work together for the good of the community, in which it would help identify and find solutions to problems occurring within that community. The first from the acronym ‘SARA’ is scanning. Scanning looks at reoccurring criminal activity, victims involved, common areas where crimes take place, and the kinds of crimes...
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Essay on Importance of Accountability

Police accountability is an issue that is under constant scrutiny in today’s society. The statement ‘police are more accountable now than they have ever been’ is a highly controversial statement with which I agree with to some extent. Due to the constant scrutiny our police force faces, there are continuous new ways emerging how to make the accountability of police officers more reliable. This is extremely important as accountability is essential for the maintenance of the public’s faith in the...
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Police Misconduct Towards Rape Victims In The United States

On September 25, 2010 a young woman went to her best friend’s house for a party after a college football game. After falling asleep on his couch for several hours she woke up to him doing unspeakable things to her. Out of fear, she pretended to remain unconscious. After he was done and had left the room, she grabbed her belongings and bolted for the door. He proceeded to chase after her. Because of the extreme physical pain and shock...
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The Issue Of Racial Bias In Police Training

The journal article Understanding Police and Expert Performance: When Training Attenuates (vs. Exacerbates) Stereotypic Bias in the Decision to Shoot by Jessica J. Sim, Joshua Correll, and Melody S. Sadler discusses several studies that were done to address problems police officers are facing where they have shot individuals of color who were unarmed. Experiments were performed on participants and officers to see whether certain criteria was associated with Blacks and Whites having a presence or absence of a weapon or...
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Uniform Service Heroes: Police And Firefighters

Both firefighters and the police officers are the professional public servants and every day they are courageous and lay their lives on the line to become our daily superheroes. A law enforcement officer is a police officer who investigates a crime. On the other hand, a firefighter is largely responsible for firefighting or rescuing people. In addition,they face various threats. A firefighter faces the possibility of burning while a police officer may be shot. To prevent this, both professions must...
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Police Officers vs. African Americans

Is it “ To Serve & To Protect” or “To Serve & To Disrespect” ? Police brutality has existed for decades undetected but got worldwide exposure from the “ leaked footage” of the 1991 police incident in Los Angeles displaying the harsh beating of Rodney King by law enforcers. This event , in addition to all of the officers that were shown on tape got acquitted of all charges, led to riots happening all over Los angeles for 6 whole...
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Racial Profiling And The Police

Introduction Although there is not one blanket definition for racial profiling across police departments, Schaefer (2016) defines it as “any police-initiated action based on race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than the person’s behavior” (p. 55). According to Warren and Tomaskovic-Devey (2009), “the use of racial profiles dates back to the late 1970’s when federal agents created drug courier profiles for the purposes of apprehending drug traffickers in American airports.” The problem with the phenomenon of racial profiling is that...
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Understanding Police Brutality and Excessive Force

Abstract This paper talks about police brutality and excessive force and how it is affecting people perspectives and attitude toward police officer. Police brutality and excessive force has and is a big issue around the United States. Innocent people are being killed or mistreated by officers who don’t respect protocol and who take advantage of their power. This paper also explains body cameras and how they are useful and how race and ethnicity is being targeted at times. The article...
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Racism As The Main Factor In Police Brutality

Can the use of excessive force on African Americans by police officers be justified by their motto “to protect and to serve” ? According to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Frank Edwards, Hedwig Lee, and Michael Esposito found that about 1 in 1,000 African American men and boys in America can expect to be killed at the hands of police. Men and women between the age of 20 and 35 are at risk of death at the hands...
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The Importance Of Physical And Mental Training For Police Officers To Avoid Brutality

On October 2019, an African American was shot at his own apartment by a police officer because she thought that he was an intruder. She was charged with murder and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. For the past century, there has been a lot of cases in which police officers have acted out of instinct rather than analyzing the situation. Nowadays, we are experiencing a higher level of violent action by police officers that are seemingly not trained....
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The Peculiarities Of Police Officers' Training

There has been a lot of news and social media coverage on police brutality and shootings leading to a push for police retraining. The aftermath of events like Ferguson, Missouri, New York, Baltimore, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Has led to the development of many social activist groups such as Black Lives Matter, Cops Watch, and Cop Block. Which has fueled the discussion on police training and how citizens have become proactive in patrolling their communities using technology with cameras as surveillance....
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Essay about Police Accountability

Within this essay, I will explain what police accountability is, and detail both internal and external accountability as well. I will discuss the steps and measures that are taken to ensure police accountability and the mechanisms that are in place to provide an adequate check on police powers. I will also bring to attention some past debates that are in relation to police accountability, for example, the brutal death of George Floyd. Police accountability is the action of holding individual...
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The Effects Of Police Or Racial Profiling On Social Stability In The United States

It is not a secret that if you have never experienced racial profiling before, you won’t even notice that. Or, it may seem to be nothing more than a mere inconvenience for you or your relatives. But I believe that racial profiling is much more than a hassle because it has direct consequences for anyone involved in it. The thing is that if you’ve been through profiling, you will have to pay the price emotionally or in some cases even...
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Ethics And Corruption Of Police Officers

State police have always been a central part of this country, and their mission has remained the same since there conception in 1751. They’re Given their power by the state for which they serve, and are to uphold the constitution of the United States as well as the laws in place at the federal and state level. Police are public servants in the United States meaning their funding comes from taxes. It would be safe to say they have become...
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Essay about Use of Force

Use of force is a dilemma not only the United States has been fighting but it’s being fought all over the world. It’s something that is very hard to put down on paper and say this is what you need to do in every situation because you can’t because every situation is just a little bit different. All police officers that have a badge and a gun have the authority to use whatever force is necessary to uphold the law,...
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