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The Effects Of Police Or Racial Profiling On Social Stability In The United States

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It is not a secret that if you have never experienced racial profiling before, you won’t even notice that. Or, it may seem to be nothing more than a mere inconvenience for you or your relatives. But I believe that racial profiling is much more than a hassle because it has direct consequences for anyone involved in it. The thing is that if you’ve been through profiling, you will have to pay the price emotionally or in some cases even physically. And what is even worse, you would definitely come back to it throughout your lifetime.

Considering such cases, a lot of research psychologists have examined the effects of racial profiling on broader society and got some threatening facts about it. For instance, if we speak about the US society of the last six months, psychologists have learned that societal effects include confirming feelings of racism, financial costs and fear. Furthermore, I think we should take into account that the impact of profiling has already extended beyond who directly experience it. I believe there is no one left in the US who has no idea about George Floyd. His death has impacted on families, friends, classmates, and neighbors all over the US.

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To put is simply, the social and economic cost of racial profiling is widespread. When we describe a stable society with its prosperity, we mean our children and youth. For instance, most of us want our children to have a happy life and to become successful adults. But during the racial profiling on social stability, one of the most significant impacts is its effect on children and youth. They are the most sensitive class and need to be treated equally with respect to become presentable grownups. It should be also noted that public faith in the criminal justice system is a cornerstone of any harmonious society.

Any citizen should feel himself under the protection and willing to obey rules and laws. However, we need to underline that racial profiling seriously erodes public confidence in any justice system and can lead to disorders. People are not blind anymore. More and more people feel distrust, anger, hostility and fear. Many feel they need to be protected from the police. There are more and more cases of mistrust that has become not just specific to one state; it permeates all sectors of society. Finally, many “white” people feel ashamed to be a part of a society with racial profiling inside their democracy.

In conclusion, we all understand that racial profiling violates human dignity that cannot be accepted as a norm in the twenty first century. I strongly believe that the US society will overcome this problem by changing its attitude towards the gaps in the justice system and will build a stronger tolerance institute.

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