Why Police Officers Should Wear Body Cameras

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Imagine hearing on the news where someone is being accused for not corruptating during an arrest. In most of these cases it is the polices’ word against theirs. How does anyone really know the truth? With police wearing body cameras there would be footage of the arrest taking place. Therefore helping to hopefully clear up the mis conception. Of course there are other circumstances to consider. There could always be an issue of blurry footage or unseen situations that was not in the camera range. Unfortunately that is something that could occur and the camera would not be very helpful. In Most cases the arrest is caught on camera and is beneficial to the police, police department, and citizens to the community.

Police wearing body cameras can be very beneficial for accountability for the criminal as well as the police officer. For the accused suspects, there will most likely be a trial date. Their attorneys will review the footage and figure out the best way to conduct their defence in the courtroom or decide if they want to plead guilty. Oftentimes criminals are arrested under the influence of drugs and or alcohol and do not fully remember all the details of their arrest. They sometimes believe the situation occurs differently then what they may remember or what they feel actually happened. It can be beneficial towards helping a criminal decide if he or she wanted to fight potential charges of resisting arrest. It may also be helpful for the judge to view the video and get a better idea of the situation that occured.

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Body cameras can be beneficial to police officers when their character is being question and if protocol was being followed during the arrest. Unfortunately today there are many reports of unfair police reporting due to prejudice against race, religion, sex, etc. By having this footage, this can be disputed fairly because it is not one person's word against the other but rather actual video proof, therefore eliminating any doubt about whether the crime actually occurred the way the police stated. This could potentially save the police officer from having to go through a lengthy trial to defend his character.

Cameras can also help police in the way of documentation. Accurate documentation is very important for police to have, because it can be very useful in helping to prove the guilt or innocence of a potential criminal. Sometimes during an arrest actions unfold quickly and when the officer is ready to write his or her report they may not quite remember it fully. The officer can then go back and watch the footage of the arrest and get the any forgotten information they needed to complete their report. Attorneys use this documentation in helping to outline their defense stagrities in the courtroom. By having the body cameras they can conduct an accurate report from viewing the footage showing them exactly how the situation occurred. The body camera shows how the criminal is behaving towards to the cop and also how the cop is handling the situation. The camera also provides complete media of the incident, so you will have all the proof you need..

With the presence body cameras, it can be very helpful with training new police. The Chief of police can use the film to help the new police in training. He can use the film to demonstrate to the police trainees how to handle the situation correctly. The videos can demonstrate protocols that are in place and how they are used in the field. They can potentially be used to show how not following protocol can result in a more dangerous situation. It can open up discussions in class about the correct way to react in certain situations, and therefore will insure their ability to perform their duties in the field with confidence that they are doing it accurately. This should also help to ensure their safety out in the real-world. The Police Academy can use this tool in classes to quiz trainnies on how they would handle the situation by viewing portions of the video and having discussion about what is being viewed. This can help the instructor to see potentially where his officer in training may need more instruction and training. They can be helpful in training situations where a crime is being simulated and the student is being tested on how they handle the situation. They can then view the video later in the classroom setting and discuss whether is was handled correctly or not. Once they have decided if they handled the simulation correctly they can feel confident on sending them out to patrol the real-world.

It can be speculated that body cameras could possibly help reduce the rate of instances where people are resisting arrest. If police are required to wear body cameras, people may be less likely to resist arrest knowing that they could not prove their innocence because it would be caught on camera. They might even show more respect to police officers knowing that they are being filmed.

One could assume that body cameras could help in the community by deterring criminals from breaking the law knowing they were on camera as well as exposing any police officers that demonstrate improper policies. Police officers would have to be accountable for their actions and they could potentially face criminal charges as well as being removed them from the force. If it showed the officer having negative behavior, using unnecessary force or discrimination this could result in serious consequences. By this being advent we could remove these officers that are the bad seeds and hopefully make the community a safer place and renew trust in the police force.

All and all it appears that body cameras would be very beneficial. Not only could it help out the suspect being arrested, as well as the officer. But it could also help with the community. It seems to be noticed that people will conduct themselves in a different manner when they know they are in the public eye. So between mandatory body cameras that police wear as well as cameras that are on public streets, businesses, and or homes, maybe the police body cameras would help eliminate the blame game that goes on between police officer and the suspect he or she is arresting. Over time body cameras could improve safety for our officers as well as the community which is never a bad thing.

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