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Social Issues

Research Ethics in Natural Science: Analytical Essay

Introduction Scientists and researchers generally work independently without being routinely supervised by others. Even if there is supervision, it is more in the form of supervision, evaluation, or monitoring of funders or mentors (if the students are researchers) to monitor the extent to which research progress has been achieved. The rest, researchers generally take full responsibility for results of the research done. Practices like this require researchers to have an honest and careful attitude, even though they are not routinely...
4 Pages 1974 Words

Relationship between Anthropology and Ethnography: Analytical Essay

Ethnography exists as an integral component of contemporary anthropology, allowing for the exploration and understanding of culture through the study of subjects and their behaviours in given situations. The practice enables the documentation of accounts of livelihood; producing credible accounts wherein knowledge and understanding is received through observation and immersion with participants to form a representation of a community or group. Of course, modern ethnography exists as wholly different to early 20th century practices, and this essay will explore the...
5 Pages 2109 Words

Post Modernism and Consumer Behavior: Analytical Essay

Introduction Understanding consumer behavior is important for any organization before launching a product. If the organization failed to analyse how a customer will respond to a particular product, the company will face losses. Consumer behavior is very complex because each consumer has different mind and attitude towards purchase, consumption and disposal of product (Solomon, 2009). Understanding the theories and concepts of consumer behavior helps to market the product or services successfully. Over the years, customer behavior; now people are buying...
5 Pages 2301 Words

Experimental Research Design: Analytical Essay

Experimental research design is the designing of entire research process based on two sets of variables- independent and dependent variables. In this design, independent variables are manipulated through several treatments and effects of those treatments are analysed. By this, effect of independent variable on dependent variable is obtained. The experimental research design enables gathering of relevant datas that helps us to make better decisions. An efficient experimental research facilitates smooth functioning of entire research process. That is, from writing the...
2 Pages 1059 Words

Edward Said and Theoretical Backgrounds of Orientalism: Analytical Essay

Edward Said is one of the most prominent literary critics of the 20th century. He was born in Jerusalem in 1935 to a Christian family. His family never took a certain place as a permanent resident. They were moving from place to place (between Jerusalem, Lebanon, Cairo and United states), therefore, he was a multicultural person. As a teenager, he was expelled from Victoria College, thus, his family sent him to America to study in Mount Hermon and eventually, he...
6 Pages 2775 Words

Definition of Ethics and Ethical Theories: Analytical Essay

Introduction In this essay I will be explaining about the Ethical theories and I will be explaining about the Ethical issues and Benefits of Ethical theories. I will explain further about Ethical principles and then describe about connection of code of ethics and theories. In the essay describe about Professional codes of ethics and practice. By going through this you can get a clear idea about Ethical theories, Professional codes of ethics and practice, Ethical principles and Their issues. What...
3 Pages 1160 Words

Definition and Essence of Postmodernism: Analytical Essay

Postmodernity or post-modernism refers to a new historical era. It has been described in a variety of ways. Through thorough research, the post modernity is built up of criticisms of the modernist forms of organisation exemplified by bureaucracy. As the modernist perspective divides itself into two sections, ontology and epistemology, the postmodernist perspective also separates its view to make it more understandable to other people who look into the perspective to analyse it such as Marxists. The post-modernists ontology is...
2 Pages 1119 Words

Chicago School of Ethnography: Analytical Essay

Analytical Essay What is the Chicago school of ethnography? What are the specific research tools used by the Chicago school ethnographers? How would you differentiate this approach for “critical ethnography”? Which do you prefer and why? Ethnography originated in the nineteenth-century, when some Western anthropologist wanted to use ethnography as a way to give a descriptive account of a culture or community. “Ethnography” was seen as a compliment to “ethnology”, which referred to the historic and relative study of non-Western...
1 Page 559 Words

Analytical Overview of Marwick and Boyd’s Ethnography

Alice E Marwick and Danah Boyd (pg.1052, 2014) research into social media and privacy sought to question and understand the societal assumption that “teenagers don’t care about privacy”. Through conducting semi-interviews as part of a wider ethnographic experiment, Marwick and Boyd were to a great extent successful in combining a variety of research methods to not only understand how young people conceptualize privacy but constructing their ‘networked privacy theory’ that challenged mainstream privacy theories. However, the objectivity and validity through...
4 Pages 1741 Words

Analytical Essay on European Union: Critical Evaluation of the Role of Article 7 TEU

1.0 Introduction The European Union is guided by a number of provisions that are based on diverse values that are embraced by this union. These provisions are generally categorized into seven articles. One of the most significant provisions that guide the relationships of the member states of the European Union is associated with Article 2. Article 2 provides that the European Union is founded on the critical values of respect for freedom, democracy and dignity of persons, as well as...
7 Pages 3241 Words

Analytical Essay on Digital Ethnography: Principles and Practices

Study Case The reason for why an award show was selected as a case study in this paper, is because liveness is very much the central concept in a show like this. The elements that float around in the bubble of the concept of liveness, are all things that can be applied to a media event like this. An award show is a combination of a broadcast that shows pre-recorded and live performances, but also verbalized interactional moments such as...
5 Pages 2174 Words

Theme of Realism in Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton: Analytical Essay

In this essay, I will be discussing how the theme of realism is present in Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton, and how Lost in the Funhouse by John Barth represents the conventions of postmodernism. I will then explain how realism and postmodernism both depict what life was like during the period they originated despite the century-old age gap between the two. This essay will demonstrate how realism attempts to create scenarios that are similar to real-life and communicate elements of...
5 Pages 2431 Words

Modes of Individuality Seen in The Giver: Analytical Essay

Individuality, as found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is defined as total character peculiar to and distinguishing an individual from others (“Individuality”), or simply put, someone’s personality that sets them apart from everyone else. This trend of individuality seems to be the forefront of Lois Lowry’s novel The Giver. In The Giver, the young protagonist, Jonas (and everyone else) live in what turns from a utopian community in the beginning, into a dystopian community full of sameness and lack of self-control...
6 Pages 2656 Words

Definition and Essence of Obesity: Analytical Essay

Defining Obesity Obesity is defined in terms of a person’s weight and height. It is calculated based on a person’s Body Mass Index (BMI). A person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters provides the BMI on a pre-determined scale provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).1 The BMI provides useful information in determining whether a person is underweight, healthy weight, overweight or obese. The CDC defines obesity as “weight that is higher...
6 Pages 2853 Words

Challenges and Strategies in Speaking English: Analytical Essay

Speaking is imperative to human communication in that it provides us to express our opinions, ideas, and feelings( Riverse1978: 162). Huebner (1969:203) states that speaking is the most important skill in communication. In our life, mostly, we use speaking skills rather than others such as reading or writing. Good communication skill leads to success in every aspect of our life whether it is education or work. Nunan (1991) noted, ‘success is determined in terms of the ability to carry out...
4 Pages 1603 Words

Analysis Essay on ‘This Is America’

Rhetorical Essay In the “This Is America” source video, Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover’s message is uncanny and loaded with shocking imagery and metaphors. The video has launched a storm of multiple conversations on social media. The music video touches on many layers of gun violence, the increasing state of Black bodies in the United States, and how entertainment has distracted society from cultural and political issues. Childish Gambino’s video “This Is America” displays many examples of ethos, pathos, and...
3 Pages 1420 Words

Hamlet: Character Analysis Essay

Characters’ Relationships in Hamlet Relationships are everywhere; however, nowadays people differ too much from others, due to the expansion of diversity, the point that sometimes is difficult to find a good relationship. Some folks are blessed to have encountered their twin in ideas, which creates a good bond of friendship, which can benefit both people either in self, personality or psychologically. In the play Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, the character of Hamlet has many relationships with all characters. A...
3 Pages 1266 Words

The Dangers of Government Surveillance on Internet Users and Possible Solution: Analytical Essay

Have you ever had the feeling of been watched and monitored by someone hiding in the shadow? Watching every single move of yours, what you do, where you go, who you interact with, and all of your daily activities. If you are certain about this, then your guess is correct because every single one of us is under our governments watch. Our government has encroached into the privacy of every single citizen without our consent. They carry out this act...
2 Pages 914 Words

Potential Impact of Conspiracy Theories on the Success of a Design Solution: Analytical Essay

This essay will demonstrate that rather than automatically dismissing conspiracy theories as fanciful and irrelevant in product design, the designer should acknowledge them and carefully consider their potential impact on the success of a design solution. Examples of non-mainstream ideas and beliefs that have been incorporated into the design of products will be provided, including where product designers will be aware that these ideas and beliefs exist due to the emergence of a conspiracy theory. It will be shown that...
3 Pages 1544 Words

History and Definition of Health Insurance: Analytical Essay

Abstract The cost of health insurance is on the rise because of the respective rise in the cost of treatments, doctor visits, and medications. Most business, like credit unions, choose to offer health insurance to their employees. As a result of the cost of health insurance rising, it costs the business more money to offer it to their employees. Since credit unions are not-for-profit, this deeper cut into their bottom-line effects them more heavily than it does other business who...
4 Pages 1948 Words

Definition of Bad News and Its Impact on Employment Relationship: Analytical Essay

Part 01- Literature review In this section, at first, we give the definition of bad news and its impact on the employment relationship. Secondly, we describe the process of delivering bad news. Finally, we analyze the delivery of bad news. The delivery of bad news is very difficult in organisation. The people who deliver the bad news may be threatened by the victim (DFTB, 2017). The bad news in corporations’ is related with poor performance, customer complaints and termination etc....
4 Pages 1914 Words

Issues of Media Bias in America: Analytical Essay

Media plays a big part around the world nowadays. About 11 years ago we would not think media would be such a big deal as we think of it now. The world uses media to post things that are happening in the world or we post to show our friends what we are doing on the weekends. I think when the question is asked is the media leaned more towards conservative or liberal? It really just depends on how a...
3 Pages 1206 Words

Effect of Online News on Teenagers: Analytical Essay

In the past few years, online news starts to become a trend for people getting information in mainland China, but how can we tell some news that appears on online are reliable? Where reliability became the major concern of news. This essay will investigate more on the impact of online news, and how does it cause. This essay is going to study the effects of online news culture to teenagers, it is valid for study, because at the modern society,...
4 Pages 1920 Words

Freuds Views on Females and Oedipus Complex: Analytical Essay

What did Freud say about women? And how did feminism respond? Introduction to psychoanalysis and gender: According to Freud’s psychosexual theory of personality development, it is suggested that gender development occurs during the phallic stage. This is when a child is between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. Psychoanalytic theories suggest that gender development is different for boys and girls (Freud, 1905). The Oedipus complex is a term created by Freud and implies that through this complex, boys...
4 Pages 1857 Words

Application of Ethical Principles in Research: Analytical Essay

Comparing and analyzing qualitative and quantitative approaches to research with consideration of ethical issues associated with research Research can be described as a quest for new knowledge and the exploration of the unknown. A systematic process in which data is collected and analyzed in order to draw conclusions and generate new concepts (Walliman, 2011). Research within the field of nutrition is crucial and conducted daily, as nutrition is constantly changing is it vital to obtain and utilize current and up-to-date...
5 Pages 2490 Words

Jeremy Bentham's Definition of Ethics: Analytical Essay

Gurjinder Singh Bhamra 1710160 CARC5003 In this piece of writing, I will be analyzing and commenting on the Al Wakrah Stadium and the controversy that surrounded it. The stadium (4) was designed for the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar which can seat 40,000 people. With the design of this stadium, they had planned to decrease the seating in the stadium down to 20,000 figures after the world cup and will be the home of the Qatari Sports Club. Throughout...
7 Pages 2960 Words

Analysis of Idea and Rules of Just War Theory

From Cicero’s early ideas to Saint Augustine’s substantial contributions, the just war theory has been used as a means to morally justify the choice to go to war and maintain that the war is fought justly. Although the idea and ‘rules’ of just war have evolved over time, the idea of just war has become redundant. There are several reasons as to why just war has become obsolete including ambiguity and personal interpretation of criteria and flaws in the foundation...
3 Pages 1576 Words

Expectations of Women in the Samurai Class: Analytical Essay

Introduction The Edo period was crucial in the shaping of Japanese gender roles and expectations, creating norms that continue to influence modern-day views of femininity and masculinity. Japan was once a matriarchal society where women were head of social organizations, families, and clans, however, the influx of Chinese philosophy and Confucian ideas in the modern period led to a decrease in female power (xx). The Confucian ideology emphasized hierarchy and male dominance, and as a result, women became subservient (xx)....
5 Pages 2357 Words

The Concept of the Apollonian Dionysian Dichotomy: Analytical Essay

In The Birth of Tragedy Nietzsche presents his concept of the Apollonian, Dionysian Dichotomy as the driving force behind Greek art. Discussing how this can be used to revive the western modern culture. This essay will provide an overview of his key ideas and problems with them with reference to interact with the philosophical discourse of aesthetics. In The Birth of Tragedy begins Nietzsche presents an analysis of the Greek tragedy introducing the concept of the Apollonian Dionysian Dichotomy. He...
4 Pages 1685 Words

Analytical Essay on the Novel Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf: Factors Contributing to the Mental Disorders of Main Characters

Introduction Virginia Woolf is a famous modernist English writer and the novel Mrs. Dalloway is one of her most popular works. The novel is based on a modernist writing technique which is known as stream of consciousness. There are throwbacks in the novel which are actually the thoughts of the characters. As we see, two stories are being discussed in the novel at the same time and the interesting aspect is that there is no relation between these two stories...
7 Pages 3360 Words
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