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Essay on 'South Park': Eric Cartman, the Pure Libertine

As the newest South Park short movie was released on December 16, 2021, it helps recall my memories of South Park. I have been a fan of South Park for 5 years, And among all the characters in South Park, Eric Cartman, this FAT kid, gave me the deepest impression. Not only he has been ranked number 19 on Bravo’s 100 Greatest TV Characters, but also he was considered to be the only hedonist or libertine to be specific, in...
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Who Is Responsible for the Death of Neil Perry from 'Dead Poets Society'?

‘Dead Poets Society’ is a 1998 movie directed by Peter Weir. It is an American drama set in Welton Academy, an elite and conservative boarding school for boys located in Vermont. One of the questions that everyone had about the film was: who was responsible for the death of Neil Perry. Various factors contributed to Neil Perry’s death. Many people who watched Weir’s movie, ‘Dead Poets Society’, believed that his English Teacher, Mr. Keating, was the one responsible for Neil...
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‘No Country for Old Men’: Chigurh's Character Analysis

In today’s time, it is very easy for someone to be a bully or harass a person over social media. Before the popularity of social media, this type of insults to people would be done directly face to face with the person. The movie ‘No Country for Old Men’ displays representations of the different levels of harassment along with what it was like to be harassed in person before social media. One short clip from the movie ‘No Country for...
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Essay on 'Smoke Signals' and the Path to Self-Revelation of Its Main Character

In ‘Smoke Signals’, the hero, Victor Joseph, is tested to reclassify his self-idea and furthermore the convictions he has of his dad. The early introduction we get from Victor is that he has a terrible disposition. In any case, it is obvious that he is definitely not a bad person. We are given the inclination that he is somewhat lost and that he doesn’t generally have the foggiest idea of what his identity is. The film takes us with Victor...
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Influence of Art and Religion on the Character of Asher Lev by Chaim Potok

In My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok, the main character, Asher, is born a Hasidic Jew with devoted religious parents. Since childhood, he was placed in a difficult situation where he was torn between following his religious views or pursuing his passion for art. Being a Hasidic Jew means abiding by the Torah and adhering to the lifestyle it suggests. Jews are strictly prohibited from drawing figures, yet Asher still became absorbed in the artistic realm. Despite the...
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Mrs. Perry and Chris Noel's Relationships with Their Men in 'Dead Poets Society'

Have you or a loved one ever been diagnosed with having an asshole of a significant other? Well then, this essay might be the compensation you deserve. The film ‘Dead Poets Society’ has two women, Chris Noel and Mrs. Perry, they both have controlling, dominant men in their lives and it holds them back from being their true selves. In the movie, Mrs. Perry and Chris Noel, are in the same situation, but in different ways because, they are both...
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Coach Carter's Inspirational Character

‘Coach Carter’ is an American biographical teen sports drama film directed by Thomas Carter. In this paper I’m going to discuss how the main character of this fascinating movie, Ken Carter, demonstrates demonstrates his inspirational character. The Mississippi business, writer, coach and family man, Ken Carter’s motivation and inspiring work ethic has been seen to become a world-known person on and off the court by throwing himself in the deep end and taking up a coaching role with a struggling,...
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Coach Carter's Effective Leadership Style in the Movie ‘Coach Carter’

The movie ‘Coach Carter’ is a veritable story reliant on Coach Ken Carter who was a basketball mentor at a Richmond’s optional school. ‘Coach Carter’ is extraordinarily moving and charming motion picture which was facilitated by Thomas Carter, and this motion picture was released by Central Pictures in 2005. It is certified story of a man who pushed his understudies to do well in their lives following the right ways. Ken Carter indicates distinctive administration hypotheses and styles in this...
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Analysis of Leadership Style of Coach Carter from the Movie 'Coach Carter'

This paper is based on the 2005 American biographical sports drama film ‘Coach Carter’, directed by Thomas Carter. This review is centered on Coach Carter’s leadership style; the primary motivation for watching this film is to learn about solid leadership tactics for reaching goals confidently and the ideas and ethics that the coach employs. Coach Carter began his coaching career as a basketball coach at Richmond High School in Richmond, California. Carter noticed how harsh and disrespectful the athletes were....
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Character Analysis of Bud Fox from the Movie 'Wall Street'

Bud Fox, from the 1987 American drama ‘Wall Street’, directed and written by Oliver Stone, is a Wall Street young and fresh out of college stock broker that works for Jackson Steinem and Co. He spends most of his day making phone calls to sell stocks to individual investors. Fox only makes $50,000 a year and he feels it is not enough for him as he needs to pay off school loans, rent, suits. Fox is a smart, hard-working young...
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Homer Simpson from ‘The Simpsons’ Vs Peter Griffin from ‘Family Guy’: Character Analysis

Homer Simpson from ‘The Simpsons’ and Peter Griffin from ‘Family Guy’ share many similarities, yet many differences. They both live this crazy, out of the box life in every episode of the show. Homer and Peter are also both idiotic, but can maintain their job ethics. The difference is that Homer, for the most part, tries to make up for his actions, while Peter, on the other hand, has no remorse towards his actions on the show. The two also...
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Miranda Priestly from the Movie 'The Devil Wears Prada' and Her Leadership Style

Miranda Priestly is a leading actress in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ which she practices different kind of leadership theories of management such as Blake and Mouton’s theories of leadership, leadership styles and behavioral approaches to leadership. Miranda Priestley’s personality is highly sophisticated, and work driven to the point she demands excellence. She tends to be a task-oriented leader, which she prioritizes the work on her personal life. This resulted on her success and leadership. However, there is a down side...
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The Movie ‘Groundhog Day’ and the Personal Growth Its Protagonist

What would you do if you were stuck reliving the same day in the exact same place repeatedly? I often asked myself this same question as I was watching ‘Groundhog Day’. ‘Groundhog Day’ is a romantic comedy movie that starts off with Phil Connors, an arrogant weatherman, who goes to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to do a broadcast of the annual events of the coming out of the groundhog. He hurries up to do the broadcast and tries to wrap it up...
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Analysis of Lord Farquaad from 'Shrek' from Humanistic and Psychodynamic Perspectives

Lord Farquaad is the main evil villain of the movie ‘Shrek’, and shortest one too. He is the ruler of Duloc – and a cruel one at that. At the beginning of the movie Farquaad banishes all of the fairytale creatures from his land (relocated to Shrek’s swamp), torturing others to give up the location of whatever creatures he hasn’t yet found. From the start he is portrayed as a cruel and insecure ruler, and yet is the butt of...
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Attractiveness of Antiheroes on the Example of Shrek

Have you ever known a human who possesses the noble qualities of a hero? Probably none. Heroes embodied with noble qualities such as selfless, brave, strong, and many more to point out which is a long way from the truth and that sends out that solely the perfect can acquire those. An everyday person would by no means able to relate to these heroes who had been completely pure of heart, who simply save the day and always knew what...
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Fiona from 'Shrek' as a Manly Woman: Character Analysis

Between the clichés of a love story and a fairytale, the film ‘Shrek’ through the feminist lens shows defiance against male patriarchy, female weakness and self-acceptance issues through Fiona as the storyline follows. Despite Shrek’s wishes to not follow a fairy tale type of storyline let alone any type, he as an ogre falls in love with Fiona unbeknownst that she is an ogre, and likewise, Fiona’s emotions make the story readily a fairytale. Although Fiona is portrayed as a...
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Analysis of Forrest Gump Character as the One Who Made the Movie ‘Forrest Gump’ Iconic

In 1994, the iconic movie ‘Forrest Gump’, directed by Robert Zemeckis, was released. This movie gave life to one of today’s more inspirational movie characters, Forrest Gump. The movie ‘Forrest Gump’ is about a simple, seemingly uneducated man’s journey through a string of complicated times and nonetheless coming out on top. At the start of the movie, we learn Gump has an IQ of 75 which is significantly lower than average, but it does not seem to stop Forrest. We...
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A Beautiful Mind' and Schizophrenia: Character Analysis

Have you ever watched a movie and wonder what is wrong with a certain character? After reading about various mental disorders listed and play close attention to their symptom it made me realize what could be wrong with a person. Many movies and tv shows often show or educate the public on mental disorders but often I find myself wondering what is wrong with them. Which brings me to a disorder called schizophrenia, which is defined as a severe psychological...
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John Nash from the Movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia, like many other disorders, is an invisible illness that affects about 1/100 people within society. The illness itself is cognitive and emotional dysfunctions, including delusions, and hallucinations, disorganized speech and behavior, and inappropriate emotions (Barlow, D. H., Durand, V. M., Lalumiere, M. L., & Hofmann, S. G., 2018).) Many individuals have mistaken schizophrenia as a ‘split personality’ which is also referred to as ‘multiple personality disorder’ in the DSM-5. While some symptoms of both illnesses may seem similar, such...
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John Nash's Schizophrenia in 'A Beautiful Mind'

The 2001 film, ‘A Beautiful Mind’, tells the story of John Nash, a brilliant mathematical mind and Nobel prize winner in economics who has suffered from schizophrenia throughout his life. The film faithfully portrays the passages of his illness, from the onset to the stage in which he chooses to ignore the hallucinations that will continue to accompany him throughout his life. John Nash was diagnosed at about 30 years of age with paranoid delusional schizophrenia, a mental illness that...
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Schizophrenia of John Forbes Nash Jr. in 'A Beautiful Mind'

I have chosen to psychoanalyze the character John Forbes Nash Jr. in the film ‘A Beautiful Mind’, within the schizophrenia spectrum. Schizophrenia is a disorder that functions to impair the emotional, behavioral, and cognitive areas of an individual’s life. ‘A Beautiful Mind’ is a biographical drama film depicting the real life of John Forbes Nash Jr. Nash was an extremely brilliant mathematician whose graduate career began at the Princeton University where he earned a doctorate by the age of 22...
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Contrast between Characters in the Biopics ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and ‘The Kings Speech’

In the two biopic films, ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and ‘The Kings Speech’, there are many rather unique characters and some of which are extremely different to one another. These contrasts that the directors of these films have purposefully implemented into these films help to intensify the meaning and or the intention of the biopic film. In the biopic ‘The Kings Speech’ the audience is introduced to two characters. Bertie is a character which comes from royalty and riches. In the...
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Analysis of Michael Oher from 'The Blind Side' Using Psychological Theories

‘The Blind Side’ is a movie based on a true-life story about a homeless teen and the family that took him in. The movie is based on Michael Oher who was homeless, who discovered a family that wanted him, and who rose to become famous. This paper will analyze the main character Michael Oher. Michael was an African American homeless while his drug addicted mother lived in a rundown apartment. Unfortunately, Michael never knew his father was, had little education,...
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Michael Oher from the Film 'The Blind Side': Character Analysis

In this essay paper I will discuss and analyze Michael Oher’s personality. This essay paper is based on true events from the film ‘The Blind Side’ inspired by Michael Lewis’s best seller. Michael Oher is an African American who grew up as an extremely impoverished child in the ghettos of Memphis Tennessee. Oher was from a place called Hurt Village, a housing project in North Memphis, where he was one of twelve families growing up in broken homes and low...
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Nazi Vs the Narrator

Why did the unconscious part of the brains of the protagonists seems as if it were put get them? Carl Gustav Jung, a psychoanalyst would call it the collective unconscious; it’s a universal shared memory in which mankind seems to repress their true emotions without being aware of it. This concept is easier to make sense of when one looks at the character of Captain Gunther Lutz, a former SS Nazi officer. He visits his place of joy, Dachau concentration...
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Role of Narrator in 'A Costa dos Murmurios'

Eva Lopo is an extremely active character throughout the book, she observes, she understands, but more importantly, as the novel progresses, she becomes increasingly more informed about Portuguese presence in Mozambique. Throughout the novel, the audience experiences a transformation in the attitude and outlook of the main protagonist. We are taken on a journey with Eva Lopo, from the young and naive Evita, to the aware and informed woman we see at the end of the novel. At the start...
3 Pages 1214 Words

Gina as Unreliable Narrator of Her Own Story in Anne Enright's 'The Forgotten Waltz'

Gina Moynihan is an unreliable narrator of her own story as she contradictions herself throughout the entire novel. She also does not conform to a basic structure and further points will explain how she states and makes mistakes when certain things took place and how they happened. Gina was infatuated with Sean yet looking back in the novel, that is not stated anywhere. She also recalls being confused by him in early meetings, even after their first night together she...
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Charlie Chaplin's Tramp: Character Analysis

Charlie Chaplin is known as one of the original Auteurs of the film industry for the time and dedication he put in to his craft. At the height of his career, he simultaneously directed, produced written and acted in his movies. Inarguably the greatest character he played in his life is ‘the Tramp’ which is also his creation. The Tramp appeared as the main character in several films such as ‘The Kid’ (1921) ‘The Circus’ (1928), ‘City Lights’ (1931) and...
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Psychological Analysis of Main Character of the Film 'Good Will Hunting'

The film ‘Good Will Hunting’ describes a genius young Will, who solved the equations of the MIT mathematics professor Gerald on the blackboard and was discovered by Gerald. However, Will is a very violent and unsatisfied young man. When Gerald found this genius, he was about to send to jail because of the fight. Gerald pleaded with the judge for bail, and then let Will be free from jail. In order to let Will find his own life goals, he...
2 Pages 1103 Words

Analysis of Main Characters ‘The Dark Knight’ through the Psychodynamic Theory

The film ‘The Dark Knight’ is a well-known movie and has earned 8 Academy Award nominations, and has also won 2 Academy Awards. This amount of appreciation is no surprise considering the effort that was put into the movie and the movies significant meaningful story. The film shows many different perspectives from the same story, from a representation of the society to the paths each character takes to achieve the same goal known as satisfaction. Set within a year after...
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