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In life, villains ought to be avoided, but in fiction, they are simply unavoidable. Without a villain, there is no hero, and a story without a villain and a hero isn't a story. Great villains can have a significant effect on the value of their stories as a whole, but what makes a great villain? One example is Felix from Christina Barnaby's novel 'Keepers of Light', whose frightening appearance, terrible misdeeds, and conflict with the hero make him the ideal...
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In the novel, ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the true villain is Tom. He portrays himself as the villain in the novel because of his affairs with the vulgar power, mistress, and self-centered behaviors. Tom Buchanan is the main antagonist in ‘The Great Gatsby’. A hostile and physically striking man, Tom represents the biggest barrier between Gatsby and Daisy's reunion. First, Tom is considered the villain throughout the novel due to his vulgar power, in particular at Gatsby’s...
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Scene 3 establishes Stanley as a villain as it shows his complete aggression and anger when people do things that he doesn't agree with. During scene 3 we see that all of the men in the play are participating in a poker game, where Stanley seems to get drunk and becomes more aggressive towards Stella and Blanche. Firstly, in the beginning of the scene Blanche enters the apartment and says, “Please don't get up” where Stanley responds with, “Nobody’s going...
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The Jewish people are scared. Frightened to leave their home every day and practice their own religion. They are frowned upon by all Christians and non-Jews. Being a Jewish person is like living in a foreign land. They must practice their religion in secret, they are segregated away from all other non-Jewish people and they are heavily discriminated. Shylock is a Jewish money lender and he lends money at exorbitant interest rates to get the highest revenue. As a merchant,...
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In the play ‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller, Abigail Williams is a pivotal character and has a very simple role. Abigail is a villain in the story as she when she uses manipulation to fulfill her sexual desire and wanting for power. But it is also understandable to an extent why she is acting this way. Specifically mentioning that she is an orphan, an unmarried girl, and has an extremely low social status which is barely above slaves in the...
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Most of us have grown up reading stories and watching movies about heroes and princes who are flawless, brave, and innocent as leading positive characters. On other hand, in these stories, we could also find a villain with every negative quality possible who must oppose and cause harm to the hero. This conflict between the hero and the villain has shown always resulted in the defeat of the villain. The only two choices of characters these plots offer the audience...
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The concept of tragedy within plays is to highlight the dramatic style of humanity, through our encounters with sorrow and terrible events. Specifically, in Elizabethan and Jacobean tragedies, this approach to tragedy was filled with dynamics based upon the characters of the plays actions. Often, the source of such tragedies stemmed from the conspiring roles of villains. The existence of villains is a term that has constantly become defined through labels in literary, historical and movie groups throughout history. Often...
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Villainy refers to the conduct of someone who is involved in committing disgraceful crimes. When one thinks of a villain, other synonyms come to mind: for example, sinner, criminal, and transgressor. Villains are used across literature as a plot device to help move the story along and catalyze to key events. They are meant to be a foil for the hero as they are meant to have contrasting personality traits. In ‘Frankenstein’ it is easy to conclude that the Creature...
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