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Book Review: Different Seasons

In Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, Andy (an innocent man) is sentenced to a double life sentence. There Andy meets Red, a prisoner who smuggles items from the outside world. As Andy is an amateur geologist he asks Red to get him a rock hammer for shaping rocks he collects in the exercise yard. Sometime later he asks Red for a large picture of Rita Hayworth (a celebrity). After 28 years, Andy disappears from his cell and when guards...
2 Pages 764 Words

Rhetorical Question: Exposure and The Charge of the Light Brigade

Both ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ and ‘Exposure’ deal with the topic of war in vastly contrasting approaches. ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ details the account of the six-hundred and seventy cavalrymen and officers that were given an ambiguous order to attack Russian troops armed with cannons during the Crimean War. Tennyson accentuates the cavalry’s bravery and heroism against the seemingly immeasurable enemy in ‘noble six hundred’ and ‘boldly they rode.’ Alternatively, Owen describes a different aspect of...
2 Pages 951 Words

Social World of Coffee Analysis

This book is about the life of the people socially connected through coffee. Paige West, the author of the book has tried to provide an account that roams around the globe, from a small village of eastern highland of Papua new guinea(PNG) to western Europe and the USA. As the title of the book suggests the Social world of coffee, it elaborates the ethnography of people of Papua new guinea. In PNG people lives from diverse culture and ethnicity. It...
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The Civil War and Reconstruction in Indian Territory': Book Review

The argument of Clampitt, which is repeated in subsequent chapters, is that the Civil War and Reconstruction period in the history of the Indian Territory were complicated and always evolving. This series of eight essays and the editor’s ‘Introduction’ focuses on the Civil War west of the Mississippi. As well, it focuses on an even more complicated topic: Native Americans’ experiences in Indian Territory during the Civil War and Reconstruction era. Too often, historians have ignored or discounted the Civil...
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The Outsiders': Book Review

‘The Outsiders’ is a book by S. E. Hinton which was made published on April 24, 1967, and the setting in the book is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This book is about a 14-year-old boy named Ponyboy Curtis and his two brothers, Soda and Darry. They are orphans who are struggling at the low class of the community. There are also two rivals who always want to fight each other due to their differences. One gang is called the ‘Greasers’, while...
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The Selfish Gene' by Richard Dawkins: Book Review

Written in 1976 by Richard Dawkins, ‘The Selfish Gene’ discusses key concerns related to evolutionary processes. Initially, Dawkins, introduces the reader to the most prevalent theories at the time, notably the group centered theory of evolution proposed by various academics. The book proposes the alternative theory of a ‘gene centered’ view of evolution as opposed to the former theory. Lastly it also discusses a new form of replicator known as the ‘meme’. The book begins by introducing the reader to...
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‘A Different Shade of Gray’ By Katherine Newman: Book Review

‘A Different Shade of Gray’ written by Katherine Newman looks at a neglected group within the inner city. This group is the minorities that are middle-aged or older and they include African American, Puerto Rican, and Dominican respondents who took place in New York City life history interviews. Newman compares this data against a larger New York City survey and national data that comes from these middle-aged and older people. These people are elderly inner-city residents have worked hard against...
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‘Coming of Age in Mississippi’: Book Review

‘Coming of Age in Mississippi’ is a book written by Anne Moody that details her life as a black woman in rural Mississippi during the mid-20th century. It encompasses Moody’s life from her childhood to her mid 20’s, the most impactful and important part being her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement which began while she was a student at Tougaloo College had been known to be predominantly black. The autobiography also addresses her struggles with racism among white people,...
3 Pages 1405 Words

‘Coming of Age in Samoa’ by Margaret Mead: Book Review

Margaret Mead, one of the leaders of the Culture and Personality school of Thought was a leading lady anthropologist of Columbia University. She was a student of both Franz Boas and Ruth Benedict. Configurationalism, the identification of salient cultural characteristics, representing the patterns of culture, and their presentation in a familiar psychological idiom, was the forerunner of reconciliation between historical particularism of Boas and psychoanalysis of scholars of culture personality school. ‘Coming of Age in Samoa’ is Mead’s first book...
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‘The Silence of the Lambs’ by Thomas Harris: Book Review

‘The Silence of the Lambs’ by Thomas Harris is the second book in the series of Hannibal Lecter. Before discussing about the book, I want to talk about Thomas Harris. The author of this book because I him find to be very interesting. Little is known about Thomas Harris. He is very out of the public’s eye and very off the radar. He hasn’t given an interview since 1976 which is quite interesting. He has given us the most infamous...
2 Pages 880 Words

‘There's No Such Thing as 'Business' Ethics’ by John Maxwell: Book Review

In his very informative book, ‘There’s No Such Thing as ‘Business’ Ethics’, John Maxwell tells us of one simple idea of getting back to ethics in business organizations. That one simple idea is called the Golden Rule, which many of us have learned from a young age, from the Bible, states, “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31, New International Version). In business ethics, owners, managers, financial officers, etc., often revert to what is...
3 Pages 1452 Words

‘Understanding and Handling Dog Aggression’ by Barbara Sykes: Book Review

The book, ‘Understanding and Handling Dog Aggression’, is an introduction into canine aggression and its causes. Its author, Barbara Sykes, is a highly experienced dog trainer and registered behaviorist and also one of the UK’s top shepherdesses, winning many trials. She has a specialization in Border Collies and has also written books regarding the training and handling of that particular breed. The book has several different elements to its structure. On the one hand it gives details of what aggressive...
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‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens: Book Review

“A Marsh is not a swamp, a marsh is a space of light where grass grows in water…Then within the marsh, here and there, true, swamp…Swamp water is still dark, having swallowed the light in its muddy throat. …the swamp is quiet” (1969, page 11, Prologue). ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens is all about resilience and survival, but also isolation. This book is set in North Carolina and jumps to multiple points in time to tell the story...
2 Pages 794 Words

Book Review on 'Love Does No Harm: Sexual Ethics for the Rest of Us' by Marie Fortune

The book I have chosen to read and review is ‘Love Does No Harm: Sexual Ethics for the Rest of Us’ by Marie Fortune. In this book, the author addresses the modern-day problems with intimate relationships and provides guidelines regarding proper boundaries for healthy, loving relationships. The book focuses on the processes involved in making ethical sexual decisions and the external influences that affect our decisions. Fortune advises her readers to make ethical decisions that are both pleasurable for oneself...
4 Pages 1769 Words

Book Review on 'Man, the State, and War: Theoretical Analysis' by Kenneth Neal Waltz

In this book, the author Kenneth Neal Waltz who is a realist academic has established a system using three ‘images of analysis’ in explaining the root and the cause of conflicts in international relationship criteria. Waltz has believed in realism and using realism approach and theory in explaining and describing the international system as he talks about the power distribution and the roots of the conflict are in human nature. It is a philosophical problem in explaining why humanity can’t...
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Book Review on ‘Emerging Voices: Women in Contemporary Irish Society’ by Pat O’Connor

‘Emerging Voices: Women in Contemporary Irish Society’ by Pat O’Connor focuses on the roles that Irish women have embodied in the past and how these roles have changed or been altered over time. The book was published in 1998, twenty-one years later, in 2019, many of the problem’s women faced back then can be still seen in Ireland today. Many of the ideologies faced in the book and those of 1970’s Ireland and in 1998 she is comparing the changes...
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Book Review on ‘The City That Became Safe: New York’s Lessons for Urban Crime and Its Control’

The purpose of this writing is to dissect Franklin E. Zimring’s academic literature, ‘The City That Became Safe: New York’s Lessons for Urban Crime and Its Control’. This book is about the New York City’s decline in crime and the reasons behind it. This book is broken down into three sections, consisting of eight total chapters. The main idea of this book is to draw a closer look at the major decline in crime from the 1990s to 2009. The...
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Book Review on Anne Frank's ‘The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition’

‘The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition’ is a book that was written by Anne Frank. She was a Jewish teenage girl who was living in a very difficult time in which Jews were victims of the Nazi laws and persecution during World War II. She received the diary as a birthday present. She wrote on it the most important events toward the war and her everyday life, until three days before all the residents of the Secret...
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Lois Lowry's 'The Giver': Book Review Essay

In the book ‘The Giver’, the community is a perfect place, where everyone lives a safe and fun life, without feelings of pain or love. Jonas is our protagonist. A very brave, strong and smart man who undergoes a huge adventure for the good of mankind. In this world, instead of having an age, you just have a number, and live your entire life within the community with the same people of your number group. If, once born, you aren’t...
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Reconstruction and Gilded Age Southern Life in Edward L. Ayers' ‘The Promise of the New South’

‘The Promise of the New South’, a non-fiction mid-Reconstruction literature piece by Edward L. Ayers. To start, the first half of the book is filled with perspectives on the South itself, with no specific character but perspectives from almost every part of the South. Ayers is able to accomplish that by minimalizing his own perspective. Detailing the race relations, religion, stores to mills. There are arguments spread throughout, these arguments being: lumber mills are their importance, forest products in the...
2 Pages 758 Words

Reflections after Reading ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’

‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ was my chosen book for this term and it was an exciting yet full of nonsense read. Published in 1979, by renowned author: Douglas Adams. The novel is filled to the top with complete and utter nonsense and would be found funny from all audiences, from children to adults. The story’s main plot line is a normal relatable character with the name of Arthur Dent, who faces troubles in his day-to-day life later to...
1 Page 561 Words

Reflections on the Fact That Behavior Is Often Based on Ignorance, as Exemplified by Craig Silvey's ‘Jasper Jones’

Prejudicial behavior is often based on ignorance and fear which leads to significant consequences for marginalized individuals. ‘Jasper Jones’ by Craig Silvey is a bildungsroman about an adolescent boy, Charlie Bucktin, which illustrates the concept that choices are a powerful part of human behavior. The text is a realistic representation of the replete discrimination, conformity and racism of the 1960s in rural Western Australia, allowing the reader to understand how racist societal values lead to the marginalization of those perceived...
2 Pages 989 Words

Representation of Reconstruction Era in Howard Fast's Novel 'Freedom Road'

‘Freedom Road’ by Howard Fast is a historical fiction novel based on the Reconstruction era after the American Civil War. This novel emphasizes the racial impact on the African-American society transitioning from slavery to living a civil life. It elaborates on the superiority of racism during the 19th and 20th centuries. The events that occurred in the novel are fiction but they took place during a distinctly important and problematic time period in history. In the novel, Gideon Jackson was...
2 Pages 996 Words

Review of 'Why Liberalism Failed' by Patrick Deneen

‘Why Liberalism Failed’ provides insight to the beliefs of author Patrick Deneen. Deneen is a political philosophy and constitutional studies professor at Notre Dame, believing that liberalism has failed by succeeding. He believes the contradicting principles have allowed our citizens to take on individualistic beliefs and therefore succeeding in that sense, however this fails to unite the nation and produce an effective, long-term result in American society. Inspired by today’s governmental and societal structure, Deneen wrote this book to call...
2 Pages 978 Words

Review of Allan Pease's Book 'Questions Are the Answers'

‘Questions Are the Answers’ written by international best-selling author Allan Pease. Known for his books on understanding and interpreting body language which has allowed thousands of people to gain a new perspective on the way they handle interactions with others and how they view social situations. Published by Manjul Publishing House this easy read book is only 94 pages and guarantees that with “2 hours of study and dedicated practice” you can become a successful network marketer or business man...
2 Pages 885 Words

Review of Cecelia Ahern's Book ‘Where Rainbows End’

The book that I have chosen to review is titled ‘Where Rainbows End’. This book has been suggested to me by a good friend. The author of this book is a famous Irish writer, Cecelia Ahern. This is the second book of the author, the first one being ‘PS. I Love You’, which was published in 2004. This is the bestselling book of the author internationally, and even ranked number 1 in Ireland and United Kingdom. It was also awarded...
2 Pages 851 Words

Review of Jon Kaufman’s Book ‘Long Walk on a Dry Road’

You can go and study in the most prestigious universities or colleges and learn from the most brilliant professors in the world, study through all the religious organizations and even go to the best cosmetic surgeons ever to use a surgical blade, but none of them can ever turn your heart into a heart of gold. In Jon Kaufman’s book, ‘Long Walk on a Dry Road’, you meet the man who has spent selfless years to try and give clean...
2 Pages 689 Words

Review of Octavia E. Butler's Book ‘Kindred’

“Rufus had done exactly what he said he would do: Gotten possession of the woman without having to bother her husband. Now, somehow, Alice would have to accept not only the loss of her husband, but her own enslavement. Rufus had caused her trouble and now he had been rewarded for it” (149). This quote from the book ‘Kindred’ reveals the powerful theme of the corruption of power, after Rufus inherits the plantation, he gains a lot of power over...
3 Pages 1543 Words

Review of Torey Hayden's Book ‘One Child’

The book I will be reviewing is ‘One Child’, written by Torey Hayden, which is based on a heart touching true story. The author, Torey Hayden, really did an excellent job in showing how a teacher must be willing to do more than just be a teacher. The main topic of the story is about Miss Torey and Sheila that forms an unbreakable, unique, special bond and impact each other for the better. Sheila is a young, bright, 6-year-old girl...
2 Pages 991 Words

Black Female Body as a Living Historical Record in Octavia Butler’s ‘Kindred’

Octavia Butler’s ‘Kindred’ traces central protagonist, Dana Franklin’s genealogy by physically ‘returning’ her to her slave past in antebellum Maryland. By deconstructing the body of the female slave Butler uses Dana’s body as the site for historical markings, so that she is literally and symbolically scarred by her ancestral past. As Michel Foucault notes, the purpose of genealogy is “to expose a body totally imprinted by history and the process of history’s destruction of the body”, so by using Dana’s...
2 Pages 983 Words
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