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Essay on 'Hunger Games': Book Review

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People are born with a natural sense of fairness and when they are denied their societal rights of equality and justice a rebel is born and steps forward to inspire and lead for a better future. This supports the idea that “ Rebels don’t break rules because they want to, but because they have to”. This theme is reflected by Gary Ross in the highly acclaimed film The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is about a country Panem divided into 12 lower districts and a Capitol ( the government ), the Capitol hosts a yearly game where twenty-four innocent teenagers two from each district, fight for survival in a wild arena that is testing both physically and psychologically with the last alive being crowned the winner. In the film, it shows the themes of political authority the Capitol oppressing society, social injustice the 12 districts struggling to stay alive because they don’t have basic resources due to the Capitol's greed, and the theme that rebels aren’t breaking rules because their defiant but because they need to change. Throughout the film, viewers are able to understand why the protagonist of the film Katniss Everdeen must break free of their control and make the change from a dystopian society to a democracy.

Throughout the film, it shows that the people of Panem have no political freedom and are brutally controlled by the Capitol and President Snow. Katniss Everdeen doesn't want to be the one to break the rules of the dictatorship but she knows she must be the one to free a whole nation from tyrannical oppression and the poverty there enduring. In the text President Snow is at the top of an unjust social hierarchy he is able to keep control over people by instilling fear with The Hunger Games. The director displays this by using a high camera angle, we are looking down at all the vulnerable families' faces as there announce the 74th Hunger Games tributes. The purpose of this film technique is to show us the power play between the oppressed and the Capitol. Gary Ross also depicts this idea when the tribute parade is happening, the camera angle is from the tribute's perspective, they are looking up toward President Snow and other high-power leaders. This gives the effect that he is given much respect and bows down to him. The character development of Katniss Everdeen's rebellious nature is depicted early when we see her go illegal hunting, Gary Ross has a close-up shot of a “no entry” sign and then continues moving the camera to Katniss climbing over the fence. This evidence supports the idea that Katniss doesn't rebel because she wants to but because she needs to provide food for her family. Ending

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The 13 districts in The Hunger Games are dramatically different there is a clear theme of social injustice and unfairness, when humans are treated differently for no reason people rebel to have their voices heard because without rebellion there will be no change in society. The 12 Districts all play a part in the Capitols' wealth, each District has a resource that they produce for example District 12 produces coal, this is a fair system until nearly all the resources go to the Capitol and leaving all the other districts with near nothing. There are two pathways the oppressed people can choose either becoming despondent and hopeless or making a change in this unjust society this is the pathway Katniss Everdeen follows. Gary Ross gives this background of society to show that Katniss Everdeen is changing things not just for her benefit but for the benefit of the nation. The director portrays the Capitol as shiny, bright, vivid, and colorful whereas the districts as portrayed as dark, dirty, gloomy, and miserable. This is shown when Effie steps onto the stage at the Reaping in a bright purple gown and then the camera flashes to the crowd in grey, white and lighter clothes. The director uses this film technique Mise en scene to display to the viewers the social inequality and to build sympathy for the Districts. Ending

True Rebels aren’t crazy or out of control they are trying to change a regime that is unfair or isn’t what they believe in and to is heard they must stand out. If a rebel was in a privileged situation they would not have anything to change or fight for so they would not rebel. This idea is presented frequently throughout The Hunger Games, there are many times when Katniss doesn't follow society's rules to prove a point. The main point of the Hunger Games is dehumanizing the tributes and making them have no mercy for each other. When Rue gets killed Katniss takes the time to lay flowers around Rue and shows her respect, this isn’t seen throughout the rest of the game the tributes focus on winning not the lives that are lost. This is an act of rebellion and everyone watches and society starts an uprising because of the unexpected change. Through the Hunger Games Gary Ross continually makes us empathize with the characters, a film technique that is used throughout most of the film is the shaky camera technique. This makes us feel like we’re experiencing the action and thus helps build empathy for the characters. The largest rebellious act of The Hunger Games is at the end of the film when Katniss and Peeta were both meant to win but an “unexpected” change happened, the games master hoped one would kill another and put on a great show of entertainment for the privileged people of the Capitol. Instead, they both vowed to eat poisoned berries and die together, this goes against game rules and would make a mockery of their long-standing system and most control would be lost, so they let them both win. Their rebellious act had an extremely high risk but Katniss was so devoted to not giving in to their system of control and fear she was willing to die.

People are born with a sense of what is right and if their societal rights of equality and justice are opposed a rebel is born and steps forward to make a change. This statement further supports that an oppressive government must be stopped, social injustice is unfair and someone will be brave and step forward and be a voice for the voiceless a true rebel would never be defiant if they had everything they needed and wanted. The Hunger Games, as its names states are not only about physical hunger due to limited resources in the districts but a metaphorical hunger for political freedom, social justice, and a revolution of change. So next time you think a rebel is just a defiant rule-breaker remember no one causes an uprise unless there is a need for a revolution.

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