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Why Is Armstrong Considered Influential in the History of Jazz: Essay

The research conducted focuses on the compositional aspects of Dixieland Jazz as well as the structure of its music. The music itself gained popularity in the early 20th century due to some iconic musicians that not only performed them but created the fundamental composition of Dixieland Jazz. This research also includes the origins of how this came to be and additional information from books, scholarly articles, and audio recordings that help support this argument. Introduction The purpose of this research...
4 Pages 1968 Words

Why Celebrities Are Bad Role Models: Argumentative Essay

Teenage drug and alcohol use in America is on the rise. This use of drugs and alcohol is dangerous and needs to be put to an end. But what factors influence teenagers to start using? Is it family issues? Peer Pressure? Or is it the constant parade of celebrity “role models” going in and out of rehab or the enormous amount of drug and alcohol references found on television and in music lyrics? Many celebrities, like musical artists, actors and...
5 Pages 2238 Words

What Were the Contributions of Jazz Musician Louis Armstrong

At Armstrong’s first rehearsal with Henderson, the other musicians first looked down upon the newcomer because of his out-of-date clothes and rural manners. But their opinions changed as soon as he played his first notes. It was largely due to his powerful playing that jazz changed into a kind of music that put the focus on brilliant and adventurous soloists. During his year with Henderson, Armstrong became a major influence not only on other brass players but on musicians of...
1 Page 577 Words

What Makes 'Mulan' So Popular: Argumentative Essay

Mulan is a amazing and very entertaining Disney movie. This amazing Fantasy Disney movie came out in 1998 the movie was made Walt Disney feature animation which was for Walt Disney pictures. Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook were the directors and with having a storyline written by Robert D. and San Souci and which was played by Rita Hsiao, Phillip LaZebink and many more. The movies story line is based on a old Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, Hua Mulan...
1 Page 425 Words

What Made Marvel Studios One of the Best S.F. Movie Company: Essay on Iron Man

Iron Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American Comic books published by Marvel Comics. Based on this character, Iron Man (2008 film) is an American superhero film produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Paramount Pictures. The summary Iron Man is a billionaire Tony Stark, a CEO who led the world’s most powerful weapons makers with genius brains and talents, and a brilliant life that is not just a celebrity with innate charm. He returned from his successful development...
4 Pages 2014 Words

What Did Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington Have in Common: Essay

The music industry had a major impact on some of the people in the music of World War I and World War II. Music allowed people to forget about wars and troubled times, even for a short time. The types of genres that appeared between world war I and World war II were Jazz, Swing, and Blues mainly, and the artists that came up on top were people like: Bill Murray, Irving Berlin, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, Bing...
3 Pages 1326 Words

West Side Story: Musical Review

I chose the musical, West Side Story to critique for my final assignment. I will touch on several topics in my essay including cast members’ performances and the costumes used in this performance, the theme of the story, and my overall opinion of the performance itself. The West Side Story takes place on the west side of Manhattan in New York City. It is a modern-day Broadway musical of Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet and West...
1 Page 534 Words

West Side Story Is a Re-telling of Shakespeare's Play: Comparative Essay

West side story is an example of how art has been combined into a story. Arthur Laurents wrote the story as an adaptation of William Shakespeare`s classic play, Romeo and Juliet. The main plot of these two stories are very similar, however, the way they are portrayed on stage shows the differences. Romeo and Juliet is a play and does not include other art forms other than acting. Whereas West Side Story tells the story through singing, dancing, acting, and...
3 Pages 1145 Words

West Side Story and Its Broadway Adaptation: Comparative Essay

The musical genre of film is renowned for its visually spectacular display of dance sequences and singing used to express character emotion and advance a film’s narrative. The musical genre is primarily a scope of escapism and therefore as a genre, operates beyond naturalism, where theatrical elements derived from stage musicals may spontaneously erupt to accentuate the drama of a scene and in other instances, break away from the gravity of a scene in order to reinforce the whimsicality of...
3 Pages 1173 Words

Walt Disney and ‘Zootopia’ Movie Review

Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901, in the Hermosa section of Chicago, Illinois. He was an animator, artist, entrepreneur, and producer. Unfortunately, Disney passed away from lung cancer on the 15th of December 1966 in the Saint Joseph Medical Centre in California. Disney attended Benton Grammar School in Kansas City, Missouri, from 1911 to 1917. Then commenced his freshman year at McKinley High School in Chicago, where he took drawing and photography classes. He also took courses...
1 Page 587 Words

Types of Libertarianism: Captain America and Iron Man

There are two types of libertarianism: consequentialist and right. The consequentialist libertarians don’t follow the rules, but they do what they think is right. While right libertarians follow the rules for the better of society. In the movie Captain America: Civil War, two major superheroes go against each other, one of them being consequentialist and the other being right. I believe Captain America is a consequentialist libertarian because he doesn’t do things by the rules. Captain America, throughout the movie,...
2 Pages 744 Words

Tragedy and the Common Man’ Summary

Every human story could become a tragic story if that story is told as a tragedy. According to Aristotle the protagonist of a tragedy has a flaw in character, a downfall of their own doing followed by a harsh realization of the tragic error before dying and this evokes a reaction in those who witness it, which is a pity. In the “Tragedy and the Common Man” essay, Miller explains that there is a misconception that only people of nobility...
3 Pages 1325 Words

Theme of Family in 'A Wrinkle in Time' ​by Madeleine L'Engle and ​'The Hate U Give' ​by Angie Thomas

Theme: Family Family is a big part of life, the individuals you call “family” are going to be the ones to pick you up when you are down, comfort you, and be there for you anytime. The correct definition of family is “a group of individuals related by blood, marriage or adoption. In the two books, ​A Wrinkle in Time ​by Madeleine L’Engle and ​The Hate U Give ​by Angie Thomas, the two main characters Starr Carter and Meg Murphy...
3 Pages 1281 Words

Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe: Movie Analysis

Introduction The 2015 film, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, portrays Marilyn Monroe’s family, work, social, and everyday life. The movie does a great job portraying the struggles she faced. It tells her story as it shows her growing up and how she got the jobs she did. During the entirety of the film, Marilyn is talking to her therapist about what her life has been like. The movie begins by showing young Marilyn talking about how she wants to...
5 Pages 2098 Words

Taylor Swifts Battle with Prejudice

Taylor Swift’s latest album ‘Lover’ which was released in August earlier this year has seen critical acclaim across the board from publishers such as Vogue, Rolling Stones, and Forbes. It has been praised for its combination of catchy pop-synth tones and emotionally expressive lyrics which appear rather contemptuous in line with the Nashville star’s 2018 Democratic endorsement after a string of increasingly politically vocal statements. Her album ‘Lover’ tackles a range of contemporary socio-political issues which have been becoming increasingly...
3 Pages 1200 Words

Taylor Swift as an Evolving Feminist: Insight into Her Personal Sphere

Taylor Swift has always been known as a great and feisty feminist. Her outspoken feminist voice is often reflected in the majority of her works. However, Swift’s creations cannot be understood plainly by disregarding her personal life. Her songs and videos give insight into her personal life, the challenges she has encountered, and so on. Going through her works can be like having to read her personal diary. This chapter will delve into a number of events in Taylor Swift’s...
6 Pages 2783 Words

Summary of 'A Wrinkle in Time' by Madeleine L’Engle

“A Wrinkle in Time”, authored by Madeleine L’Engle, tells the wildly crazy story of three young children, Meg Murry, Charles Wallace Murry, and Calvin O’Keefe. This amazing adventure commences when young Meg a distant child who’s just trying to do the best she can, can’t sleep because of the storm that’s happening outside her bedroom window at night. She goes down to discover Charles Wallace, a remarkable young boy who is mature beyond his years making some warm milk for...
1 Page 384 Words

Song Analysis: Louis Armstrong and Biggie Smalls

Louis Armstrong- Louis Armstrong, aka ‘Satchmo” was a native of New Orleans. He was an A-class expert in his profession. His pinnacle came in 1920, during that time he influenced countless musicians with his outrageous trumpet style and vocals. He grew up in a poor neighborhood that was nicknamed “The Battlefield”. Armstrong had a difficult childhood: his father was a worker in the factory and soon after the birth of Louis he abandoned the family. His mother, who frequently turned...
1 Page 623 Words

Should Celebrities Who Break The Law Face Stricter Penalties: Argumentative Essay

In today’s society, the idea of jail is not so taboo anymore. More and more people are incarcerated every single day, and the legal system is always busy. Celebrities on the other hand have broken the law and have cheated the system as we know it. When it comes to the law, celebrities should be treated like the average person. When someone in the spotlight fails to abide by the law they should face equal punishment too as any other...
2 Pages 1015 Words

Should Celebrities Have the Right to Privacy: Argumentative Essay

In today’s society, people with acclaim to fame, or public status are known as celebrities. being in the limelight, there has always been a social debate as to whether celebrities deserve their “solitude and privacy” in life. This may mean not being under the limelight for no reason, avoiding paparazzi, or just living in secrecy, I personally interpret the question’s meaning as simple as black or white: outside the limelight, do celebrities deserve the same privacy normal people have the...
3 Pages 1192 Words

Should Celebrities Be Role Models: Argumentative Essay

Celebrities and their virtues What is virtue? If anyone is asked to define the word virtue, they would give a wide range of meanings spanning from their understanding of the word to the vocabulary they have in their arsenal. However, whichever meaning they provide to the word all points down to the same thing; ‘Being good’. So virtue can be defined as the good behavior of a person as considered by society or the moral excellence of that individual. Celebrities...
2 Pages 1015 Words

Shot-by-Shot Analysis of 'Grey's Anatomy'

The popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy by Shonda Rhimes has received quite the attention from viewers over the last few years. It is estimated that the fictional drama had 15 million viewers hooked onto the edge of their seats [Epstein A, 2021]. The drama itself provides a very dramatized, unrealistic version of what working in the hospital is like, paying very close attention to healthcare professionals specifically doctors. Dr. Meredith Grey as the name suggests is the star of the...
2 Pages 1071 Words

Short Story of Mulan

This story is about the adventure of a heroic young lady in the Ancient China period, who efficaciously defended her country against the opposition of the Hun Invasion, her name is Mulan. Mulan lived in a village with her family in Northern China. Her household determined to get Mulan a partner but eventually, it didn’t work. Due to Hun’s taking over the Chinese government recognized a situation of hardship and declares that every man of the family should join the...
1 Page 408 Words

Role of Literature in Preparing for a Defining Moment in Our Lives: Reading Phantom of The Opera

Right from the time we begin to grow up, we are taught the skills to be able to read and from that moment, we are always exposed to a large variety of literature. For pleasure and in school, we pick up articles, short stories, and novels and we read. This makes us wonder, what is the value and the significance of literature? When we read, we dive into a whole new world, one that is very different from our own....
3 Pages 1452 Words

Rock Vs Hip Hop: Comparative Analysis

Although rock music and Hip Hop music are very different from each other, they are also very similar (Ian, 2018). Aside from both genres of music, there are many similarities that can be found within one another. (Ian, 2018). Rock music tends to be performed by a full band, which consists of a singer, a lead guitarist, a rhythm guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer (Grierson, Grierson, 2018). Stylistically, rock music generally has a more distorted sound due to using...
1 Page 474 Words

Rise of Hip Hop as the Most Popular Genre of Music in America

Rock has held the award for the most popular music genre in the U.S. for years. American rock groups like Guns N’ Roses, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boys, Green Day, Nirvana, Aerosmith, etc. are just some of the historic names that we acknowledge as huge musical influences of our society. As time progresses we are starting to recognize the increase in popularity of hip-hop/rap music. The year 2017 is noted as the year that hip hop/rap has become...
4 Pages 1613 Words

Rhetorical Question in 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' by U2: Analytical Essay

“Sunday Bloody Sunday”: The Bloodshed of 1972 and it’s Legacy U2 lead singer Bono in the song, “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (1983), condemns the violence caused by the Troubles, implying that the bloodshed has gone on for too long. Bono supports his condemnation by using poetic devices, such as rhetorical questions, repetition, and a war motif to emphasize the true horrors of the Troubles. The songwriter’s purpose is to encourage peace by criticizing the violence and taking a nonpartisan position on...
2 Pages 1007 Words

Relationship between Rap Music and Criminality

In this essay, I am going to critically evaluate the relationship between rap music and criminality, a link that has gained much notoriety and has become a controversial topic of debate in recent times. Rap music, formally known as ‘Hip Hop’, is a musical genre developed in the United States by inner-city African Americans in the late 1970s and has become a huge component of street culture around the world, particularly in the UK with the emergence of the garage,...
5 Pages 2381 Words

Reflective Essay on Phantom of The Opera

The phantom of the opera could be a play primarily based on the novel by the identical name; it’s a charming play that brings out several themes and character traits as represented by most actors. This plays revolves around Erik the phantom United Nations agency that is thus possessed in winning the center of an exquisite lady Christine. he’s sweet-faced with several predicaments in his endeavor to win the center of this blonde. He faces stiff competition from Raoul United...
3 Pages 1283 Words

Reflective Essay on 'Grey's Anatomy'

Imagine coming home on a Thursday night after a long day of work, school, and/or a sport. You would just want to get in the shower, eat, and relax, right? And as soon as you turn on the TV, you go to ABC and see that a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy is about to air. You get snacks and get cozy in your bed to prepare for another suspenseful episode. You’re excited and ready to see what happens at...
2 Pages 1014 Words
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