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Marilyn Monroe Impact on Society: Analytical Essay

Marilyn Monroe, the iconic American actress and model, left an indelible impact on society during her short but influential career. Known for her beauty, talent, and tragic personal life, Monroe transcended the realms of film and popular culture to become an enduring symbol of femininity, sexuality, and vulnerability. This essay will analyze Marilyn Monroe's impact on society, exploring her role in shaping beauty standards, challenging societal norms, and leaving a lasting cultural legacy. One of the key areas where Marilyn...
1 Page 533 Words

Elton John's Tribute to Marilyn Monroe: Informative Essay

Art has consistently been a prominent form of self-expression, even from the most primal to the most chaotic times in human history, as it depicts the most relevant topics and issues of the time. creations. One of these aforementioned modern forms of expression includes music, a platform on which singer Elton John has been known to speak his mind relentlessly. Elton John is a renowned composer and musician, born in 1947 in England. His music focused on the concept of...
1 Page 448 Words

Critical Essay on Steven Spielberg's 'Jurassic Park'

Steven Spielberg's 1993 action, adventure-filled, science-fiction thriller follows Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler. John Hammond discovers a mosquito frozen in tree sap from millions of years ago and gets the blood that the mosquito took from animals. He discovers that the mosquito had been carrying dinosaur DNA, so he then uses the DNA to create living dinosaurs. This film is celebrated for its amazing CGI effects and amazing visuals filled with beautiful shots of scenery. In the opening...
3 Pages 1532 Words

Why Celebrities Are Bad Role Models: Argumentative Essay

Teenage drug and alcohol use in America is on the rise. This use of drugs and alcohol is dangerous and needs to be put to an end. But what factors influence teenagers to start using? Is it family issues? Peer Pressure? Or is it the constant parade of celebrity “role models” going in and out of rehab or the enormous amount of drug and alcohol references found on television and in music lyrics? Many celebrities, like musical artists, actors and...
5 Pages 2238 Words

Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe: Movie Analysis

Introduction The 2015 film, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, portrays Marilyn Monroe’s family, work, social, and everyday life. The movie does a great job portraying the struggles she faced. It tells her story as it shows her growing up and how she got the jobs she did. During the entirety of the film, Marilyn is talking to her therapist about what her life has been like. The movie begins by showing young Marilyn talking about how she wants to...
5 Pages 2098 Words

Should Celebrities Who Break The Law Face Stricter Penalties: Argumentative Essay

In today's society, the idea of jail is not so taboo anymore. More and more people are incarcerated every single day, and the legal system is always busy. Celebrities on the other hand have broken the law and have cheated the system as we know it. When it comes to the law, celebrities should be treated like the average person. When someone in the spotlight fails to abide by the law they should face equal punishment too as any other...
2 Pages 1015 Words

Should Celebrities Have the Right to Privacy: Argumentative Essay

In today’s society, people with acclaim to fame, or public status are known as celebrities. being in the limelight, there has always been a social debate as to whether celebrities deserve their “solitude and privacy” in life. This may mean not being under the limelight for no reason, avoiding paparazzi, or just living in secrecy, I personally interpret the question’s meaning as simple as black or white: outside the limelight, do celebrities deserve the same privacy normal people have the...
3 Pages 1192 Words

Should Celebrities Be Role Models: Argumentative Essay

Celebrities and their virtues What is virtue? If anyone is asked to define the word virtue, they would give a wide range of meanings spanning from their understanding of the word to the vocabulary they have in their arsenal. However, whichever meaning they provide to the word all points down to the same thing; 'Being good'. So virtue can be defined as the good behavior of a person as considered by society or the moral excellence of that individual. Celebrities...
2 Pages 1015 Words

Refection on Informative Speech on Marilyn Monroe

According to Brandon Gaille, “Of all the phobias out there, public speaking is considered the highest. It affects 3 out of 4 people or 75% of individuals suffer from speech anxiety” (Gaille, 2017). It may not have seemed like it but I, along with many others, suffer from speech anxiety. If I would have been able to overcome my anxiety sooner, I may have gotten a better score. When giving my speech there were many strong points regarding the content,...
3 Pages 1395 Words

Marilyn Monroe: Research Paper

Introduction Celebrities are an important factor in our life whether we realize it or not there like political figures their image whether on the big screen of a movie theater or television is a representation of the power and wealth they possess which is what makes them famous in the first place to the people. One of the most famous celebrities is Marilyn Monroe she was a famous actress recognized not only for her theatrical work ethic but the beautiful...
5 Pages 2480 Words

Is Celebrity Culture Beneficial or Harmful: Essay

In today's society, everywhere we look, we stumble upon a celebrity. This can be on billboards, bus stops, social media, or on our tv screens. These are the people that today's society looks up to and tend to imitate what they do or say. But are these the people we should be looking up to? Are they good role models? Many people enjoy stalking the social media pages of celebrities they admire, and buying all the tabloids and gossip magazines...
3 Pages 1138 Words

Images of Merylin Monroe: Semiotic Analysis

Roland Barthes is a French critic who distinguished two levels in which we can interpret signs. Barthes (in Hall 1997:39) says that in order to get meaning from an image we need to decode the signifiers into their suitable notions. The first level is the literal meaning of what the image is made up off. He (Barthes in Hall 1997:39) says that images also have “a wider, cultural meaning”. Barthes (in Hall 1997:39-40) explains what he calls “Level of Myth”...
1 Page 627 Words

Image Analysis on Renowned Photograph of Marilyn Monroe

On September 15, 1954, Sam Shaw captured this famous photograph of Marilyn Monroe. this renowned photograph of Marilyn Monroe was caught by picture-taker Sam Shaw. The image catches the minute when a breeze from a tram going beneath Marilyn Monroe's skirt lifting it over her knees. In the Sixties it wasn't legitimate for a lady to indicate skin over the lower legs, however, as opposed to racing to pull her skirt down Marilyn grasped it and said ' isn't it...
1 Page 678 Words

Image Analysis on Photo of Marilyn Monroe Captured by Sam Shaw

On September 15, 1954, this famous photo of Marilyn Monroe was captured by photographer Sam Shaw. The picture captures the moment when a breeze from a subway passing below Marilyn Monroe's skirt lifting it above her knees. In the Sixties, it wasn't proper for a woman to show skin above the ankles, but instead of rushing to pull her skirt down Marilyn embraced it and said “ isn't it delicious.” During this time, Marilyn was the star actress in the...
1 Page 639 Words

Essay on Merilyn Monroe: Causes of Death

Marilyn Monroe, or Norma Jeane Mortenson, born in 1926 in Los Angeles, did not have a carefree childhood. She never knew her father, and she spent most of her childhood in orphanages, as her mother was not capable of caring for her. In there, Monroe stated that she was sexually assaulted. Monroe, fortunately, got out of the foster system by marrying her boyfriend at that time, but she had three husbands in total. When her husband was away because of...
1 Page 393 Words

Celebrities Should Have More Privacy Rights: Argumentative Essay

Not every day you’ll see a celebrity have time for themselves, not even have their own privacy. Nowadays, there are always articles or pictures of almost every single celebrity on the news or social media exploiting their personal lives. All over the media, a great amount of attention has turned towards the personal lives of stars that are admired or are usually the center of attention for the whole public. It seems as though the public is eager to hear...
1 Page 416 Words

Celebrities in Development: The Implications of Bono’s Foreign Aid

Introduction The notion of celebrity politics, which pertains to both the individual’s involvement in international development and national politics, gained popularity in the 1960s (West 2012). Various celebrities have decided to include themselves in this form of development practice, for both humanitarian and political reasons (West 2012). Less than half a century later, mass attention was drawn towards Africa’s struggle with Aids, debt, and trade that is inhibiting their development. The continent has multiple United Nations offices stationed in various...
4 Pages 1809 Words

Analysis of Celebrity's Influence on Society

How Celebrities Influence the Dynamic of Relationships in Society through Functionalist Perspective. The emergence of such impressions categorizes modern human society as celebrity culture. Celebrity culture has risen under the influence of social changes, for instance, the decline in organized religion, the mediatization of society, a decline of the authority of traditional orientation groups, and commercialization. In simpler, definition celebrity culture is the custom that focuses on famous individuals for some reason. Celebrity culture might also be harmful since it...
3 Pages 1537 Words

The Mastermind Joker: Heath Ledger's Road to the Top of the Acting World

On the 22nd of January 2008, an A-list actor would be found lying dead, on the floor of his hotel room. A few months later, with the release of his most recent movie, he would be named one of the most captivating actors of this era. This is the story of how a young Perth boy would rise to the top of the acting world. Childhood Heathcliff Andrew Ledger, born 4th April 1978, lived his childhood in Perth. His father,...
3 Pages 1467 Words

Steven Spielberg and His Outstanding Movie 'Lincoln'

Steven Spielberg is one of the most outstanding writers, producers, and directors in the 20th century. His role as a writer, producer, and director have hugely influenced the history of filmmaking. His philosophy of articulating complex stories into an incredible motion picture is quite astounding for many film watchers. Spielberg is involved in many thrilling and famous movies. For instance, ‘Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark’, ‘Back to the Future’, ‘Schindler's List’, ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Saving Private Ryan’,...
2 Pages 1058 Words

Essay about Roseanne Barr: Very Influential Person

Roseanne Barr had made her first appearance on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson’, when most females were rarely on his show. When Roseanne made the appearance on the show, she immediately blew up overnight. She had a career that soon led her to be the star on her own show called ‘Roseanne’ and her three ex-husbands had made an appearance on the show, Ben Thomas, Tom Arnold and, Bill Pentland. Roseanne has three TV shows that she is stared...
1 Page 541 Words

Review of Steven Spielberg's Movie 'The Post'

‘The Post’ was premiered on December 22, 2017. The movie is a historical political thriller film directed and produced by Steven Spielberg. This movie was critically acclaimed throughout the world. The movie is based on a genuine story, set in the 1970s, it shows the various endeavors made by the writers at The Washington Post who wanted to publish the Pentagon Papers. The Pentagon Papers were highly classified documents containing information about the involvement of the U.S government in the...
2 Pages 1106 Words

Review of Steven Spielberg's ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’

The title of this movie is ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’, the director of this film is Steven Spielberg, and the lead actors are Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, and Alison Doody. The company that made this is called Lucasfilm Ltd. and runs for 2h 8m. This movie comes under the genre as an action/adventure movie where Indiana Jones is told by an undercover Nazi his father has gone missing but will he be fast enough to find him let...
1 Page 435 Words

Developmental Delay Does Not Determine Intelligence or Future Success: Examples of Albert Einstein and Steven Spielberg

The first stages of a child’s development is very critical. Some say that these stages are the most important stages in shaping your personality and ability to function. When a child grows at the rate of their developmental benchmarks, it means the child is developing at the average speed. Some factors that could speed up a child’s development are factors such as the child’s environment, cognitive ability, and child motivation/support from parents. Unfortunately, some children don’t always meet these developmental...
1 Page 586 Words

‘Jurassic Park’: Steven Spielberg's Movie Vs Michael Crichton's Novel

The novel ‘Jurassic Park’ was written by Michael Crichton, and published in 1990. Most people know it as the inspiration for Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film, which has gone on to spawn one of the biggest franchises in film history. While both the book and film follow the same basic plot, the film excludes many scenes and storylines so that the story is more streamlined and is confined to just over two hours. Crichton’s novel, a sci-fi thriller, is much darker...
2 Pages 898 Words

Saving Private Ryan’: Summary Essay

Is war a good thing Or a bad thing? Is it what makes the world or destroys it? Does war bring us together or tear us apart? War is a word that is typically known for being considered a conflict between states, governments, societies, and informal paramilitary groups… however, the idea of how it is represented involves being portrayed or depicted. The concept suggests that there are a number of ways in which something can be featured or equally valid....
3 Pages 1207 Words

Essay about Tom Hanks

The Polar Express, Toy Story, and Forrest Gump. What do they all have in common, you might ask? All the main characters in these movies were acted or voiced by the one and only, Tom Hanks. Now, who is Tom Hanks? Tom Hanks is a famous American actor known for his humor in many different movies such as The Terminal, Forrest Gump, and Big. Hanks’s rise to fame is a story worth telling. Thomas Jeffery Hanks was born on July...
1 Page 589 Words

Reflections on the Movie About Charlie Chaplin

I was very excited to hear that we were going to watch a Charlie Chaplin feature to begin the semester because I have never seen one. Growing up, people have always told me that he was very famous for his silent films, so this made me wonder how he captured the audience’s attention with no sound. In the end, I thought that Chaplin used his strange body motions and unique stories to keep viewers entertained. Chaplin also was able to...
1 Page 609 Words

Jamie Oliver as a Lifestyle Expert, Celebrity Endorser and Cultural Intermediary

Jamie Oliver has had a progressive career as a celebrity chef, which has allowed him to remain diverse and dynamic in each role he has encountered. This essay will critically discuss how Oliver has been able to be a lifestyle expert, celebrity endorser and cultural intermediary throughout his career, and assess the elements that has facilitated in the success in each role, as it adds further to the critical discussion of each role. The understanding the history of Oliver’s life...
6 Pages 2790 Words

Charlie Chaplin's Tramp: Character Analysis

Charlie Chaplin is known as one of the original Auteurs of the film industry for the time and dedication he put in to his craft. At the height of his career, he simultaneously directed, produced written and acted in his movies. Inarguably the greatest character he played in his life is ‘the Tramp’ which is also his creation. The Tramp appeared as the main character in several films such as 'The Kid' (1921) 'The Circus' (1928), 'City Lights' (1931) and...
2 Pages 1042 Words
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