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The Origins Of Semiotics Approach

Images play on the habitus of their audience. The fifties brought mass marketing’s ubiquitous use of imagery, spurring on the permeation of everyday life by those who control the image. Of course, this isn’t simply limited to consumption purposes, though particularly in contemporary cultural studies we must be aware of the often-deceptive function that can be both attributed and distributed. It follows that the rationale for exploring the impact of semiotics lies in the attempt to uncover the forces constructing...
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The Semiotics Of Burger King And McDonald's

Burger King is a subsidiary brand of Restaurant Brands International and the leading brand in RBI’s revenue-based portfolio. In 2018, BK accounted for just over 67% of the total RBI revenue. Burger King was founded in 1954. It is the second largest hamburger nourishment brand in the world by number of operating restaurants worldwide. Burger King Restaurants operate in over 100 countries and territories in the United States. In recent years, Burger King has experienced steady revenue growth. This is...
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Semiotics in Films: Theory, Functions and Examples

Introduction Storytelling in modern cinema aims to achieve a beautiful visual display of colour, sets, wardrobe and so on. In most cases, these few props, wardrobe or setting can have deeper meanings, or “symbols”. With the greater understanding of semiotics, modern cinema has evolved from just storytelling, to making use of more items (clothing, props, setting, etc) to add symbolistic meaning to the story and/or to modern times. Semiotics can be a great way to engage the audience into one’s...
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Discourse Analysis And Semiotics

All art, regardless of shape or form, is inherently political. This is a simple fact. Ryan (2018) asserts that art cannot exist within a vacuum of apoliticality, for “[the artist’s] ability to create art is shaped by [their] political environment just as much as art itself is.” This is especially true for art created within recent decades, where more and more artists have turned to their own crafts to speak on socio-political issues and, in some way, turn their art...
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The Peculiarities If Brand Semiotics

Introduction A brand is often related as a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of these which is reflective of the goods or services offered by a seller or a group of sellers and to differentiate between them from their competitors. This essay helps to gain insight on the topic of Brand Semiotics. It explores the various facets involved in the process of semiotics and symbolism. The essay helps one to understand brand semiotics through three different...
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Semiotics Of Doves Company

Semiotics is the study of culture and communication through conscious and unconscious methods that are used to understand areas such as advertising, retail and consumer behaviour (Lawes 2002). In contrast with traditional qualitative market research, semiotics looks to answer how perceptions, beliefs and attitudes towards products end up in peoples’ heads by using an outside-in approach (Lawes 2002). Throughout history the most represented object in advertising campaigns is the human body as it allows the consumer relate to the products...
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Kinesthetics, Proxemics, And Semiotics

KINESTHETICS Architecture can be defined as the choreographic arrangement of space in relation to the moving body (Sama, 2011). Sama also stated that this “choregraphy” can be classified or understood in two ways: ergonomically and performatively. Performance choreography concentrates on the kinesthetic experience of the human body in space. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Kinesthetic is connected or related with the ability to know where the parts of your body are and how they are moving. APPLICABLE WHEN Designing a...
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Ferdinand De Saussure’s Theory Of Semiotics

INTRODUCTION This essay is based on a semiotics analysis on an American artist Childish Gambino’s music video titled THIS IS AMERICA. With the Aid of the semiotics signs through out the music video, the aim of this essay is to clearly inform what exactly transpires during the music video. Screen-grabs will aid in giving reference to actual meaning of the scenes and what they intel. This essay will provide insight on how America as a country is run, the hardships...
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The Peculiarities Of Semiotics Approach

In this essay, I am writing about semiotics, I will begin by explain what semiotics is and how it works, I will write about the semiotic approach according to Saussure, explain that there are two levels to sign, the denotative and connotative level and finally I will apply my knowledge on the semiotic theory on three selected photographs, the first being my own photograph which has personal meaning to me, the second will be from a newspaper article and the...
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The Characteristics Of Semiotics

Understanding the way signs work Ever wonder what the study of signs and symbols and the relationship between them mean? Imagine having a picnic with a friend and you hear a buzzing noise you automatically come to the conclusion that the buzzing noise signifies that there is a bee nearby. This is called Semiology better known as Semiotics, “this is concerned with anything that can stand for something else.”(p. 320). Roland Barthes, a French Literary critic and sociologist wrote that...
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The Peculiarities And Roles Of Forensic Semiotics

The subject of criminology is often seen as more of a scientific field and the popular media that engages with crime sources their material from crimes that had occurred or theories that engage with deviance and criminology. However, the emergence of forensic semiotics have placed a new emphasis on the study of the relationship between criminology, forensic sciences, and the portrayal of crime in popular media. The study of forensic semiotics can contribute significantly to the study of crime detection...
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The Use Of Types Of Semiotics

Semiotics is an investigation into how to create meaning and how to communicate meaning. Its roots lie in the study of how meaning is generated by signs and symbols (visual and linguistic). It is a way of seeing the world and recognizing how we all collectively have a massive impact on the nature and society in which we live. Due to the importance of signs I believe that semiotics communication theory enhances a communication message, leads the way to branding...
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Gesture, Semiotics And Physiognomy In Visual Narrative

Introduction Storytelling and narrative have always been at the core of the human conscience that is full of curiosity about the world around us (The science of storytelling. Will Storr) Storr 2019). Narrative explains the world in a way that we can digest it, and visuals in the form of paintings, illustrations and various other images is yet another way to elaborate and shine light to the narrative. These images are often subject to the contemporary culture and moral standing...
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Interviewing, Journey Mapping, Questionnaires, Semiotics And Ethnography As Methods Of Students Appealing

For this project we had to investigate and research how we can make the National Museum of Cardiff more appealing to students in Higher Education. I engaged in research methodologies which helped me develop my independent research and analytical skills. To aid me in my research I used several methodologies. These include: Interviewing, Journey Mapping, Questionnaires, Semiotics and Ethnography. Interviewing To begin my research, I started with the methodology of interviewing. I carried out my interviews as a group of...
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How Semiotics In Music Videos Affect People’s Emotions

This paper will be discussing how semiotics in musical videos affects audience emotions. Visual resources are nowadays very popular in the music industry because they add more meaning to artists work. Thanks to the technological revolution this great advance has been produced and since then, the artists use the visual media as a form of communication, so they use visual resources as an added feature. In mass communication, the written culture has been step by step superseded by an audio-visual...
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How Are Semiotics Used Within Marketing And Advertising?

Ferdinand de Saussure (1857-1913), he is considered one of the founding members of 20th century linguistics as well as being one of forefathers of semiotics. Another developer who helped established necessary moments within the difficult and detrimental beginning stages of semiotics, American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914) and then later on Charles William Morris (1901-1979), these two American philosophers managed to help hone, what is known as, behaviourist semiotics. Behavioural semiotics is based upon the behavioural theory of signs, this...
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Semiotics In Marketing And Communication

Communication is a vital aspect of human interaction and is observed in all features of daily life from language, culture and signs (Fiske 2010, p. 2). So crucial is communication that its absence would mean the destruction of all human cultures (Fiske 2010, p. 2). John Fiske (2010) broadly defines communication as “social interaction through messages”. In particular, communication is central in advertisements, where brands use communication to promote and market their products to an audience. Two examples of this...
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The Concepts Of Structuralism And Semiotics In Video Games

Abstract The “Perilous Attack” is a concept used in the video game “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”, being presented as an aspect of it’s combat system, shaping the way the game is meant to be played by its audience. The Perilous Attack can be analysed through the context of the theoretical field of Structuralism as well as Semiotics due to the fact that the system keys in mental concepts that is used to communicate with the player in the larger scheme...
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Structuralism And Semiotics In The Matrix

The Matrix, as a movie, is a perfect representative for an analysis of Structuralism presenting a reality that is torn between the two ideologies, The Matrix: the movie or the artificial world, the double life of the main character or the red and blue pill. Films create meaning by using structures (codes and conventions) as a language we can understand. In this essay we will analyse how films convey meaning through the use their structures of codes and conventions (narrative,...
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Images of Merylin Monroe: Semiotic Analysis

Roland Barthes is a French critic who distinguished two levels in which we can interpret signs. Barthes (in Hall 1997:39) says that in order to get meaning from an image we need to decode the signifiers into their suitable notions. The first level is the literal meaning of what the image is made up off. He (Barthes in Hall 1997:39) says that images also have “a wider, cultural meaning”. Barthes (in Hall 1997:39-40) explains what he calls “Level of Myth”...
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Literature Is the Question Minus the Answer: Explanation Essay

“People ignore design that ignores people.” — Frank Chimero I believe the responsibility of an Information and Interface Designer, in principle, is to provide a seamless user experience. Usability and efficiency are both key constructs within user design. The task of creating this is very much harmonious and congruent with understanding human behavior. This is because of the reality that designers create interfaces that humans navigate and connect with. The same understanding of human behavior and perception can also be...
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Coolest Monkey In The Jungle: A Semiotic Analysis

Ringing in the New Year, on January 8, 2018, the fast-fashion retail company, H&M, began advertising their Spring 2018 wear online, however, one particular ad received much back lash from its social media users. The ad included an African American boy wearing a green hoodie with the words “coolest monkey in the jungle” alongside a Caucasian boy with an orange hoodie with the words “mangrove jungle, survival expert” (Figure 1). Disgusted and mortified, social media users torched H&M for being...
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Semiotic Analysis Of Teenage Magazine Covers

Before I begin my semiotic textual analysis, I will first establish the basis of my analysis with the use of semiotic practices and semiology. As we have learned from Saussure, semiotics is the study of signs and the systems governing them, for example, hand gestures, facial expressions, colours, typology, camera angles etc. In order to aid my analysis, I will use semiology ( an investigation of the nature of signs and the laws governing them ( Saussure 1974 16)) to...
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A Multimodal Analysis Study In Smartphone Billboards Advertisement

Abstract This research aims to analyze multimodal in Apple smartphones billboards advertisements. The multimodal theory by Kress and van Leeuwen and generic structure analysis theory by Cheong were applied to analyze this research. The method used in this research was a descriptive research method. The data in this research were images uploaded by photographers of Apple’s smartphone billboards advertisements. The source data of this research was obtained from The finding of this research obtained that the semiotic systems in...
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Gayness In Print Advertisement: A Semiotic Analysis

INTRODUCTION Advertisements are ubiquitous; hence, these are seen in different forms such as print and electronic which make the advertisements more interesting, creative, attractive, and persuasive especially in terms of appearance. Cook (1992, p.5) says that advertising is a well-known type of discourse in the society. Moreover, it is well-established and it has also been progressing especially in the modern era that people live in. Companies advertise in order for the people to recognize and eventually patronize their products. According...
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The Implication Of Semiotic In Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension

Abstract This writing explains the symbols or signs in a short story, The Selfish Giant, written by Oscar Wilde, to explore the explicit meaning of the text. The writer chooses this short story, because the short story is used to examine students’ reading comprehension. This research applies Semiotic which discusses about symbols. The capabilities of students to identify the meaning of symbols help them to realize that signs and symbols in a text are a way to express human’s feeling...
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Semiotic Analysis

Roland Barthes explains semiotic analysis is studying signs and symbols and using them for interpretation. It is the process of viewing the signs, understanding what the signs signify, what they portray and communicate. According to Barthes’s theory of semiosis, there are two parts of the sign; the signifier and the signified. Signifier is the visible part of the sign, whereas the signified is the concept or the idea or the meaning represented by that signifier. However, it is important to...
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How Might Advertising Be Understood As A System Of Signs?

Advertising is everywhere in our daily lives nowadays; during an average working day, people are surrounded by around 2,500 promotional campaigns. In this essay, we are going to explore how an advertisement is made using different kinds of signs that the reader must decode to understand the promotional meaning of the ad. We are going to investigate this system of signs by comparing two different ads in the same market sector with two different meanings decoded by the reader through...
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How Accurate Is It To Say That The Media Reflects Reality

In such an era that information technology develops rapidly, media platforms have become the tools of mass communication and main data sources used by all to study about the society. There are many types of media such as Print Media, Broadcast Media, New Media and more. Media ought to be an independent body which give a function in reflect the reality, provide people to browse through the internet to know the latest news around the world effectively. However, the media...
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The Ad Your Ad Could Be Like: Critiquing Semiotic Analysis Through Old Spice Advertisements

Abstract This essay aims to view the semiotic analysis in advertisements and critically analyze its impact. We will be critiquing two ads of Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign using semiotic analysis and then measuring the efficacy of the analysis. Through this exercise, we will see a semiotic analysis in action and recognize the drawbacks in utilizing the same as method of examining advertisements The representation of masculinity has come a long way from its rigid...
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