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Validation of Extrusion Processing for the Safety of Low-Moisture Food

As the days, months, years passes by food safety still remains as a serious question among producers and consumers. Extrusion is a processing technique which involves forcing material through a die. Widely applied in the food industry for shaping and texture, particularly with a view to modify the sensory properties (Properties that can be detected by the sensory organs. For foods, the term relates to the combination of concepts such as visual aesthetics, flavor, texture, astringency (the reaction infants give...
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Essay on Secret of Longevity: Good Behaviour or Genes

In a modern world, longevity is convinced as one of the most important parts for human-beings, more and more people want to have a long lifespan. Scientists are dedicating on which parts would be more important in human lifespan, genes or behavior. Some people believe that our genes depend on our parents, most of the diseases are caused by family inheritance, family history is one of the strongest risk factors for common disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and...
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Safety of Food Products and Its Importance

This was recently a talk over the news, social media platforms, radio broadcast and even on newspapers (e.g., TV Patrol, reported by News Anchor Karen Davila and Julius Babao, Manila Bulleti, published by Madelaine B. Miraflor on the 25th of October 2019) happened on the day of November 4, 2019. An ASF virus also known as African Swine Fever has spread all over the Philippines particularly Pampanga, Rizal, Bulacan, Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija, Cavite Provinces and in Metro Manila that killed...
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The Movie ‘Legally Blonde’ and the Muted Group Theory

When it comes to the muted group theory, the concept is fairly simple. It states that those who hold the power in a room tend to have their ideas communicated better and those who do not have such strong language hold less power. When the more powerful groups are conversing, the other groups must find themselves changing their communication style in order to adapt to those of power. In regards to the movie ‘Legally Blonde’, the entire plot of the...
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Comparison of 20th and 21st Century Songwriting English

Music is sound that is composed in such a way that contains rhythm, song, and harmony, especially sounds that is produced by instruments and can produce rhythm. Although music is a kind of intuition, phenomenon, to create, improve and present it is an art form. The reason I chose this topic is because music is important for the balance of our minds, music is also art and as an entertainment. There is a difference in the type of English used...
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Community Group Theory for Children Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Getting children to eat fruits and vegetables is a challenge. Not only is it an obstacle in the United States, but it is challenging globally as well. A sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables are in fact essential for a child’s health. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children eat 1-2 cups of fruit and 1-3 cups of vegetables daily depending on their age, gender, and level of activity. In New Zealand, “the proportion of children meeting...
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Applications of Noble Nanomaterials in Ensuring Food Safety: Review of Recent Developments

Compounds derived from natural sources, as well as industrial and agricultural waste, are examples of food contaminants. Food contaminants found naturally are mostly of microbiological origin, including pathogenic organisms and some other fungal and bacterial toxins. Food is among the most significant priority for public security because it is one of most basic components of living organisms. As a result, precautions are needed to make sure that food stuffs are exempt from contaminants that enter the food supply via food...
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Developmental Delay Does Not Determine Intelligence or Future Success: Examples of Albert Einstein and Steven Spielberg

The first stages of a child’s development is very critical. Some say that these stages are the most important stages in shaping your personality and ability to function. When a child grows at the rate of their developmental benchmarks, it means the child is developing at the average speed. Some factors that could speed up a child’s development are factors such as the child’s environment, cognitive ability, and child motivation/support from parents. Unfortunately, some children don’t always meet these developmental...
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What Is Square One: Essay

The origins of this phrase are not very clear. Its first mention was in The Times of London in May 1960: As far as building up a basis for profitable negotiations is concerned the two sides are back at square one. (Quotation found in Quinion, p. 238) The phrase is believed to have its origin in the early BBC radio commentaries of soccer matches, but this seems to be only a folk story because of the long gap between the...
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Veterinary School Essay

My fascination with animals, their biology, and their welfare has always been my main passion. With all the experience I have gained as a veterinary nurse, I am committed to now progressing to study veterinary medicine and achieving my long-term goal of becoming a small animal veterinary surgeon. Having given it careful consideration, I know I have more to offer the profession and now feel ready to develop my knowledge and understanding. Despite my love for veterinary nursing, I am...
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Essay on Being Veterinarian

For me, the most fascinating aspect of Veterinary Medicine is seeing how basic scientific principles, taught in a classroom, have turned into life-saving treatments and surgeries. During my first placement, I had the opportunity to observe an intriguing fat-harvesting surgery on a Labrador in order to obtain stem cells to treat a case of severe osteoarthritis. Reflecting upon this surgery has allowed me to realize how a Veterinary career opens a breadth of opportunities for professional development in supporting the...
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Vet School Essay

In April 2019, I spent 5 days gaining work experience at a local equine veterinary practice; I gained invaluable insight into the day-to-day running of a veterinary practice. Whilst there I witnessed a wide range of procedures ranging from taking blood, x-rays, ultra-sounds, laser surgery, nerve blocks, and kissing spine surgery. Witnessing these operations and procedures fascinated and intrigued me and only heightened my desire to one day carry out similar procedures myself and gain more experience and volunteer in...
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Trolley Problem Essay

Technological advancements often bring many changes to our society and it often challenges and forces us to adapt to new ethics, morality, and social constructs. This paper intends to explore one of the emerging technologies – self-driving cars, and its application to one of the ethical dilemmas – the trolley problem. This paper/ I will start with background information on the trolley problem and self-driving cars. Then, I will provide justifications as to why it is potentially necessary to implement...
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Should English Be the Official Language of the United States: Essay

Have you ever wondered where the English language came from? How it was developed and how it became what we know today? It is common to suggest that there are three main categories concerning the evolution and history of the English language. First, we have Old English. It started from 450 to 1066 and it begins with the coming of Germanic tribes settling in England. Then, we have Middle English which started from 1066 to 1500. It begins with the...
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Self-Driving Cars: Pros and Cons Essay

“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort” (Owens). And that is what most self-driving car companies have done, with the help of artificial intelligence and professional engineer, and the great effort put in by them, we can get in a car and go to destinations without doing work. Self-driving cars are really beneficial especially for those with disabilities such as no legs etc., as...
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Self Driving Cars: Pros and Cons Essay

Driverless cars have great potential to become the biggest transportation method in the near future. While there are several benefits associated with the utilization of self-driving vehicles, there are some issues associated with this technology. In this essay, the pros and cons of self-driving cars are examined. An important advantage of self-driving cars is that, unlike humans, machines don’t get tired. Many accidents are caused annually because of the very fact that drivers go to sleep while driving their cars....
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Essay about Periodic Table

The Periodic Table and Periodic Trends Introduction Periodic trends are plans that appear within the occasional table that lay out different viewpoints of a certain component, tallying its gauge and its electronic properties. Major occasional patterns incorporate electro-negativity, ionization imperativeness, electron enjoying, atomic clear, dissolving point, metallic character, and ionic clear. Intermittent patterns, developing from the course of activity of the irregular table, allow chemists with an invaluable gadget to quickly expect an element’s properties. These designs exist since of...
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Offences of Art: Irreligion in Andres Serrano and Francis Bacon

The origins of art are as perplexing as the inception of language itself. Once upon a time, writes James Elkins in On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art, in every place, and in every time, art was religious; for about eight thousand years ago, Asia, Africa, and Europe were full of sculpted deities and totemic representations: “According to various accounts… people left offerings, built altars, and chipped at rocks and bones to make images of gods” (5). It...
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Essay on Similarities between Humans and Animals

The evolutionary biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky once said, ‘All species are unique, but humans are unique.’ What makes man unique from other animals? Are there special characteristics that are unique to us humans that separate us from other animals or their animal ancestors? We, humans, consider ourselves highly intelligent, innovative, and progressive. Are we really as unique as we think? Human origins began with primates, over a period of time humans underwent biological evolution and cultural development. Traits such as bipedalism,...
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Essay on Plato's Theory of Forms

I believe that Plato`s Theory of Forms is incoherent and contradicts itself in places. There is also no compelling evidence of the Realm of the One exists. I will argue my point below in a balanced argument. Plato`s Theory of Forms consists of the idea that there are two realms The Realm of the One and the Realm of the Many. He believed that the perfect forms, which are the perfect version of things we see and can touch, are...
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Essay on Plato Theory of Justice

Plato’s ‘Nature of Justice: A Critical Analysis This essay is a culmination of personal opinions along with reference to several other works on a similar topic all of which have been cited duly. Abstract There are several takes on the nature and theories of justice. However, Plato in his Republic provides some very famous arguments for what justice means and what it is to be a just individual living in a just state. He has criticized the already existing theories...
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Analysis of Travis Hirschi’s Theory of Social Control

Approaching school security from a new perspective, that being Social Control Theory, is essential to promoting the safety of students. In an analysis of school violence and threat assessments, the United States Secret Service details several key findings to prevent a targeted attack (2019). Among their discoveries are four that closely align with the four social bonds of Hirschi’s Theory of Social Control. They also provide recommendations for addressing these influences in schools before they reach catastrophic levels. The first...
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Why We Should Switch to Organic Food: Argumentative Essay

The question of whether organic food is really a better alternative to its counterparts is a pervasive one. Many people would simply answer with ‘No’ or ‘I don’t know’. Said question has created much conversation over the past decade, sparking many arguments and driving many studies. Unfortunately, not many people are sufficiently educated on the expansive topic of organic food and are therefore more drawn to genetically modified food simply because of its availability and lower price tag. Despite the...
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Why Is Organic Food a Rip-Off: Argumentative Essay

Organic food is usually recognized to become foods grown without pesticides, pesticides or even in the event of creatures, at and fewer drugs living circumstances. Organic food is well known as being healthier and is more costly. But, is it worth the price? In this paper I’m going to analyze this topic. A Marketing Scam Organic food is an advertising scam, as stated by the Hoover Institute. They believe altering tagging scare strategies and laws motivates people to purchase organic....
1 Page 527 Words

Essay on Theories of Public Policy

Public policy making is essential in making sure that the government is guided in order to reach rational decisions. It is there to give clarity to the internal and external stakeholders on how an organization operates (in this context the government), how resources will be allocated, and how everything will operate in a country. Public policy can also be defined as “a relatively stable, purposive course of action followed by an actor or set of actors in dealing with a...
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Benefits of Including Organic Foods in Ingestion Routine

When we eat natural products, our stock of energy increments in a matter of seconds; this is one of the prime advantages of organic products that we can use in our bustling timetables. This is the motivation behind why competitors frequently eat organic product during and after exercise and why diets for pregnant moms quite often include natural products. Heart Health Organic foods like apricot, apple, banana, melon, berries, grapefruit, and orange, are unimaginable for securing your heart as they’re...
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PESTEL Analysis of the UK Organic Food Industry

The UK’s economy is highly developed and market-oriented. It is the world’s sixth-largest national economy, calculated by nominal gross domestic product (GDP), ninth-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP), and twenty-second-largest by GDP per capita, accounting for 3.3% of world GDP. The UK was the world’s tenth-largest exporter of products in 2016 and the fifth-largest importer of goods. It also had the second-largest foreign direct investment abroad, and the third-largest foreign direct investment outward. The United Kingdom is one of the...
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Organic Food Vs Genetically Modified Food: Why We Should Support Organic Food Production

Have you ever thought about the food you eat? Of course, you have, we all do. We think about the taste, the ingredients and the health benefits, but that’s it. We don’t question where the food comes from and we barely think about all the chemicals and toxins added to it, because most foods that we are surrounded with are all the same. Food companies that we enjoy are not organically produced for the most part, but are just easier...
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Essay on Organic Food and Target Market

Today, organic food and farming are one of the leading industries that customers are buying, because it is free of chemicals and pesticides in the farming processing. The consumers are concerned about how animals are used in its production process when it comes to natural resources and how farmers cultivate their products. Over the past few years, organic food products have grown around 48% during 2010 to 2018. In organic food processing, the production in the farming systems is maintained...
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Factors Influencing Consumers to Buy Organic Products

The purpose of this report is to evaluate the various factors that influence consumers to buy organic products based on various socio-demographic factors such as age, employment, consumption rate and buying patterns. Consumer Awareness of Organic Foods According to Soler et al. (2008), Freeland-Graves and Nitzke (2010), understanding and education are the two key critical factors influencing consumer’s attitudes against organic products. Chakrabarti (2007), Compagnoni et al. (2010) and Cunningham (2012) performed a number of scientific studies to determine the...
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