Science Vs. Religion

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Science and religion are two different matters known to create controversy on their own or when mentioned together in certain situations. There are elements of science that may change and evolve overtime, but elements of religion stay the same for years through tradition and personal beliefs.

Do people believe one is better than the other? It may be difficult to compare them since each has their own definition and how people perceive each , but each is known to influence concepts and beliefs of the other that affect how people view the world and live their lives.

Scientific elements such as nature or technology may influence what people believe related to religion. For example, people may use the stars or the planets when thinking about astrology. People don’t have the ability to create stars or planets, but many relate their creation to a high power or God. Aside from that, science may include learning about these things, but some religions refer to stars or planets in a way with spiritual meaning. Elements of nature may also have similar meanings based on what a person beliefs if in connection to a specific religion being practiced.

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Religious beliefs may play a role in how science is used to develop concepts used in society. People with specific religious beliefs may or may not use resources inspired by science. Some choose to live a life without high-tech devices or omit certain foods made with scientific advances.

Others may embrace different types of religion and incorporate it in their lives to create a better lifestyle. The lifestyle may be a reflection of what they believe based on the religion they are practicing. Sometimes it’s not a religion being practiced, but an element that was taken from or inspired by a certain religious belief people latch on to such as a curse or an action considered sacred.

Some situations have both subjects against each other with one having more preference than the other. For example, medical science concepts such as stem cell research have helped us learn more about cell mutation and growth in humans and animals. Yet, many are against projects related to this concept because of religious beliefs. Some feel you shouldn’t interfere with a nature process or use a synthetic process to recreate something. Even if there are benefits many feel it is wrong simply because they believe such actions or human creation was not intended for that purpose.

Learning more about science and religion has helped grow different societies around the world. While they are two different subjects many feel it is necessary to keep them separate unless a beneficial factor of significance is present. Technology influences, society development, and medical research concepts are all areas that seem to put science against religion. Both areas continue to be explored and influenced by each other. Sometimes it is a matter of personal opinion while others feel moral objectives is being abused. Each concept has much to offer but how we interpret them is something that continues to evolve.

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