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In recent years, people and machine start working together in many organizations, this development takes attention of the majority of people, many of them worry about their jobs and most of them think that machine can take their jobs. Authors of this review read seven articles about people and machine topic from 2010 to 2019 and we can see some advantages of an engaging machine in organization such as enhance of performance which constructed from making a survey and data...
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In today’s business world, businesses are now using artificial intelligent machines that helps the role of accountancy jobs a whole lot easier. The purpose of the artificial intelligent is that it provides business tool that can perform areas that “require great deals of precision, accuracy, and analytical decision-making in accounting. This saves time and costs for accountants to perform their job easy. The many benefits that artificial intelligent consist of data handlings, recognize and organize data from several sources, and...
1 Page 495 Words
Humanoid robots, robots with a human body plan and human-like detects, are getting a charge out of expanding prominence as research apparatus. An ever-increasing number of gatherings overall work on issues like bipedal motion, apt control, broad media observation, human-robot cooperation, versatile control, and learning, directed for the application in humanoid robots. These endeavors are spurred by the vision to make another sort of hardware: robots that work in close participation with people in a similar situation that we intended...
3 Pages 1388 Words
Close your eyes and allow me to set a scene which should be engraved in your psyche: A naïve scientist discovers and experiments with something that may endanger the human race. After preventing a global catastrophe, the scientist learns a valuable lesson about the dangers of science. You may not be able to pinpoint the movie this synopsis is from, but you may recognise it as one of the most well-known tropes displayed on the big screen. The portrayal of...
6 Pages 2588 Words
Introduction In our generation of highly developed technologies, scientists from different spheres are eager to find solutions to various daily problems of mankind. But now we will talk about neuroprosthetics of human hands. Millions of people around the world face abnormalities at birth or loss of a limb due to illnesses, accidents, and so on, followed by the need to amputate that limb. Neuroprosthetics is in great demand, because the lack of limb of the hand brings great discomfort and...
4 Pages 1820 Words
Automotive industry is a huge business involving various activities and business processes. From the repair and service of vehicles; selling of tools and parts; repair and maintenance of motor bikes and cars; and some non-car manufacturing; are covered by automotive industry. Automotive industry comprises companies and organizations involved in design, development, manufacturing, marketing and selling of motor vehicles. Automotive industry is the world’s biggest source of economy by tax and revenue. However, automotive industry does not cover the industries dedicated...
6 Pages 2891 Words
In our life technology plays a vital role because it provides more efficient and faster results with different methods. Computer programming is one the easiest and simple way used in many different aspects such as education, transportation and communication. Humans and machines can have a strong relation in case of communication which helps both to develop the intelligence. The dynamic relationship between human and machine holds an equally important position. Now a days machines are able to solve every aspect...
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Legal reasoning is an old concept, capable of being found way back in the Roman times. Decisions were justified by reference to exemplar factual situations and reasoning of other jurists, often seemingly guided by own views. The current age decision-making contains slight differences. To understand why a judge argues a case in a certain way, it is necessary to consider the reasons used to justify his reasoning. As Hunh suggests, a judicial decision is capable of being reduced into a...
4 Pages 1632 Words
Modern AI Systems have seen some major advancements and breakthroughs in recent years. However, almost all of them use a bottom-down approach where machines are heavily trained in as many situations as possible to increase accuracy and minimize their margin or error. This is a rather inefficient and at times untrustworthy way to teach machines. This approach requires large amounts of ‘good data’ and even with that, it is always uncertain that AI can be trusted in abstract situations. Abductive...
7 Pages 3129 Words
1. Introduction of the problem Artificial intelligence nowadays plays an important role in lots of area, includes the accounting field. What does the effect AI have on accounting? AI can be helpful to accountants in many ways, but also being a risk to accountants in the meanwhile. We will talk about the introduction, the research questions and hypothesis, the background, the significance and implications of the study, 2 cases’ study analysis, the comparative case study analysis, and the conclusions and...
3 Pages 1458 Words
Material science and technology has evolved - starting in the 1960s because it became clear that a single approach was needed to create, discover and design new materials. Rapid evolution occurs at the beginning of the 21st century when it is sought to combine the global problem of solid waste with a major metal factor (e.g. heavy metals, plastics, inorganic chemicals, organic, etc.). Many of the current technological problems are due to the constraints of available materials so advances in...
2 Pages 868 Words
The twenty-first century is a century for innovations and technology improvements; Mankind has developed various kinds of technology, which has made our life so much easier. It can easily say that most of the work that was done by humans has been taken over by a machine. Most of the dangerous works are now done by machines. The machine industry is a constant mode of improvement, and scientists are very hard. In recent years, a new idea has been developed...
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