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Transparency and Accountability as Worthy Principle of Public Policy

For this assignment, which is justifying contributions to the development of the poster for the 10 principles of a good public policy, five peer-reviewed articles that discuss the principle of transparency and accountability as a worthy principle of a good public policy were selected. These principles were selected using a working hypothesis, thus, openness is a key element for the formulation of good public policy. This hypothesis helped me to lunch exploratory research studies (theoretical framework) and to critically deduce...
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Essay on Importance of Accountability

Police accountability is an issue that is under constant scrutiny in today’s society. The statement ‘police are more accountable now than they have ever been’ is a highly controversial statement with which I agree with to some extent. Due to the constant scrutiny our police force faces, there are continuous new ways emerging how to make the accountability of police officers more reliable. This is extremely important as accountability is essential for the maintenance of the public’s faith in the...
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Should the UK Government Tax Sugary Drinks? Essay

Obesity has been a big problem in the UK because the government hasn’t taken control over the consumption of sugary goods, especially sugary drinks. Market failure is created when the allocative efficiency is not used in its maximum efficiency. So, when community surplus is not maximized, we have market failure. A certain product is either over or under produced. Merit goods will be under supplied, and demerit goods will be over supplied. In market failure, it’s a study about realizing...
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Radical Reformation of Current Tax System

“Nobody spends somebody else’s money as carefully as he spends his own…”, – Milton Friedman. Taxation, a means by which governments finance their expenditures by imposing charges on citizens and corporate entities, is used according to the ACCA (2013) for one of three reasons: to raise revenue, to redistribute wealth, and to change behavior. This essay will focus on income and wealth taxation in the United States, which makes up 81% of the federal revenue (National Priorities Project, 2015). Most...
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The Importance of Taxing Unhealthy Foods

Many organizations are benefiting from us. They are promoting a lot of unhealthy food at a very low price, taking benefit from it by having us to agree with a ridiculous idea that it’s good for us to purchase these unhealthy products. Big Food Brands like Anheuser Busch, Nestlé, and PepsiCo are responsible for using this tactic manipulating people of America to buy extra of their products. With so many of these unhealthy options at an alarmingly low fee, they...
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Essay on Why Smokers Should Pay a High Health Tax on Tobacco

One of the most important questions that has to be raised is whether it is right or even ethical for smokers to pay a high amount of tax on tobacco or not. Or even whether individuals who live a healthy lifestyle and don’t smoke are forced to pay a cost for something that they never even did. There are 3 reasons as to why, in my opinion, smokers should pay an extremely high tax on tobacco. Firstly, the most obvious...
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Strong Inheritance Tax as a Possible Solution to Growing Poverty and Inequality

Poverty is an increasing issue in modern day that stems from wealth inequality. Families that hold wealth throughout generations are making an increasing gap in income in the United States which is making the poor even more poor. Poverty can have several negative effects on a person’s long-term health, including heart attacks, inflammatory diseases, and even can attribute to a premature death. While some argue that a more aggressive progressive tax is the best way to solve things, the most...
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Should the Rich Pay More Taxes? Essay

In America today, there is a constant conversation about taxing the rich. They’re arguments on both sides of the coin. As of right now, since taxes are based on percentages, wealthy citizens should not be required to pay higher taxes because they fairly earned their money and they should get to keep it. On the other hand, some people believe that wealthy people should pay more taxes because they already have plenty of money so it is nothing when they...
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Trump's Tax Cut Analysis

At the end of 2017, President Trump signed into law one of the largest tax code overhauls since the 1980s. The President assured taxpayers that this bill included a simpler and more reformed tax code, protection for lower- and middle-income Americans and cuts for corporations that would in theory spur investment and economic growth. Once implemented, however, this bill disproportionately benefited higher earners, created loopholes for profitable corporations, increased the federal deficit and did not deliver the high economic growth...
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Is a Tax on Junk Food a Good Approach to Combating Global Obesity? Essay

Aptly described by WHO as an ‘escalating global epidemic’ (WHO, 2002), the burden of obesity on communities is self-evident: an estimated 3 million deaths and 2 trillion dollars in medical costs (Dobbs et al., 2014). To address the challenge member nations have introduced tax policies to regulate people’s nutrition. The phraseology ‘junk food’ is attributed to sugar sweetened beverages and energy dense processed foods and may apply to foods of higher than needed caloric value (Donald et al., 2015). The...
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Should the Government Be Allowed to Tax Unhealthy Foods Such as Sugar in Order to Encourage Healthier Eating? Essay

In this essay I’m going to be discussing the following: why the government has introduced a sugar tax and the results of this initiative, future plans to increase this scheme as well as potential alternate methods to improving the nation’s health without punishing the consumer. The government last year joined the ranks of many other nations around the world in introducing what has been dubbed the ‘sugar tax’, joining the ‘sin taxes’ that are already currently in place. This new...
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Does Scotland Need a Tourist Tax? An Essay

Tourism is a critical source of income for many countries but for Scotland in particular, it is a major source of revenue. Yet a substantial part of the money made from tourism does not go to the local council or benefit the whole population. Instead, the money is going into the hands of accommodation providers, cafes, restaurants and retail outlets. The government has to pay to repair and build new roads and bridges, maintain schools and hospitals and keep free...
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Progressive Tax Vs Flat Tax: An Essay on What Is Fairer

The federal government collects revenue from income taxes, capital gains taxes, and payroll taxes. Tax rates depend on income types. Income taxes are progressive – that is, initial dollar amounts are taxed at a lower rate and additional dollars are taxed at higher rates. Income from investments (capital gain) is taxed at a flat 15%. Payroll taxes are charged at a flat rate only on the first $113,700 an individual earns. Let’s look at the tax rates for 2012 and...
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Should Australia Introduce a Sugar Tax to Improve the Health of Its Population? Essay

Implementing tax on sugar-sweetened beverages was correlated with substantial increase in soda rates and decrease significant consumption of aerated drinks, sweet teas, flavored water, and sport drinks. In Australia people are getting fat since childhood caused by eating too much unhealthy processed food which address complex disease called obesity. World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that obesity is a risk factor for most of non-communicable disease such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease (heart attack, stroke, hypertension), cancer etc. To improve...
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500 Word Essay on Accountability

Nothing in life can be carried out to the fullest without accountability! Without it, it is difficult to get people to assume ownership of their own actions because they believe they will not face any consequences. Accountability is the concept of answerability by an individual or a department for the performance or outcomes of specific activities. In the case of setting goals, the notion of accountability can be applied in two ways firstly, internal accountability is when an individual’s personal...
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1500 Word Essay on Accountability in the Military

Have you ever thought about what the military would be like without certain things? The military must have certain things for it to maintain its reputation. The military always wants their soldiers and their sailors to be their best no matter the situation. The military always wants their soldiers and sailors to have accountability, discipline and respect, time management, and critical thinking skills if they are in a combat zone or working in a hospital. Accountability is very important in...
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Accountability Essay Army

The Importance of Accountability and Continuity “I am a soldier first but an Intelligence Professional second to none.” As a soldier, I am held to a higher standard compared to a civilian. We are trained and developed to follow the profession of arms. As a soldier, you are expected to live, speak and act in the professional army manner to adhere to army traditions, fulfilling our roles to resist the enemy at all times. You are responsible for not only...
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Impact of Taxes on the Public Services in Saudi Arabia: Analysis of Health Insurance

Introduction Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes. And as something that is put to comparison with death in its certainty; most people fear even the mention of taxes the same as its counterpart, but it does not have to be that way. Taxes are considered as a form of a membership to the society, for the person to become of service to their society. To foster economic growth and development governments need...
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Main Principles in Professional Issues of Accountability: Analytical Essay

Introduction This assignment, it will discuss what accountability is, why it is important within adult nursing, looking into capacity in an analytical aspect, whilst maintaining confidentiality within the assignment. Enabling the reader to get a better understanding of capacity whilst looking at it through legal, ethical, and professional accountability. Capacity is both decision and time specific. We cannot decide what is in a person’s best interests just because of their age, their looks, or how they behave. Capacity according to...
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Assessment of Liquidity and Solvency of the Company: Analysis of Balance Sheet

Introduction The main goal of enterprise management is to ensure the survival of the enterprise in the market and improve its well-being. An important role in the implementation of this task is given to the financial analysis of the enterprise. Financial analysis helps to develop the strategy and tactics of improvement of the enterprise, to make management decisions, monitor, identify reserves for improving production efficiency, assess the performance of the enterprise and its divisions. One of the main criteria for...
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Industry and Company Overview Based on Balance Sheet: Comparative Analysis of Starbucks Corporation and The Coca-Cola Company

The global beverage industry has an annual worth of $1.4 trillion with a 2.6% expected increase each year. It consists of many market segments including soft drinks, energy drinks, tea and coffee, natural and organic beverages, alcohol, and bottled water. As long as thirst exists, there will be a market for beverages. One big trend is the growing popularity of bottled water. Consumers are seeking healthier ways to stay hydrated, making bottled water a popular choice. The beverage industry has...
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Analytical Essay on Cost Accounting System: Case Study of Nestlé Lanka Limited

Executive Summary The managers and directors of an organization use various types of techniques to ensure the wellbeing of their organization. Management accounting is one of those techniques used. Various types of management accounting reports and systems are prepared by management accountants to provide information to the top-level managers in order to aid them in their decision-making process. The focus of this report is to identify the costs and benefits of introducing a new product called Nescafé Rapido, a ready-to-drink...
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Importance of Accounting for Managers: Purpose of Income Statement and Balance Sheet

Section A: Importance of accounting information in managerial tasks Planning- accounting information helps in business planning for long term and short term. It helps to make plan before business operation. Previous accounting information tells that where and how they can improve it in the future. Budget- Business managers often use accounting information to make budget for the company. They can check that previously where they have spent money for business operations. They can make sure that the company should not...
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Critical Evaluation of the Role of Internal Control Mechanisms in Corporate Governance and Firm Performance

Introduction Over recent years, corporate governance has become a mandatory center in practice and academic literature (Kim, Nofsinger and Mohr, 2009). The essential pillars of good corporate governance are: discipline, transparency, independence of board members and committees, fairness, accountability and social responsibility (King Report, 2002). Moreover, the most simplified definition of corporate governance is a system through which companies are directed and controlled (Cadbury Report, 2002). Corporate governance is made up of several mechanisms which include: Non-executive directors, executive incentives,...
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Views Concerning Internal Controls on the Revenue Collection: Critical Analysis

1.1 Introduction This section will mainly focus on the background of the problem which will be about what has caused the problem. Also the research will focus on the main aims of this research and research objectives giving the reader a clear picture of what the researcher wants to achieve. The research will also come across the significance of the study giving the importance of why this study is being carried out. Moreover the research will focus on the limitations...
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Impact of Internal Control System on Tax Revenue Collection at BURS in Francistown

1.1 Introduction This section will mainly focus on the background of the problem which will be about what has caused the problem. Also the research will focus on the main aims of this research and research objectives giving the reader a clear picture of what the researcher wants to achieve. The research will also come across the significance of the study giving the importance of why this study is being carried out. Moreover the research will focus on the limitations...
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Role of Cost Accounting for Big and Small Businesses: Analytical Essay

1.0 Introduction Cost accounting is an accounting method that gain control a company’s costs of production by assessing the input costs of each process of producing the products and fixed cost as well, such as the depreciation of equipment, insurance and interest expense. First of all, cost accounting measures and records all costs individually, then it compares input results or actual results to help company’s management in measuring their financial performance. From this process costing accounting can help the company...
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Critical Analysis of Free Cash Flow Theory

Introduction The theory was proposed by Michael C. Jensen in an article called “Agency Costs of free cash Flow, Corporate Finance and Takeovers in 1986.” According to this theory if a firm is efficient should pay the free cash flow to the shareholders. The firm should also give maximum value of the free cash flow to the shareholders. In the view of Jensen free cash flow is a problem rather than a good thing. When the firm has substantial free...
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International Financial Management: Central Banks and Balance Sheets Adjustment

Introduction Ⅰ. Analyze the effect central bank easing during the Great Recession had on global equity markets. After 10 useless actions of federal funds rate cut from 5.25% to 0.25%, the Federal Reserve turned to quantitative easing for the first time in history. Under the high financial pressure caused by funding for several institutions that were on the verge of bankruptcy, the Federal Reserve announced the enforcement of QE1 “In late November 2008, the Federal Reserve started buying $600 billion...
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An In-depth Analysis of Financial Position: Firm Overview and Analysis of Cash Flows

Part 1: Firm Overview PART A: Texas Instruments is a manufacturer of semiconductors which it sells across the globe; generating total revenue of $15.784 billion in fiscal 2018 alone. Semiconductor products are used for a variety of purposes such as “converting and amplifying signals, interfacing with other devices, managing and distributing power, processing data, cancelling noise and improving signal resolution.” The company has two major product types: Analog and Embedded Processing. The first type, Analog, produced $10.80 billion in revenue...
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