The Cost of Space Exploration Essay

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Are you aware that the current world is investing more in spatial research than terrestrial study? Space inquiry is the discovery of celestial structures in outer space implemented by ever-evolving technology. Furthermore, Space exploration has facilitated digital communication, biological research, and an increased understanding of astrophysics. However, the cost is questionable considering humanitarian hardships.

An aspect of the spatial study that is often overlooked is digital communication. For a significant portion of the world's population, sharing information via mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic devices has become second nature. This interaction is lubricated by satellites, one of mankind's most prodigious aerospace inventions. Today, satellite communication has given impetus to other valuable projects such as weather satellites. The prediction of unforeseen weather fronts has been successful through this discovery. With objectives as significant as cancer research, space exploration may seem poignant given the humanitarian problems Earth is facing however, counterarguments only consider the disadvantages that accompany spatial exploration - an example would be the cost of procedures. Finding the cure to cancer is not a sprint, but a marathon. Modern research suggests that the cure could be found in space. In Earth-bound labs, scientists struggle to study changes in cell growth therefore, bacteriologists believe that using the distinctive microgravity environment aboard the International Space Station, we can expedite a series of research investigations in making further advancements in cancer therapy. In terrene labs, cells are unable to mimic the 3D architecture shaped by proteins and carbohydrates of a working human organ. As a result, cells grow flat which is disadvantageous as cells cluster together simply in space and replicate cell activity in a better way. With rapidly advancing technology, scientific research is becoming facile. The neuroArm surgical tool for treating brain tumors is a present-day invention that has its roots in Space station technology. Human patients are already benefiting from this robotic assistance as part of clinical trials at Calgary's Foothills Hospital. With that in mind, is space exploration a waste of money?

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The Battle of the Billionaires. Is it merely the latest plaything for the wealthy? We've now entered a new era in exploration, billionaires in space, where some of the most affluent men are propelling themselves to new heights in their private rockets. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, business investor Richard Branson, and entrepreneur Elon Musk are the three notable magnates in this contest. The competition between the world's richest men to grow their space companies has been dubbed the 'billionaire space race,' with Branson and Bezos seeking to get a piece of the burgeoning space tourism business, and Bezos and Musk vying for lucrative government contracts, the stakes are high. However, since they both flew to space in spacecraft manufactured by their respective firms, earning international headlines, Branson and Bezos' rivalry has taken center stage. Elon Musk's SpaceX, not to be outdone, is planning to launch its first tourism trip later this year, using remarkably more powerful rockets capable of carrying NASA personnel into Earth's orbit for multi-day excursions. The fundamental danger of thrill-seeking via spaceship is that it diverts attention away from problems on the ground. Numerous citizens expostulate space investigation and attest that we should devote greater resources to combating global warming and ocean exploration which is an admissible argument. Ocean exploration does not necessitate lift off from Earth; rather, it enables us to go deep underwater and investigate unknown regions in search of answers to questions regarding climate change, global warming, carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere, and maintaining sufficient supplies of mollusk to minimize the risk of world hunger. The scientific understanding obtainable from our planet, especially from animals that live in severe environments, is considerably more valuable than that acquired from space. Delving into oceanic research and improved cancer treatment is crucial therefore funds should be split equally to understand each region in depth. All three billionaires have comparable but separate interplanetary objectives, with the goal of the private sector being able to deliver satellites, people, or cargo into space for a cheaper price and quicker than in previous decades. But, as much as the event is about race, it can also be about the eccentric personalities and egoism of some of the world's wealthiest individuals.

Money, money, money! The most prominent dispute against space exploration is the preposterous cost. Well, how much is disbursed? On an annual basis, NASA spends $18.7 billion. Moreover, $209 billion was spent in total on the shuttle program. NASA's one-year budget, according to oceanographer Bob Ballard, could finance NOAA's ocean exploration for 1,600 years. Furthermore, the National Cancer Institute receives federal funds of $4.9 billion each year which is a minuscule amount compared to that of space inquiry. The prodigious expense of space-related operations could be utilized for earth-related research, education and more appreciably, terminating world poverty. This viewpoint has also been endorsed by well-known personalities in our society. Martin Luther King enunciated 'If our nation can spend twenty billion dollars to put a man on the moon, it can spend billions to place God's children on their own two feet right here on earth,'. On the other hand, it could be argued that this analogy is flawed. A by-product of interstellar travel is scientific knowledge, which has benefited an incalculable number of people since the dawn of space missions. How do you propose to purchase MRI machines without the digital image processing NASA developed? How would we drink clean water without the electrolytic silver iodizer created by NASA? How would we have athletic shoes such as Nike Air if it weren't for suit construction technology developed by NASA? Although this is a controversial topic, space exploration has truly generated knowledge that assists humanity. Without it, there would be a stagnation in development.

To conclude, space exploration advances accurate technology and contributes to life-changing discoveries. Due to the countless problems that still need to be solved on Earth, the cost of doing so is exorbitant, if not ludicrous. Nonetheless, the understanding of spatial science that this research has applied is amazing.

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