Is Space Exploration A Waste Of Money: Reasons?

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The money being spent on space exploration cost the billions and it has done a lot of advanced technology which would possibly have come anyway by other means. Space exploration is costly, difficult ,harsh ,perilous and risky . It has additionally created numerous amazing and awesome, various, and some distance-ranging economic impacts, along with: financial growth in towns and surrounding areas, acceleration of technological advances, and growth of latest industries and scientific fields.Space exploration also makes us smarter, improves our lives and increases our functionality to triumph over technological challenges. Worldwide warming is real, and we are truly facing a huge issues on Earth , and they are getting worse. These include the pollution of lands and oceans, extreme drought , heat waves , human who still live in poverty, people who cant access to education. Those are the general crises which it is in our planet. The field of technology and astronomy is known how much its costs lots of money , studying ,telescopes and spacecraft , could spent billions of money to run the worldwide area Station no longer be better used to alleviate international starvation, for instance.

Robin Hanbury-Tention assume that the concept that we ought is to only spend money on necessary issues which can be like development as a civilization: if we had been to address things in this manner all the time, we might continually find something else extra worth of expenditure, and by no means definitely solve something properly. We’re an smart species, so absolutely we can address multiple difficulty at a time. Space research a gross waste of money and time and effort that will better if they applied it on our planet rather than the space . The needs of human constantly come first.There are human who need assist they must be helped

Rather than spending money on robots onto different planets and keeping human alive is important. Its extremely good that NASA can increase generation to the next degree of time . So why not making technology benefit us? When we spend a lot of money in space exploration they should know that they are the cause of problems on the earth. And why should we spend much time and money on space exploration , when we don’t know a lot about our planet? There are many things on our world that have not found or discovered yet , such as AIDS and cancer treatments and overcoming poverty . Space exploration is a waste of resources and its dangerous to , so may accident and problems happened in the space like shattering of space vehicles , explosions, pieces falling off and missing the gravity of earth , that is even waste more money to fix them .

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On the other hand people think that space exploration is not a waste of time Matthew-s-Williams thinks that space exploration isn't that much expensive. And to be fair, exploring space, comes with innumerable benefits. If the space technology has improved and developed, we will leave this planet in large numbers and live safely and that will solve our problems like ,environment,resource,energy problems population .And it help us discovering the ozone layer and their information and how to defeat the climate change and they helped us to connect the world through intreats and communication And its helped a huge number of humans because of the beginning of space explorations. How do you propose to purchase MRI machines without the digital image processing NASA, and you could communicate . Space exploration thus supports innovation and economic prosperity by stimulating advances in science and technology, as well as motivating the global scientific and technological workforce, thus enlarging the sphere of human economic activity. Lets say the world is on its edge and we have to get off of the earth then we could take rocket ships and we could live on the moon. If we continue space exploration we could probably find a planet that has water or oxygen and there is many discoveries and products have been developed from the knowledge gained from space exploration. For example, NASA created Velcro which is now used in many clothing items, bags and so forth. Non-stick pans and surfaces were also created as a result of space exploration. And it has benefit us with new knowledge and as a result of this, many new and intriguing inventions have been made. we may need Space more than we think. We all know, . The more we know about out own Galaxy, and even just the Universe, the safer we can potentially make out planet. Besides, if we're not careful, we're going to be in many problems to one of those planets out there sooner than we think. Where would we be if Earth became uninhabitable and we, having cut our Space program, were unable to find a substitute? So we should grow and develop and improve new innovations to create a more sustainable and efficient world. And it has given

Ryan Anderson state that space exploration helping us on understanding our planet and studying another planet like Venus and Mars teaches us how special our planet is, and provides sobering examples of how the climates of planets can change. money spent on space exploration goes toward the salaries of thousands of skilled American workers who make NASA’s missions so successful. technologies that are essential and important for hurricanes and dangerous storm systems, have saved lives and help us prepare for the worst and allows us to identify potential dangers before they strike.Also , It gives us a chance to see what beyond in the final frontier. And it could change our approach to medicine.

Overall, in my opinion I think that space exploration is a waste of money but in some times is not we now we exist , but we don’t know if anything out there exists .spending money on our planet also known as our home so we should think fairly about the earth and the space because all of them have effects on our society.we should know and think how to solve our problems on earth and using the benefits of using space exploration to solve the problems on earth .

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