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Time Travel: A Phenomenon Most People Have Never Believed to Exist

Einstein’s theory of special relativity starts out from an observation that the speed of light is always moving at a constant speed of 300,000 km/s. Despite this great discovery, this idea remains unknown to many people because it serves us no purpose for our everyday lives. Every prediction made by relativity that is able to be tested is true(Davidson, 1990). One of them is clocks slow down as they approach the speed of light and run backwards if they exceed...
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Critical Analysis of the ‘Paradoxes of Time Travel’

Although the theory of time travel has been questioned for several reasons, in this essay I will argue whether the case of the Grandfather Paradox is capable of successfully proving the impossibility of time travel. To better explain the meaning of this theory, an overview is given as to what time travel is in terms of personal and external time, as well as any other terms that may seem unclear. The essay will then focus on providing an understanding of...
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The Grandfather Paradox and the Argument against Time Travel: Analytical Essay

David Lewis proposed a solution to the Grandfather Paradox; the Paradox which was used to disprove the possibility of time travel. His successful analysation allows for comparable paradoxes to be solved using the same logic. Specifically, there is a reason to believe that Lewis’ solution can be used to solve the problem outlined in Earman’s logically pernicious self-inhibitor problem. Firstly, I will be exploring what the Grandfather Paradox entails and David Lewis’ solution to it. Secondly, I will present the...
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Topics of Time Travel and Slavery: Critical Analysis of Kindred

Kindred has many themes as a novel. Time travel and slavery are two of the most important themes throughout the book to me. The protagonist Dana is a smart, black, independent woman of her time. She is married to Kevin,who is a white man. They have a interacial marriage that is somewhat looked down upon. In this essay I will discuss how and why time travel was portrayed in this book among other sources. One day, main character Dana travels...
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Heavy Interest in the Thought of Traveling through Time Represented in The Time Machine

Thesis- Themes in The Time Machine are drawn from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s which shows a heavy interest in the thought of traveling through time. The story in The Time Machine tells of a man who tells of stories of time travel. He travels all throughout history from only about a few hundred years to millions into the future. He talks about seeing different animals and scenery eat time he travels through time and takes a peak...
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Representation of Time Travel in Kindred by Octavia E. Butler: Critical Analysis

The past of one’s self cannot be pushed aside and forgotten. Each detail of a person’s background and culture defines who they are. In the novel, Kindred by Octavia E. Butler, through time travel, the amount of years in the past is equivalent to a few minutes in the present. Dana is propelled back in time to witness the hardships her ancestors faced. The jumps in time between the past and the present highlights the importance of how the damage...
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The Technical Feasibility of Time Travel: Critical Analysis

The modern man is a time traveler in all aspects because mentally, humans project themselves into the past and the future by revisiting their memories. It is through these revising and projecting that humans have managed to invent future and explore possible events with anticipation and desire. Typically, the concept of time machine invokes the imagination of images of that is often used in the science-fiction storylines. But from the general theory of relativity advanced by Albert Einstein, which explains...
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Philosophy Paper on Possibility of Time Travel into the Past without Creating a Time Paradox

Time travel is well-known from sci-fi and has fascinated philosophers and physicist alike due to the metaphysical issues that arise from it: the nature of time, causation, and modality. It’s broadly acknowledged that it is possible to time travel to the future, however the possibility of time travel to the past has continued to be intensely debated because of the paradoxes of time that can occur. In this paper, I will argue that time travel into the past is possible...
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A Comparison of Kindred and Flight: Analysis of the Main Topic of Time Travel

“People who think about time travel stories sometimes think that going back in time would be fun because you would have all the information you needed to be much more astute than the people there; when the truth is, of course, you wouldn’t” (Octavia E. Butler). The novels, Kindred, written by Octavia E. Butler, and Flight, authored by Sherman Alexie, both involve the main topic of time travel. The book, Kindred, presents the story of an African-American woman who travels...
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Time Travel in a Short Story: Essay

How much can a parent sacrifice for their child? How should a person handle the gray area between right and wrong? These were just some of the questions I had in my mind as I read through the book. The Hand Bringer written by Christopher J. Penington is a story of sacrifice, family, friendship, and love entangled with time travel. The Hand Bringer started with the introduction of Peter Hadrian, a member of the police force, in the middle of...
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Time Dilation: First Possible Step Towards Time Travel

Introduction The concept of time travel has been one of dreams, fantasies, and the imagination. What would you do if you traveled to the past? Would you make corrections or changes to your past, maybe fix what you regret, what if we had more time to do what we can not: these are some of the questions that people ask themselves when thinking of what life would be like if time travel was possible. Thousands of books and movies have...
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Future of Time Travel: Theoretical Physics between the Lines of Modern Pop-Culture

The Next Generation’s big screen outings are a mixed bag, to put it nicely, but the best film by far is the time-bending Star Trek: First Contact. Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise-E travel to the past to prevent the cybernetic Borg from mucking with Earth’s history. It’s a good film all by itself, but even more excellent if you’re an invested Star Trek fan. We get to see huge, never-before-seen moments in the Star Trek universe,...
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Theory of Relativity and Black Holes: Time Travel Might Happen Some Time in Future

When you look up at the sky in a clear night, you see a bunch of stars shining in the sky. All the starlight are unknown worlds waiting for us to study. After reading The Illustrated Brief of The Time by Steven Hawking, I saw the mysteries of the space and time. Albert Einstein’s formula E=MS shut the door of time travel down. It means that we need more energy to reach higher speed. Time travel requires light speed to...
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History of Concept of Time and Secrets of Time Travel in Physics

As I think of Time, all I can come up with is that it passes. It is irreversible and just only moves forward. Why do we need time though: to measure or calculate a duration that has been taken to do something. We use seconds, minutes, hours, days etc. to measure time in our daily lives. The definition that I just mentioned for Time may be sufficient to understand it in the context of daily lives but to really understand...
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Theoretical Physics in Past and Future: From Speed of Light to Time Travel

The exploration of the universe is endless, and the duty of physics is to understand our origins by understanding the universe. Over the course of decades of science, great scientists have worked hard to advance physics and gain a better understanding of human existence. However, what tools do physicists use to carry out this magnificent project? Throughout history, ancient thinkers, in order to study the existence of the universe, created a series of guesses and perspectives, which are combined to...
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Hypothesizing Possibility of Time Travel Based on Existing Theories of Time in Physics

I always wonder how my future will be or is there a way to go back in the past to change things, the way I want it to be. This leads me to do research about time travel. To start, let’s dig into what is time? In the ancient period, time measurements were done by making observations of cycles of the natural world, using patterns of changes from day to night and from season to season to build calendars. But...
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Existing Theories in Physics Might Lead to Real Time Travel in Future

Time travel have been the idea humankind interesting in for century. Since the ancient time, fairy tale about, time travel has always been relevant. From the Hindu epic, King Revaita accepts an invitation to Brahma’s place, when he returns to earth, he finds many century have passed. The story of fisherman name Urashima Taro, having saved a sea turtle, he gets invited to the sea-kingdom; when he return home he became a centuries old man although he just stay there...
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