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The Essence And Contribution Of Control Theory

Control theory is an approach in criminology which attempts to answer the question “why don’t people commit crime?” by highlighting the importance of the relationship between delinquents and their social group- the bond they have with society. The origins of control theory can be linked...
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‘Sleep Theory' Or Anomie Theory

Although this theory was effected in 1938, during that time, social interests were not awakened; hence it was referred to as the ‘sleep theory.’ However, it did gain public interest in the year 1954 which was due to its insistence on the notion that crime...
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The Essence Of Bronfenbrenner's 'Ecological Theory'

If I had to choose a theory of human development that best fits my viewpoint, I would select Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory. This theory is very interesting because of its concreteness and good sense. I found that it stems from psychodynamic theory which explains similarities and...
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Importance Of Darwin’s Evolution Theory

One of Darwin’s Evolution Theories Finally Proved By Cambridge Researchers. Before we going to talk about why Cambridge researchers demonstrated the Darwin’s theory we need to know about Darwin that who he is? And what is Darwin’s theory of evolution? About Darwin: His full name...
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Sociological Theory And Its Features

A sociological theory is a concept in which sociologists have created in order to give themselves and others a deeper insight into the world of sociological thinking. There are three main theories. These theories are functionalism, symbolic interactionism and conflict theory. The functionalism and the...
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Dissimilarities Between Hypothesis And Theory

If you’ve studied science, or you’re studying science, you’ve probably asked yourself a hundred questions about the difference of things. You would have asked the difference between law and principle. You would have wondered about how compounds and mixtures are varied. You would have questioned...
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Difference Between Scientific Theory And Hypothesis

Are you here to know, how is a scientific hypothesis different from a scientific theory? Many a time there exists bewilderment amid both the terminologies that will be discussing shortly. How are these both nomenclatures distinguished from one another? The much like-sounding concepts actually are...
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