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Although many species have behaved as if they have a ‘theory of mind’ in various behavioral tasks, it is still an extensive debate as to whether they can attribute mental states to others. This essay’s main aim is to explain the concept of theory of mind and describe the methods used to assess mind-reading abilities of non-human animals. Theory of mind is referred to as the human ability to mindread. This term has been used in developmental psychology to explain...
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Theory of mind is the ability to attribute mental states which includes goals, beliefs, intentions and desires to oneself and to others. This essay is looking at theory of mind of adults and social cognition of infant and children. The presumption of humans’ uniqueness in understanding theory of mind is largely true and will be discussed in this essay through the false-belief test, a number of theories and mind blindness, which is a theory of mind deficit caused by brain...
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Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by persistent deficits in social communication and interaction, as well as repetitive and restricted patterns of behavior and interests (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). It has been argued that cognitive deficits may underlie the disorder. Thus, two cognitive theories have been proposed to explain key deficits in autism: theory of mind hypothesis and executive function theory. Each theory offers a different explanation for the deficits seen in autism, with both theories effectively explaining different aspects...
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