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Contemporary Manifestation Of Empowerment And Resilience In Times Of Adversity

“Empowerment is both a means to an end and an end in itself” (Beteile, 1999, p. 590). The term “empowerment” can be considered fluid, allowing itself to be used in different situations. Its meaning is usually based on the context and not with a theory. “Where one might have said in the past that women, Adivasis, or even agricultural labourers were disadvantaged, one is more likely to say today that they are unempowered” (Beteile, 1999, p. 590). Citizen empowerment or...
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Developing Resilience In The Squad Army

Resiliency requires proper skills for critical thinking and handling emotions to be resilient. “Life is the most excellent teacher of resiliency” (Bronze, 2013) since it gives one an adventure through greater adversities. The Army defines resilience as “the mental, physical, emotional, and behavioral ability to face and cope with adversity, adapt to change, recover, learn and grow from setbacks” (USACIMT). Also, resiliency “reinforces the Army values, beliefs, and attitudes, which therefore educates soldiers in a squad about the importance of...
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The Role Of Character Traits In The Novel Indian Horse

Character traits are all aspects of an individual’s behaviour that reflects their personality and how they handle circumstances in life. Mother Teresa is a concrete example of how her positive attributes helped her to handle life situations. She was a woman admired for her unselfishness, bravery, generosity and her hard work. Likewise, this is also the case with Saul. In the novel, Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese, Saul’s resilience, intelligence, and perseverance are the most important traits that he uses...
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The Importance Of Resilience In Business Organisations

This report is to critically analyse the dynamics that contributes to how resilient organizations remain resilient during disruptive times. The first part of this report will define and explain the conceptualization of organizational resilience whereas the second part will focus on providing critical discussions of the features of resilient organizations. According to the BSI group, Organizational Resilience is defined as “the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order...
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Resilience And Its Relations To Academic Performance

Research evidence indicates that many schools have yielded to the pressure in more recent years to illustrate academic numbers and to address deeply troubling disproportions among students of different races and income levels. Mainly boosting academic achievement instead of building confidence in the students, which should be a top priority. Less obvious is the long-term effect of backing up this goal by focusing more attention and funding from these programs that have supported student health and well-being instead. In the...
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A Correlational Study Of Mental Health, Resilience and Happiness

Mental Health is a positive idea. The idea is socially characterized, yet by and large identifies with the delight throughout everyday life, capacity to adapt to stresses and pity, the satisfaction of objectives and potential, and a feeling of association with others (Jenkins, 2007).Cutts and Mosaley (1978) has characterized emotional wellness as a ‘capacity to alter palatably to the different strains of the earth; we meet throughout everyday life and mental cleanliness as the methods we take to guarantee this...
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Resilience And Adversity

Resilience refers to the capacity to endure, acclimate to, and recuperate from stress and/or adversity. It manifests as the maintenance and returning to an individual’s original state of wellness or attaining a mature and well-developed state of mental health by using effective strategies of coping. Resilience is inferred from an individual’s everyday activities and behavior as a way of reacting to trials and adverse situations. Measuring Resilience There are several measures of resilience in existence, but the eight most popular...
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Intelligence And Resilience

Intelligence and resilience are great tools to define and allocate a person’s strength. Many types of assessments were produced to assess personal identity and explore various aspects of intelligence. It also will help to clearly show the limitation of self and open a window to discover yourself more and find the correct path to train the skills about intelligence and resilience to reach self-actualized. I have done six different categories of personal assessment and each one of them is examining...
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Resilience Paradigm and ‘At Risk’ Paradigm Essay

Introduction Resilience and the ‘at risk’ paradigm are both widely used frameworks that help address health issues in youth. Both have been used to help youth with addressing the issues found in sexual health. Therefore, the purpose of this essay will be to define the two paradigms, explain how they link to health, compare the main ideas, explain the shift towards resilience, focus on a health promotion program and trend and how it uses the resilience paradigm. Define the paradigms...
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Application of Resilience and Vulnerability in Terms of Public Participation

As with concepts such as resilience and vulnerability, the notion of “public participation” is often employed in flexible and ultimately meaningless ways in order to paint policies as equitable, when in fact they do not truly account for the perspectives of marginalized peoples. In other instances, policymakers engage with the public in good faith, but only in inconsequential ways, such as by presenting completed initiatives to the impacted communities without having consulted with them during earlier stages of planning. Two...
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How Resilience Can Be Applied To A Personal Experience

Personal experiences are essentially what we feel and are aware of from moment to moment, often the outstanding events that resonate with us, we consider more of an experience. Instead of pinpointing a specific event in my life where I could’ve applied resilience, I’d like to approach a more relatable and reoccurring personal experience of / sudden declines in self-confidence due to the deterioration of a positive body-image and self-esteem. Self-confidence is an internal state that decides self-belief and ability....
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Who, If Either, Showed Greater Resilience: Oedipus Or Hamlet?

As Confucious points out, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” (‘Confucius Quotes’). Both Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Sophocles’ Oedipus are tragic heroes and, therefore, are designed to have low resilience. A resilient character would have traits such as optimism, control over their emotions and less dependence on fate. Even though Hamlet seems to be a more resilient character, both heroes lack the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and overcome their traumas....
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The Development Of Human Resilience During Life

This essay will summarise the definition of resilience and how it develops as humans progress through life. This essay will argue that a large majority of individuals will positively adapt in the face of adversity with a minority of individuals developing genuine emotional and/or behavioural problems. This essay will argue that protective factors such as high self-esteem, social support networks and coping methods promote resilience within individuals. This essay will also describe the concepts of coping, mindfulness and resilience in...
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Relevance of the Resilience Concept in Development Theories and Practices

1. Introduction The climate is changing and the steadily growing human pressure on the Earth is considered the main driver of environmental change. In this new geological epoch defined by some scientists as the Anthropocene (Crutzen and Stoermer, 2000), questions about future sustainability have therefore became crucial. Several scientists have studied the anthropogenic interactions with the surrounding environment as Rockstöm et al. (2009) and, more recently, Steffen et al. (2015), developing quantitative limits to abide in order not to compromise...
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Resilience As The Main Feature Of A Teacher

Resilience is the ability to cope during adverse situations and to move forward in a positive way. Pre-service teachers are faced with challenging situations that can be stressful, isolating, and can create negative well-being but learning to be resilient and possessing the skills and strategies to deal with challenging and adverse situations can ensure longevity in a teaching career. Through building and maintaining support networks, ensuring positive well-being and work-life balance, and maintaining motivation through ongoing professional development, a pre-service...
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Importance of Both Resilience and Reflection in the Lives of Medical Students and Doctors

In the modern-day NHS, where pressure on doctors is growing, the importance of both resilience and reflection is increasing. This essay will discuss how these two factors are relevant to the lives of medical students and doctors. Reflection is ‘ serious and careful thought. ’ (Cambridge dictionary, no date ) Defining reflection is quite difficult because there are many different models of reflection, such as Shön 1983, which is based on ‘reflection in action’ and ‘reflection on action’ (Mann, Gordon...
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Resilience And Its Effects On People Lives

Resilience was first introduced as a descriptive ecological term by Holling (1973). The term resilience was used by Werner E in his work in the 1970s and 1980s on how despite unfavorable developmental conditions how the adolescent and adults had healthy growth. Psychological resilience is the ability to cope with the stressors or life events emotionally or mentally and to recover or bounce back quickly from the crises and adapt to adversity or uncertainty. Being resilient does not mean that...
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