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Radio and Community Radio: A Study on Its Role in Community Development

Introduction Radio or community radio is said to be defined as a radio service that offers third models of radio broadcasting in addition of commercial and radio broadcasting geographic communities and its interest are served through community stations, which are non-profitable and envoke a mechanism for enabling groups, individuals, and communities to share their point of views and experiences in the media world, to become creators and contributors of media. Radio is used as a major communication tool throughout the...
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Relevance of the Resilience Concept in Development Theories and Practices

1. Introduction The climate is changing and the steadily growing human pressure on the Earth is considered the main driver of environmental change. In this new geological epoch defined by some scientists as the Anthropocene (Crutzen and Stoermer, 2000), questions about future sustainability have therefore became crucial. Several scientists have studied the anthropogenic interactions with the surrounding environment as Rockstöm et al. (2009) and, more recently, Steffen et al. (2015), developing quantitative limits to abide in order not to compromise...
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Motivation And Inspiration Of Learning Social Work And Community Development

The motivation and inspiration of learning Social Work and Community Development that attracted me most was the perception of how can we get to advocate the village people in terms of basic knowledge on understanding the fruits of life or how should we live our lives in our day to day livelihood. By reflecting back to my home province and seeing most of the teenage girls becoming mothers without getting married and they do not realize the negative aspects of...
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Community Relations Strategies For Rural Development

ABSTRACT Organizations do not operate in a vacuum, their surrounding environment is their host community and every organization has corporate social responsibilities to such host communities. These support programmes carried out by small/large scale businesses go a long way to prevent crime, cause employment, clean-up, beautification, recycling, and restoration of the community’s environment etc. These support programs are strategic towards the development of these communities. Hence this paper explores strategies of community relations towards a rural development. INTRODUCTION Community relations...
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Social Policies In Community Development

Social Policy This essay defines Social Policies in Community Development Programs and its benefits to the communities in the context of developing countries as Papua New Guinea is also developing. Papua New Guinea is challenged by poverty, weak government systems, high crime rates, poor health services, poor education systems as well as poor infrastructural developments including bad road conditions and other issues of a developing country. Social Policies in Community Development Programs deals mostly with the needs of the people...
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Exploring Community And Community Development

The meaning of word ‘community’ in Chinese, is just a small area where people live nearby. Because of the huge population, majority of Chinese people live in the apartments and these apartments are managed by different districts. These districts are called communities. That is the most basic meaning for ‘community’ in Chinese. Before I apply the CBU, I have no idea about other meanings of community. I even thought it would be a course about know to do business in...
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Community And Community Development In India

According to the United Nations document (1981), community development is “the creation of opportunities to enable all members of a community to actively contribute to and influence the development process and to share equitably in the fruits of development”. This community participation approach encompasses locally appropriate actions, principles or decisions that contribute significantly to the development of sustainable and equitable social conditions. I have already described in my first essay, the importance of the bottom-up approach to meet the local...
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Gandhian Model Of Community Development

The Gandhian philosophy of community development was accepted officially and the adaption of the Khadi and village industry programming the nation, village self-sufficiency and the faith in Panchyati Raj, Sahakary Samaj, Gram Samaj, Bhoodan, Sarvodaya, Garmdan, Decentralization, Swadeshi are very important and helpful in Gandhian Community development. The village’s development is the real development. The community development program is designed to support this voluntary community effort. It consists of a number of individual schemes each of which falls under one...
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Parks And Rural Community Development

Rural communities are often characterized by a rural way of life. In contrast to urban areas, rural communities are relatively far from the big cities and are found out in the country. Communities like these have a low population density and small population size that engages in farming and other agricultural activities. Prevalent problems that arise from rural communities and their need to protect their natural areas are usually as a result of human activities, activities the locals practice themselves....
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