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Essay on Oligopoly, Perfect Competition, Cournot's and Bertrand's Models

Oligopoly is one of the four market structures in the world and the other three are perfect competition, monopoly, and monopolistic competition. All these market structures have different features and characteristics that set them apart, but among them is a perfect competition that often serves as a benchmark for others. Indeed, perfect competition, in addition to promoting economic efficiency, provides a good basis for the comparison of different types of markets in the real world. Oligopolistic markets have two main...
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Free Market Competition and Monopoly

Businesses in the modern market are required to continuously adapt and adjust to the changes in the market in order to stay competitive. Competition is an important aspect of a market and is widely known to be the process of operating in a market concurrently with other competitors in order to gain profit (Riggs, 2015). In order for competitors to stay competitive, they complete through various means which will be discusses in this paper. However, if a monopoly is introduced...
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The Cold War: Russian and American Competition Over Power

Russia and America had competition over power which started the Cold War, both affecting the world socially, politically, and the economy. Both Russia’s and America’s society were affected from their competition of power and advancement in technology. Both nations tried to assert dominance over one another through political means, they showed it through bombs and new technology that was astounding. Most of their economy was now focused on them proving who was more powerful, Russia and America focused their resources...
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Relationship between Merger, Acquisitions and Competition Law

Abstract Mergers and acquisitions are regular and necessary phenomena of the business world and is the bone of contention with respect to the competition law which is studied in this very paper. Mergers and acquisitions have their own advantages such as they help to achieve economies of scale, operating efficiencies, management efficiencies. Mergers and Acquisitions are the modes of corporate restructuring and the synergy is the foremost incentive for it. Synergy is generated by strategic integration of two entities ensuing...
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Effects of Competition in the Emotional Stability

A study conducted by Jean Twenge revealed the rampancy of depression among high school and college students, which is five times more than that of the number during the era of the Great Depression in the 1930’s. “This is a very dangerous time for our young people. We’re seeing more anxiety and depression in children of all ages,” Kathy Harms, a Staff Psychologist at Kansas City’s Crittenton Children’s Center, said to Portland Press Herald. One of the reasons identified for...
1 Page 531 Words

Competition: is it Healthy?

Being a risk taker, being principled, and being caring are traits that both Rudy and the MYP learner profile traits have in common. At the start of the movie, Rudy shows that he is a risk taker by traveling to South Bend in the middle of the night to see if there is any way he could play on the football team (Anspaugh). He took the risk to leave his job and his family and everyone he knows and loves...
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Relationships of Cooperation and Competition between Competitors

Abstract In this article, we are elaborating the various relationships that exist among competitors both on an activity and resource level as well as on an individual level. The firms will have different roles in different activities and interactions. Competitive and cooperative activities can in some cases be in conflict with each other. If a firm should choose to either cooperate or compete, or if it should try to combine competition and cooperation, has therefore become a strategically important issue....
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The Role of Competition in our Lives

Competition arises whenever at least two parties strive for a goal that can’t be shared an essential part of our world, where only the strongest can and will survive. Competition is the basis of any job interviews, sports, college admission, etc. On one hand, competition literally determines who will be brought into this world, by the strongest sperm cell reaching the ovum. Which brings me to the point that some may argue that competition is always unhealthy, the nature of...
2 Pages 959 Words

Cooperation versus Competition

Charles Darwin put forth a theory of evolution driven by competition and natural selection, where the individual best suited for the environment will succeed while those less suited for the environment will fail. Using empirical examples from the field of evolutionary biology, I will show that species who work in groups will suppress this competition in favor of cooperation. By utilizing cooperation, the individuals will be promoting the average success of each individual, and the overall success of the group....
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The Effect of Competition on The Result and Age

Competition is everywhere in our society. The study researches whether competition effects on the result of work and whether the age effects on competition. The study is progressed by 12 student participants in Prague, Czech Republic. It was hypothesized that competition would affect the result of work and the young age would get more influenced by competition. The results support that through competitive behavior, competition usually makes the development of the results of the test but the age is not...
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Competition as an Effect on Society

Competition is becoming the daily routine of every person. At every situation people has to suffer through competition because of the fast pace life style people has been adopted these days. People have to compete at work, in family, in schools and in society. Winning and losing are parts of competition. Competition has changed the perspective of viewing a task. People do so hard to be the best among all. Competition has great influence on society in different sectors like...
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The Impact of Competition in Chance of Small Business Success

Abstract The impact of competition in chance of small business success is the main idea of the research. A quantitative research method has been used for the analysis of the results. A questionnaire has been administered and the data has been gathered from a small business in Dubai, UAE. Calle Tacos is a food truck in Dubai, which has been taken in to consideration to evaluate the idea of the research. 23 workers of the Calle Tacos have been included...
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Competition and Consumer Law

The situation depicted under scenario A defines a tender process for the government of Queensland Beaujolais. The whole scenario related to dissolution of the state run courier and distribution of the relative service through private tenders. This process is a largely incorporated system of disintegration of services under a tender based obligation for the state based courier services. The essentials of this entire process is based on the Competition and consumer Act 2010 . This act signifies the availability of...
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The Ethics in Competition

Sports are an integral part of the lives of billions of people around the world, with most if not all types of sport bearing the use as an outlet of competition. Now then, competition in sports can be thought of as a contest with the goal or objective of defeating the opposition resulting in a zero-sum game as there can only be one side which wins and another side which does not, so goes the nature of competition (Simon, R....
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Competition and Monopoly Power

Introduction Current business opt to exist mainly in monopoly form so as to secure a large percentage of the market. Existence of these firms may be due to state decisions that privilege some businesses from competition (Foss & Klein, 2018). Such firms operate in less competition and goods have no substitutes. However, these enterprises cause a decrease in economic development due to saturation of supply in less fields. Klein’s View of Monopoly Klein’s view monopolies as corporations that are secured...
1 Page 452 Words

Correlation of Competition and Efficiency

The relationship between competition and stability is also ambiguous and dominated by two schools of thoughts in theoretical literature: “competition-fragility” and “competition-stability” hypotheses. The competition fragility hypothesis (also called as franchise value paradigm), states that increased competition among banks leads to greater banking risk-taking and thereby, greater financial fragility. This is because intense bank competition results in a reduction in market power as well as profit margin, which weakens the franchise value of banks. Therefore, in order to cover the...
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Reflection on Competition: Opinion Essay

As I walk out the door into the courtyard, I’m caught off guard by the blaring sun. It’s summertime. The grass is vivid and freshly cut. Birds can be heard chirping in the distance. There are no clouds in sight, giving way to scalding temperatures. And, on that day, one that seemed like the hottest day of the year, I am wearing a suit. The occasion was a competition at the end of MITE, a program introduced me to the...
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Competition in the Market and Application of Competition Law

Introduction The Cartel has been defined as the “supreme evil of antitrust” shaking the foundations of an ethical structure of the existing competition in the market. In 1996 the European Union introduced the concept of the leniency programme to ease the Commission’s burden and time in detecting cartel. Leniency programme gives immunity or discount in fine to the first undertaking in the cartel, reporting the Commission. Prior to the leniency programme cartel were mostly detected by own initiatives, customer complaint,...
7 Pages 2999 Words

Sainsbury's-Asda Merger in Doubt over 'Extensive Competition Concerns': Critical Analysis of Article in the Guardian

Introduction An article published on 20 February 2019 by the Guardian discusses the concerns associated with the merger of two supermarket giants, ASDA and Sainsbury’s. The article resolves around Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) finding “extensive competition concerns” while investigating the proposed deal. Media has raised an issue concerning consumers and welfare, which are threatened by the potential merger. Many industrial economics topics are implied in the article, these include horizontal merger, welfare, market definition, etc. In this essay I...
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A Critical Evaluation of the Competition Laws on the Zambian Banking Sector

1.1 Introduction The liberal policies in 1991 under the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) provided a platform for a competitive economy for Zambia which runs on a market economy. This type of economy thrives on the principle of demand and supply with respect to the market. The market is a factor instrument in the determination inter alia prices of goods and services. If any country is to see socio-economic development, the concept of competition becomes a factor, and further the...
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Competition Versus Aggressive Competition: Analytical Essay

Competition is one of the areas upon which self-esteem can be dependent and the vanity of people enormously relies upon greater heavily on their performance relative to others. Competition and competition might also share the equal simple DNA however they are not synonymous. While competition commonly stays goal and stakes-based on the other hand contention operates on a greater personal and consequently often the less rational field. Rivals are clearly actors in opposition with one any other whether or not...
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Amazon: Competition Is The Best Policy

Amazon is considered to be the biggest e-commerce platform that specializes in online retail, cloud computing, digital content and competes in thirty other industries. Amazon was established by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994, and began its venture as an online book shop, however later it extended to selling video/music content, computer games, hardware, clothing, furniture jewelry, toys, and AI services. Recently in 2017, Amazon has acquired Whole Foods Market chain for around 14 billion US dollars. It’s believed that...
3 Pages 1288 Words

Global Competition Law. Uber: An (Un)solved Problem

1. Introduction We were all accustomed to the traditional taxi services, but this sector was not showing signs of evolution and users have to accept the service as it is. Then, the situation changed when online-enabled car transportation service like Uber appeared. Uber provides a service, which connects drivers with passengers by using a mobile app. The consumers download the Uber app and can use it to find a driver which is located close by. It has benefits over taxis...
9 Pages 3912 Words

Interjurisdictional Competition For Economic Development In Kenya

Introduction In 1956 Charles Tiebout in his article “A Pure Theory of Local Expenditure” introduced the notion that decentralization leads to superior variation in the provision of local public goods (goods that are tailored to better suit local population). He introduced the Tiebout model, a model that seeks to attest that decentralization is the solution to the “free rider” problem in local governments and that interjurisdiction competition leads to the provision of public goods at a peak level, as it...
3 Pages 1525 Words

Monopolistic Competition in the Clothing Industry

Monopolistic competition, by definition, is when an industry has many firms that offer similar products and services but not completely identical or the perfect substitute. In monopolistic competition, there are not many barriers to exit or enter— making it easy for many firms to sweep into the market and offer similar products. The perfect example of monopolistic competition is the retail and fashion industry— specifically fast fashion. The fashion industry is one of the biggest industries in the world with...
4 Pages 1641 Words

Competition As A Factor Of Market Clearing And Pareto Efficiency

Introduction Competition is a divisive subject which has led to differing approaches to how it is modelled. The most widely accepted is the neoclassical view, which argues the benchmark is perfect competition, equilibrium is market clearing and pareto efficient. Market clearing is where the demand for goods equals the supply of goods so that there is no leftover surplus. Whilst Pareto efficiency is where resources cannot be reallocated to make one individual better off, without making another worse off, hence,...
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Do You Have to Be Competitive to Succeed: Persuasive Essay

Introduction In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, success is often associated with being the best, outperforming others, and striving for victory at all costs. The prevailing notion is that a competitive spirit is necessary for success. However, I argue that while competition can be a driving force for achievement, it is not the sole determinant of success. In this persuasive essay, I will present arguments and examples to demonstrate that success can be achieved through collaboration, innovation, and personal growth,...
1 Page 473 Words

Trophies for Everyone: Argumentative Essay

In a world outside the bubble of childhood, real-life challenges enter into people’s paths whether they like it or not. It is something inevitable, and it happens in every single person’s life. For this reason, being prepared of losing helps us face the harsh reality of life. Whenever kids join competitions or contests, most of them spend time and effort preparing for these academic events. However, no matter how much effort and time they all put in, there should only...
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