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Essay on Insurance Policy

The insurance sector is growing day by day in India but some people still feel that Life Insurance is not required for financially sound people. But, it is not the case. Some section of individuals merely takes Life insurance for its tax deduction benefits and low amount of premiums not thinking about their financial goals and family needs. Thus, life insurance is a risk cover that does not disturb the savings of the policyholder and provides financial solvency and protection...
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Pros and Cons of College Attendance Policy

Should the college implement a mandatory attendance policy? The claim of fact: Will improve GPA Claim of value: Forcing college students to attend violates the choice of excellence Claim of policy: The college should mandate an attendance policy to hold students accountable for their actions. Introduction ‘ Can the policy be harmful to enrollment? ‘ College is the beginning of adult decisions and responsibilities. ‘ Claim of policy: The college should mandate an attendance policy to hold students accountable for...
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Canadian Federalism and Its Impact on Air Pollution Policy

Pollution is an epidemic that is constantly in the mind of policy makers, especially since all United Nations member states agreed on the ‘2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals’ (UN, 2015) and pollution falls under goal 17 of climate action. According to (Berg, 2017) anything at a molecular level that has a less than positive impact on the environment classifies as pollution. There are many different types of pollutions, but it was agreed by (McDaniel et all, 2011) that there...
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British Imperial Policy

The late 19th century marked a new wave of global competition. Although the British empire still enjoyed its global dominance with extensive colonial control, its colonies in the New World gradually gained self-governance from the central government and experienced rapid economic development. Meanwhile, emerging industrial countries, especially Germany and United States, created arising threats and challenged the global dominant status. The emerging international conflicts mark the eve of worldly wars. Under such context, the British empire’s voluntary grant of self-governance...
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Essay on Claim of Policy

Deconstruction Analysis of an Environmental Policy Claim The Claim In 2017, the Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) overturned the ban on the use of chlorpyrifos, which was its own proposed decision two years before. In 2014, EPA revised the human health risk assessment of chlorpyrifos and offered evidence on the harmful effects of this pesticide on children’s health. Based on these findings, in 2015, EPA proposed to revoke all tolerances for chlorpyrifos and cancel all registrations for it since...
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One Child Policy Essay

In this Essay, I analyze the ethics of the One Child Policy and how this regime-mandated population rule influences the people living in China. This essay commences with a summary of the rule with the historic background of the rule and how it used to be applied. Then I attempt into presenting one unintended consequence that has been caused by the “one child’s policy” of (Fong’s, 2016) book and present other authors’ views backed with evidence that supports my argument....
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No-Zero Policy Pros and Cons

The No Zero Grading Policy Hurts Students “The grade you get is the grade you’ve earned.” Most of us have heard this phrase is high school, probably as you were desperately trying to convince your teacher to bump your grade. Some may have taken this with a grain of salt, others may have taken this phrase as a motivator. With that said, it leads us to ask ourselves, is the grade you get really the grade you’ve earned? Well, with...
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Napoleon Domestic Policy Essay

The historical discussion surrounding the nature of Napoleon’s imperialism is one of fierce debate, with varying levels of validity and evidence. The role of imperialism is the policy of extending power and influence through colonization and other means, which is most notable within the creation of the Napoleonic empire. This is a highly debated topic as many historians disagree on the aims Napoleon had for such an enterprise. The three main discussions follow the lines of revolutionary expansion, economic extraction,...
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MacDonalds Customer Policy

Introduction Strategic analysis is the way of conducting research on a company and its operational environment including internal and external factors that influence the company’s ongoing situation to create a strategy. Data becomes the key competitive advantage nowadays. Managers of an organization use this data to know about the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. Data collection is not only important to operate the business but it also leads the company to develop a unique data strategy that helps them to maintain...
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How Did the War Influence American Domestic Policy

Throughout the 1970s the nation was going through the Cold War and beginning the start of an economic crisis. In 1971, the nation was hit with Stagflation due to the rise of unemployment and inflation. Johnson’s policy to fund the war and social programs through deficit spending caused high inflation. Also, in 1973, the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries cut off oil from the United States making oil prices quadruple in 1974 adding to inflation. President Nixon left the...
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Essay on Public Policy and Social Integration in Relation to Caste Reservations in India

The two major problems that troubling the human communities are race and caste. Race is from the western context and caste is of India. India is a country where people were divided into four varnas. Untouchability was attained to the people based on their birth. The last section in the four varnas were once considered as Sudras now they are called as downtrodden sections of the society. The vulnerable groups spread throughout the globe with different names such as First...
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Analysis of Japan's Economic Policy

For a long time, Japan has been known for its distinct lack of natural resources such as oil, gas, metals and other traditional energy sources, depending highly on imports for energy and raw materials for activity such as construction (Owuor, S. 2019). In this economy, manufacturing, agriculture and fishing are the main sectors, and has continued to flourish owing to cultural factors and existing infrastructure allowing for the continued growth of these industries (Stokke, 1991). Manufacturing remains the most prominent...
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What Was the Sakoku Policy of Japan and What Were Its Consequences?

Can the country survive and continue to run by itself? Japan was a country which is ruled by a number of emperors and they did not allow Japanese people to leave the country and do not allow any foreigner to enter in Japan. Sakoku means closed country and Sakoku policy was in use for many decades in Japan. While Sakoku, Japan’s long period of isolation from 1639 to 1853, kept it closed off from much of the world, one upshot...
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Essay on Women Development Policy

Women in South Africa “Women don’t need to find a voice, they have a voice, and they need to feel empowered to use it, and people need to be encouraged to listen” ~Meghan Markle Women who make up more than half the national population should be strengthened economically, not only by a means to encourage economic growth, but it is also a way of propagating women’s human rights. When we invest in woman and work to abolish inequalities, they will...
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What Is Social Policy Essay

Social policy focuses on human needs, social issues, social welfare, equity, and social justice. These concepts are drawn from a range of different subjects such as sociology, law, politics, psychology, economics, and philosophy. Seen to be a field of study, as well as a form of practice. Governments can best distribute resources to provide and deliver welfare facilities, services, and opportunities to meet human needs, enhance social wellbeing and maximize social justice. Social policy can be found in all areas...
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Models and Structures of Microeconomics and Their Usefulness for Public Policy Implementation

Microeconomics focuses on the activities of individual agents within the economy like households, workers and businesses. However, because human beings are at the centre of microeconomic activities, it is difficult to understand certain economic principles when you consider their ever-changing nature. Thus, to better understand microeconomic principles, economists developed theories or models, which are simplified representations of how two or more variables interact with each other enabling them to take complex, real-world issues and simplify it down to its essentials...
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Honesty Is the Best Policy Essay

Honesty means honesty. Honesty means developing the habit of telling the truth throughout your life. A person who practices honesty in life has a strong moral character. Honest people display good behavior, always abide by rules and regulations, observe discipline, tell the truth, and are punctual. An honest person is trustworthy because he is always inclined to tell the truth. Each of them must have heard the phrase ‘honesty is the best policy.’ In fact, this is a wise statement....
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Evolution of a Public Policy White Paper: Analysis of Medical Marijuana and Marijuana Legalization

Public policy is the means by which government bodies transform their political vision into action to deliver results. Moreover, public policymaking can be described as a vigorous, complex, and iterative system through which public issues are identified and resolved (Fisher & Miller, 2017). Once a resolution is identified, a slow-evolving idea begins working towards acceptability; upon acceptance, a policy is formed. When analyzing an implemented public policy there are numerous theoretical lens’ through which one may use to understand and...
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Analytical Essay on Key Areas of ADHD and Review of Relevant Policies in the UK

Introduction: For my SEN module, I will be discussing and analysing ADHD aimed towards children in both primary and secondary schools in London, United Kingdom. I have chosen to produce a resource for children who are diagnosed with ADHD and this resource will be used towards reducing the hyperactivity and help children calm down and refocus. This resource will also help teachers deal with children with ADHD. I will follow up by discussing a short literature review on ADHD for...
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Essay on Policy Making Process

Policy Network Analysis is emerging as an innovative management practice. It has the potential to promote good governance. A network approach to the public policy-making process is beneficial to government as well as non-governmental actors who are not always represented. In the modern world, an incompetent policy-making process is not ideal. Inefficiency widens the gap between governmental and non-governmental policy actors. This is why a strategic measure ought to be adopted by the government in order to be representative of...
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