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Corporate Culture Essays

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BMW's Brand Philosophy and Corporate Culture

Controlling is a management function that control the performance of a company and process of carry out the plan that have been set. It recognizes the leeway between the plan that have been set and the real outcome. After that, it will make the correction to the deviations and also make sure the company is going on the achievement of its goals (Satyendra, 2015). BMW’s brand philosophy, only through continuous innovation, can enable the company to maintain a strong life...
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Improvement of Corporate Culture by Fast Food Industries: Analytical Essay

How fast food industries improve corporate culture by their stakeholders Introduction There is a saying goes “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Based on the need of convenience people need, fast food industries have become more essential in the economy life and filed nowadays. The corporate culture is a critical factor for company performance-enhancing and expansion of the market, on which the engagement of stakeholders could potentially increase the valuation of brand impression and culture. Kokemuller, Neil. (n.d.) indicate that...
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Features of the Corporate Culture of Ryanair

Language used by O’Leary became synonymous with Ryanair. He can tell anyone to ‘fuck off’ and his favourite insult is ‘wanker’, he used his own ‘bolloxology’. A volatile atmosphere was created at the airline, where people were impatient, shouted and roared when they shouldn’t. Ryanair does not publish an official vision and mission. However, the literature acknowledges that Tony Ryan’s original vision was modified over the years. Ryanair was established as a ‘value for money’ company, which provided affordable air...
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Pros and Cons of Fun Corporate Culture: Argumentative Essay

Work organization and society 1. In recent years companies like Google and Innocent have tried to implement ‘fun’ corporate cultures. Assess the pros and cons of such organizational cultures for workers and organizations. Google and Innocent have tried to implement ‘fun’ corporate cultures in their organizations which has both pros and cons for workers and organizations. There are so many perks of working at Google. Workers get unparalleled advantages. Pros of ‘fun’ corporate culture In organizations which practices fun corporate...
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Features of Deloitte's Company Culture

Corporate culture is the personality of a company. It is important for employee engagement, happy and retention as well as outlining the blueprints for a healthy business without regard of the economic climate. Hence, getting to know about the company culture is vital for applicants to know if their personalities and characteristics are fit with the company which will make them enjoy their time at work. The same applied for an upcoming graduate student who is looking for an entry-level...
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Google as the Best Company to Work for

I chose to document because I find Google’s work environment very fascinating and it has one of the highest employee retention rate. It has won the award ‘Best Company to Work for’ by both Fortune magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute a total of 7 times. It also received this accolade in 2017. This is no accident; Google is deliberate in its actions and does not do things by chance. As a data driven company, Google makes calculated...
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Analysis of Corporate Culture: Positive and Negative Views on Apple’s Actions at Foxconn

The life inside Apple’s fortress is highly demanding and has a deathly sense. Also, not many people know what goes on behind the closed doors of Foxconn. I have decided on the topic of focusing on the ethical status of a company and how it affects the views on that business as I am studying BTEC Business. For my business of choice for this project, I chose Apple Inc because of the recent issues occuring at Foxconn. Foxconn is one...
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Corporate Culture, Internal Controls, and Fraud: Literature Review

Accounting scandals and cases of fraud are becoming perpetual in nature and currently one of the greatest challenges in the modern business world. Fraud in the corporate realm may be characterized as the “intentional misstatements including omissions of amount or disclosures in financial statements, to deceive financial statement users” (Gullkvist and Jokipii, 2013, pg. 45) Despite intense efforts over the last few decades, to eradicate the misappropriation of assets, and fraudulent financial reporting, it appears that fraud in its various...
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Rituals as a Powerful Tool of Corporate Culture

Corporate culture refers to the beliefs and behaviours that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions. Often, corporate culture is implied, not expressly defined, and develops organically over time from the cumulative traits of the people the company hires. A company’s culture will be reflected in its dress code, business hours, office setup, employee benefits, turnover, hiring decisions, treatment of clients, client satisfaction and every other aspect of operations. Types of Corporate Culture According...
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Essay on Company’s Corporate Culture: Case Study of Apple

· We live in a world where technology, especially information and communication technology plays huge role in today’s daily and practical life, it includes all digital technology that assists individuals, businesses and organizations in using information. It covers all electronic products that deal with information in a digital form. Advances in the development of information and communication technologies is transforming business practices and creating opportunities for new types of entrepreneurial activities. · Technology is an application of knowledge to the...
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The Importance of Ethical Corporate Culture in Management

A macroeconomic factor that could contribute to Japan’s uncertainty avoidance stems from the fact that Japan is constantly at risk by natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, or typhoons. As a result, the Japanese have learned to prepare for this uncertainty. Natural disasters have an adverse affect on Japan’s economy. In the 1980s, “Japan was the world’s second largest economy” (Dutta & Lawson, 2018) and has been growing since World War II. However, challenges continued as the value of the...
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Features of Corporate Culture in Hospitality Industry

Over the past few decades, the hospitality industry has changed beyond recognition. Today hotels can satisfy any even the most demanding needs of their customers and in turn, clients have come to expect a very high standard of service from hotel companies. In this regard, hotel employees must focus on solving new problems and take differing approaches to the development and maintenance of the hotel infrastructure in such a competitive environment. Organizational culture has an impact on the hotel’s performance...
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Features of Google's Organizational Culture

Google, LLC is an American global innovation organization that spends significant time in Internet-related administrations and items, which incorporate web based publicizing advances, a web crawler, distributed computing, programming, and equipment. It is viewed as one of the Big Five innovation organizations in the U.S. data innovation industry, close by Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. The organization’s quick development since joining has set off a chain of items, acquisitions, and associations past Google’s: Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Translate, Google...
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South Korea’s Work-Life Imbalance

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development’s (OECD) report on the average annual hours actually worked per worker (OECD. Stat, 2019), Korea ranked second from the top with an average of 2,108 hours a year since 2008. This means Korean work 1.3 times more than the OECD average working hours (1,770), and 1.5 times the Germany’s working hours (1,404). Do Koreans know that the number of hours they work is a significant problem? To answer this question, according...
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The Core Values of Google

Google has developed a relaxing working environment for their employees, Googlers. There are a lot of bikes placed around the company so that Googlers can move to and from different offices more easily (Le, 2012). Google also provides cafes, sushi bar, espresso stations, gyms, volleyball courts, shower facilities, swimming pools, massage rooms, gaming facilities and others for employees to use (Noviantoro, 2014; Tran, 2017). At the offices of Google headquarters which located in Mountain View, California, there are even pianos...
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