The Core Values of Google

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Google has developed a relaxing working environment for their employees, Googlers. There are a lot of bikes placed around the company so that Googlers can move to and from different offices more easily (Le, 2012). Google also provides cafes, sushi bar, espresso stations, gyms, volleyball courts, shower facilities, swimming pools, massage rooms, gaming facilities and others for employees to use (Noviantoro, 2014; Tran, 2017). At the offices of Google headquarters which located in Mountain View, California, there are even pianos and lava lamps placed in the lobby (Nelson & Quick, 2012). All of these are built because of Google cares about their employees (employee-oriented). Google wants to motivate them and let them being comfortable and happy during the work because the company believes and assumes that a happy employee will become more productive in the workplace. In addition, most of the walls in this company are covered with magnetic whiteboard so that Googlers can jot down their ideas at anytime and anywhere when they found out the solutions (UK Essays, 2018). Le (2012) has mentioned that in Google, there are only very few individual offices as this company wants to promote interaction and communication among the employees. The desks and chairs in the company are made to be flexible, in which they can be adjusted to suit the height of persons to improve the works quality. This company also provides a big area of floor space to solve the bored casual meeting which takes place in conference room (UK Essays, 2018). These designs or physical structures and symbols reflect the collaborative and creative/innovative cultures in Google.

As mentioned by Element-360 (2015), Google had created a list of its own core values, where the first one is “focus on the user and all else will follow”. Google always put its users first, for instance, unlike other companies which often concentrate on marketing their sites and raising the advertising profits, Google tends to remove all the distractions on its searching page and provide the users with a ‘clean' page which contains only the search box and company logo without pop-up of advertisements because the company thinks that the appearance of advertisements may be annoying to the users (Noviantoro, 2014). Google has often put its effort on improving the user experience and this is believed as one of the factors which lead to its success. According to Element-360 (2015), the other core values of Google are shown as below:

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  • “It’s best to do one thing really, really well”;
  • “Fast is better than slow”;
  • “Democracy on the web works”;
  • “You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer”;
  • “You can make money without doing evil”;
  • “There’s always more information out there”;
  • “The need for information crosses all borders”;
  • “You can be serious without a suit”;
  • “Great just isn’t good enough”.

Besides from the above 10 core values listed by Google itself, Google company also practice other shared value, such as encouraging the employees to take risks smartly (Carpenter, Bauer & Erdogan, 2010). This can be viewed through a previous incident, in which the vice president who is responsible for Google’s advertising system had made mistake and caused the company to lose millions of dollars, but Larry Page (Google’s co-founder) did not scold her, on the contrary, he did praising this employee for taking risks and generating mistake. Next, Google also permits its engineers to devote approximately 20% of their precious time to the projects that chosen by themselves (Tran, 2017). In fact, risk taking is important in innovation. If the persons refuse to take risk and often worry about making mistake, then they will never be totally innovative.

Limiting the bureaucratic framework is also one of the values that Google takes to heart as this framework kills ideas (Gupta, 2016). In Google, the decisions are made in team, by consensus instead of just made by the top management and implemented top down. It is so usual for the small teams to attack every problem and for employees to share their ideas or try to affect one another with the use of rational persuasion and also data (Carpenter, Bauer & Erdogan, 2010).

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