Current Google Motivational Policies: Analytical Essay

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Google’s company culture is legendary throughout the world. Google has been known as one of the tech companies that has the best corporate culture. Their employee perks and benefits have long been the subject of many stories on corporate workplace culture, and their employees have been the envy of other workers all around the world. There are many corporate cultures that Google had been implemented with their employees to motivate them.

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First and foremost: perks and benefits are one of the most well-known cultures that Google use to motivate their employees. Like many companies, Google provided the usual benefits such as no-cost health and dental benefits, tuition reimbursement, 401K plans (one type of a retirement savings plan), and insurance. However, Google had come up with a very unique way of offering benefits and described it as uncommon and affordable. Google has very distinctive perks that can attract or motivate their employees into the happiest workplace in the world. For example; Maternity benefits of 18 weeks off at about 100 percent pay. Also, the father and mother of the newborn are given expenses of a maximum of $500 for take-out meals in the first 3 months they spend at home with the baby. Not only for the father and mother, but Google also provides financial support for people that adopt children too. “Googleplex” which is the corporate headquarters complex of Google is the area that employees can find most of the benefits such as an onsite doctor, free fitness center, and facility to wash clothes. Another benefit that people already knew is free of charge lunch and dinner that Google provides for their employees. It is not only that employees can have a free meal but they can have both free and healthy meal prepared by gourmet chefs and nutritionists. There is one of the most interesting and touching perk call “The death benefit”. This perk basically means if a Googler dies while they are under the employment of Google, their spouse will receive 50% of their salary in a cheque for the next ten years. Moreover, any children of the deceased will also receive $1,000 a month until the age of 19. Google put a very careful thought for their employees as Google’s Chief People Officer, Laszlo Bock said: “…turns out that the reason we’re doing these things for employees is not because it’s important to the business, but simply because it’s the right thing to do.”

Inspiring work is the next motivational culture that Google had for their employees. There are so many reasons why employees don’t feel motivated at works but one of them is that the work assigned to them is frequently deficient in variety or challenge. The monotonous nature of the work with no growth in sight dulls employee motivation. Google makes sure that they don’t let that kind of work demotivate their employees. The most obvious policy would be the 80-20 rule where the company encourages employees to spend 80% of their time on core projects, and roughly 20% (or one day per week) on “innovation” activities that speak to their personal interests and passions. Gmail, Google Maps, Twitter, Slack, and Groupon all started as side projects and then develop to something actually successful. By giving the employees the freedom to work on their own interest, it unlocks the company creativity and innovation. Therefore, the company can generate lots of side projects that can actually convert to a very big and innovative project in the future. From the employees’ point of view, this 20% time can help them achieve their personal goal. Here is one of the examples, one Google engineer by the name of Chade-Ment Tan had a desire to make world peace a reality in his lifetime. Though this may have seemed an impossible and unusual dream to many, Google didn’t discourage him. Eventually Tan designed a very successful course on mindfulness and it is a great hit in his company. Tan is additionally an authorship of the New York Times bestseller entitled “Inside Yourself.” Google not only inspire work and make it challenging,but it also provides a fun aspect in theirs work. This aspect include frequent breaks, facilities for indoor activities like wall climbing, beach volleyball or bowling; and personal creative sessions. Moreover, there are pajama days, dress up days, and a Halloween costume party.

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